Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pink cowboy boots and sand dollars

Do you ever stumble upon an artist who's work really touches you?  I have been enamored with the photographs of Gregory Crewdson and the stories they tell which are really up to you the viewer.   There is a documentary available on netflix about him that is fascinating.  These are a few of my very favorite photos.  All of his work is staged and every detail in the pictures are intentional.  
 When he has art shows these prints are just massive so you can really see all those tiny little elements.
The documentary showed them doing this shot, it was really incredible.

None of his stuff is happy, at least for me it's not, but not everything in life can make you happy.  When I look at his work I feel sad but I also connect with it on a deeper level.  I love that all of the people in his photos seem to be in deep contemplation, I find myself telling their story in my head, that's pretty magical.  I don't wanna share too much with you so if you are a tiny bit curious please explore more of his work.  I have two books coming to me in the mail.  YAH!

I feel a bit contemplative in this photo:)
 The dress is second hand and was all of $5.   Cotton feels so good in this heat.
Here is one of the necklaces I made this weekend.  Who else loves sand dollars?  I have fond memories of finding these as a kid.

 How cute are my boots!  Scored on ebay several years ago for $30.
That's it for now, just a few more days and my time is my own again!  I haven't been online much after work, our house is much too hot for that.  I'm not complaining though I really am loving the summer sun!


Lynn Dylan said...

Hey Krista! Wow, those photos do invoke really deep thoughts; and no, they are not happy for me either, but I like them. A lot. I love your pink boots! I am in tights today, not because of cold, but because I am just so sick of rain boots and rain. I decided to revolt. LOL. XOXO Lynn

freckleface said...

They are rather amazing photos. They are very filmic aren't they? That second one reminds me of the painting of Ophelia by Millais. They definitely look unhappy, these women, like their lives turned out in a really disappointing way and they haven't got the energy or means to fight any more.

You look as cute as anything in your little floral dress and boots. Roll on time for yourself. xxxx

Helga! said...

Those photos are stunning! I especially love the second one. I actually am really drawn to the melancholic aspect of these...just beautiful,and very expressive! Thanks for sharing, I'm going to look into this guy!
Now, I ADORE that frock!! Love the colours, the print and the shape! And cotton! How very perfect for a Portland Summer! Super cute with those cowgirl boots!

Louise McDonagh said...

Very thought provoking images. I love images that encourage you to build your own story like that. Lovely cute dress. I've been after cowboy boots forever, I've still not got any, so I'm pretty jealous. Xx

Anonymous said...

Hm, the third photo of the twin beds...resonates with me. I've never lived in a place where I could collect sand dollars...though their delicacy has always fascinated me.

Heather said...

Cute Boots Anna just got some purple and black ones!! And very nice necklace. I love the art. I like gritty kind of stuff as well I like seeing the story in there and wondering about it. Everyone has a story and life isn't always roses it is refreshing to see sometimes life from a different view xoxo Heather

Melanie said...

You're looking cool, Krista. I agree - you can't beat cotton for summer heat. Five bucks? WOW.
The artist's work is still. Quiet and dark. I really like it. These are worlds that I live in sometimes.

beckynot said...

I love the woman on the floor and I love your boots.

Nat said... know I have a thing for sand dollars - we call them pansy shells :-)
Love your summer outfit!

Carina Rosenholm said...

Ahh... shoe porn... love the boots and the necklace!

Trees said...

I REALLY want a pair of fab cowboy boots - can you send some of that sunshine my way too :D

Nerd Burger said...

Amazing photos. What was the name of the doco? It sound uber interesting.

Vix said...

What incredible pictures, I love the second one, she reminds me of Millais' Ophelia Drowning - always a favourite.
That's what you were wearing last night and it's beautiful. The necklace is spectacular and the boots kick ass!
I've just popped in for a quick catch up - it's glorious outside!
Love you! xxxxxxxxxx

pastcaring said...

What fascinating photos. They do have a very melancholic still life quality about them, eerie and other worldly. But very beautiful at the same time.
As are you! Great little frock - such a pretty floral print. Is it bad that I have never heard the expression sand dollars before? So I have learned something - thank you! Now put some sandals on - your feet will be too hot in boots, though they are very cute! xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

amazing photos--I def will be checking him out!!
How cute are you in your sundress and cowboy boots of adorableness!!

The new necklace is GORGEOUS!!
No Peetee picture??

Anonymous said...

I love Gregory Crewdson, but I never watched the documentary, thank you for sharing! I'm spending a lot of time at home, here is still raining every day, so I hope to read and watch more films! The dress is really pretty and the cowboy boots are wonderful!!!!
I love you more than art!!

two squirrels said...

Thank you sweet for showing these amazing images....I am with them and the feeling that washes over you as you are absorbed into them......brilliant.
The roses on your dress are just so pretty and you look so pretty cowboy boots......yip amazing.
Have a truly wonderful weekend.
Love V

liz said...

I just watched that movie too! Also I'm still mourning the loss of a golden sand dollar necklace I had as a child.

Forest City Fashionista said...

Gregory's photos have a cinematic quality to them - mysterious and sad! I do enjoy art that has a dark undercurrent.

There are no dark undercurrents in your outfit - adorable dress, pinkaliscious boots, and a funky necklace. I had a sand dollar from when I was a kid and I kept it for years - who knows where it is now :(