Monday, July 29, 2013

Pink bearded lady

Things settled right back down after my niece left and I am still missing her presence in the house.  There is something very special about sharing your home with people, don't you think?  I love it! This weekend has been a combination of work and play, ok mostly play:)  Chris and I headed over to Cristi and G's to walk to a yummy spot for lunch on Sunday.  As usual it was filled with all sorts of amazing things!
 This is what our hubby's have to put up with.
So I have to tell you a story that still has me floating in a starry sky.  We went to lunch and as we were walking up to the with my Mermaid hair
  This little girl said, "Excuse me but are you a Mermaid?"  She was smitten with me!  She asked if we would eat lunch with her!!!!!!  How could I say no????
 Meet Bettylou everyone, she made my heart soar with her sweetness.  Her Mom told me a story of another girl her daughter saw with rainbow mermaid hair and when she asked if she was a mermaid the girl barked back does it look like it, I have two legs, broke that little girls heart with that nasty response.

Guess what ladies?  If you have pretty mermaid hair YOU HAVE TO BE NICE TO ALL THE LITTLE GIRLS ALL THE TIME NO MATTER HOW SHITTY YOUR DAY!  Get over it!
 Her Mom was so happy because I just loved her daughter, who wouldn't? I could not believe it when her Mom  bought us these bacon maple peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes!  I hope we get to see this family again in Aug at the Hawthorne street fair, I think Cristi might even make her a little skirt.  Moments like this make up for so much blah.  I will remember this FOREVER!
Some sights on our walk home.
Our dudes :)
 I think I would misspell this one too, but we get the point.
 Beautiful old wood homes.

 They don't call us the City of Roses for nothing.

 I had to show off Cristi's latest sewing creation, the sexy Kiss Me Kitty catsuit!
 My dress is from Old Navy by way of the Goodwill for $6:)
  I love living in Portland.
 and I love summertime
Class dismissed.


Melanie said...

Oh BettyLou is such a poppet and what a lovely story! All little girls deserve to meet a real life mermaid and what a horrid thing for that other woman to do to a little child xxx

Carina Rosenholm said...

Oh what a lovely stoty ! So cute that girl .
Why be rude towards kids i wonder... Glad that you made here happy !


Anonymous said...

I can't believe that someone could be so mean with a lovely little girl like Bettylou, especially if she liken you to a mermaid!Anyway she's right: you look like a wonderful fairy tale creature! This sunny day with Cristi and your husbands in Portland makes me wish to come to meet you even more! The dress you are wearing and Cristi's playsuit are both perfect for such a great time!
I love you more than pink beards!!!

Tamera Wolfe said...

How fabulous and beautiful both you and Cristi are!! And the dudeds ain't too bad for dudes!!
Portland is gorgeous!! I love the ROSES!!
But most of all--how sweet is BettyLou? Love that name--so much better than Rainbow or Apple!!
Your sweet spirit shown out to her and you made her day!! I'm sureshe's telling everyone about the fantastic pink haired mermaid she met!

Sending love from our furbabies to your!

the new address:

Vix said...

How sweet. I bet little Betty-Lou thought she'd died and gone to heaven, she'll be dining out on her mermaid story for ever!
Your hair (and fabulous frock) are gorgeous and you know how much I love Cristi's cat suits! I love seeing you all playing together nicely (even though I am a tad jealous).
Portland is beautiful, I love all those beautiful roses, the wise chalk scrawl and that divine house and one day I'll see it for myself!
Love you! xxxxxx

Tammy McGill said...

That's the cutest thing ever, little Bettylou is a doll. Looks like a fun weekend.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I think you just attract lovely people! Bettylou is such a sweetheart and I love her name! How could that girl be so horrible?! I'm not good with children but I could never say anything so nasty, especially when I'd just been paid a compliment! You both look wonderful, you're head to toe in Krista pink and Cristi looks stunning in her catsuit! I utterly adore American wooden houses - that blue one is gorgeous. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend, Portland looks like such a glorious place xxxxx

Louise McDonagh said...

Portland looks like such a beautiful place. Bettylou is so cute, how could anybody be so horrid to her? I'm glad you made up for that nasty woman with your pretty pink mermaid hair. You have a good heart darling Krista. Xx

Sandra said...

I am choked up, BettyLou will always remember the day she met a mermaid, such a beautiful post x

thorne garnet said...

what the heck, being cruel to a child. Some people.

Portland looks so cool, are all the houses so pretty?

pastcaring said...

So ARE you a mermaid? I think you could be, you're pretty magical, Krista! I think that your loveliness to Bettylou will erase the bad memory of the other mean lady (who clearly was too rude to be a magical mermaid.)
Love your gorgeous dress, and Cristi looks incredible in her cat suit; you two must turn heads when you get together. Do your men folk walk behind shaking their heads and smiling as you luscious ladies attract admiring looks everywhere you go?
Portland looks beautiful in the summer sunshine, how wonderful to see roses, wooden houses, and a misspelled but well-intentioned chalk message, all against a backdrop of the bluest skies! xxxxx

Mariela said...

Poor little girl. It just astounds me how some women (or people) are such assholes. This little girl is a precious thing in the world with such a great imagination. I'm glad you had a great time with her and she with you.

Helga! said...

Jaysus there are some assholes in this world!!! Bless YOU for your most perfect response to that little sweetheart! Your mermaid hair is heavenly!!!!!
Bacon maple ...OMG, WTF?! Amazing flavour, sounds like a party in ones mouth!!! I don't think we'd EVER find any flavour like that here!!!
I adored all the lovely houses in Portland; I adored Portland!!! And YOU and Chris!!! Gawd, I want to be there NOW!!!
Gorgeous frock, love the colours, and that slinky fit! YUM!

Nat said...

Such a lovely, lovely story.... just what I would have expected from you, Krista :-) You truly are a beautiful mermaid... a mermaid sent to make little girls' dreams come true! Hope you get to see Bettylou and her mom again sometime...
Those cupcakes look divine!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

You know what really makes me smile about the Bettylou story? Despite such a cruel knock-back from one pointless, heartless bitch, she stepped forward once more and asked another beautiful woman, "Excuse me, but are you a mermaid?" Thank god it was you, that's all I can say ... maybe her stars were aligned that day. Because I fear if you had not been there to pour beauty, grace, sunshine and kindness into her day, she might be one seriously disillusioned wee lassie. The pair of you darlings, I'm getting so teary over this whole post beautiful Krista! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

Aw! You are so awesome for being so kind to that little girl! I would just cry with delight if a little girl asked me that. When I'm in Renaissance garb I often get, "Gasp! Are you a princess?!" I just smile, nod and give them a curtsy- there's no way I could tell them, "uh no sweetie. I'm a QUEEN". If they want me to be a princess then by golly I'm a princess! Your photos are gorgeous. I must see Portland in person!

Anne said...

You are too awesome! Just what that sweet Bettylou needed! How special! I just adore you without even meeting you. I had to tell that mermaid story to my husband and share in your loveliness. xo

two squirrels said...

What a sweet wee poppet....look at that cute little play suit she is are so kind sweet.....that is one happy little girl. Poo-bum to the snooty cow who broke her heart.
You look so gorgeous in the pink maxi, perfect for a lovey summers day walking. Oh oh the roses are stunning.
Love V

CityScape Skybaby said...

I love moments like that and I love this story Krista. Like Desiree I loved that Bettylou wasn't discouraged by that rude girl and still asked you if you were a mermaid. I'm sure your loveliness more than made up for her meanness and restored a bit of balance in the universe. the wonder and imagination that children have at that age is a beautiful thing. I do think there's something magical about you anyway Krista, and you and Cristi both look amazing, you two seem to have so much fun together whatever you do. xx

BellaBean Vintage said...

Ok so bacon, maple, peanut butter and chocolate muffins are a first for me and so so delicious!
Yay for you being the lovely women you are, a perfect mermaid! Can't stand people who are mean to children or animals - that shit is a window into the soul and not pretty.
You on the other hand look gorgeous!!

Delia Ryder said...

Ahhh bettylou is adorable and you and her warmed my heart you are such a sweetheart lovely you met her you left a lasting warm memory in her heart foe ever. Portland looks beautiful. Love the roses and the wooden style homes. Dee xx

Anonymous said...

What a truly heart felt and beautiful story. I love to read that it is still acceptable for children to ask random strangers questions and that it is okay for us all to interact with those we don't know yet. I feel that we live in a world where we are all too scared to talk a stranger in case they are murderers or rapists. Being a northern girl in a southern town its hard to make new friends and sometime it makes my day for someone random to say 'hello'.

I must admit I would of indulged the magic and confirmed that I was a mermaid xx

freckleface said...

This is why Vix always refers to you as Kristalicious! Good for you for doing exactly the right thing. Little Bettylou looks so adorable in her little romper suit, how could anyone be mean to such a sweet little titch? Especially one who believes in mermaids! So cute, and look, she's got bright pink soooooes on!

I love wooden houses and roses, and your dress and your friendship and everything! Have a great week Kristalicious! xxxxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

BettyLou obviously knew that really, deep down, you ARE a mermaid! How anyone could be so rude to that little cutie is beyond me. This post just made me smile all the way through, from your mermaid hair, BettyLou in her adorable romper, BACON MAPLE PEANUT BUTTER CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES (WTF??), Cristi's catsuit and that gorgeous blue and white house. You just made my day. And your rule about women with mermaid hair is now official, because I said so.

beckynot said...

My new goal in life is to be taken for a mermaid.

Nerd Burger said...

You guys look so rad and summery. I'm glad you had a fantastic weekend but I am sorry your missing you lovely niece so much.

Trees said...

Oh I love that little girl - what a sweet story. I love the photos of your walk home too, your post makes me really want to visit Portland!

Melanie said...

THIS post is EXACTLY why it's so worth it to catch up when I'm so behind. Of COURSE you're a mermaid. What an enchanted encounter. Bettylou will remember you forever and you, her.
You and Cristi are definitely visions. Thanks for this story.

Jane George said...

cant believe she even had to mermaid.....yes!!!!! love your dress, love that sweet girls excitement, love the fact hermum was so sweet and brought you cupcakes! gorgeous! so glad to be back after a month with no computer! xxx