Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Portland is good to me

I was joking the other day saying this is the worst summer ever, no car and no BBQ.  I have my priorities I tell you.  Well I have good news, my car is all done and is about to get on a boat for the long journey to America.  I'm pretty pleased about that.  I have also been doing a ton of research of wood fired grills because I want one, its time to take my grilling to the next level.  I still haven't committed to one yet but I'm close.  This weekend was a mix of equal parts happiness and stress, as I get ready to have my 14 year old niece up from San Diego for the weekend.   Oh my god what have I done:)

I did manage to finally get over to Portland's biggest Farmers Market with Cristi to visit Teresa (who I forgot to take a photo of) who makes and sells a no sugar dessert mousse made from coconut milk.  She was sold out by the time we arrived at 10:30.
 Situated on the PSU campus underneath a canopy of trees were booths as far as the eye could see.
 I made a new friend, becasue I died when I saw her necklace!
 I forget her name but I know she was from Calcutta and wanted Cristi and I to come out for a visit.
 God I love people who don't have any fucks to give.
 Here are two:)
 I haven't bathed nor do I have any make-up on just to prove that if you put on a pretty bright dress no one notices anything else.
After we popped into a store called Portland Fringe.
 Cute stuff, a bit pricey but the owner was willing to deal so I'll show you what I got soon.
 Saturday night Chris and I went out with our friend Brian and Kathi to Apex for beers and we had to stop in and see the Clown room at the House of Fun.
 Just for all you clown haters:)
 Cut them a little slack will ya!
 This was note worthy.
 Sexy girl clown and her dog, that could be me.
 Some of my favorite clowns around:)
 Apex has a over a million beers on tap
 It was a really cool place and I can't wait to go back.
Wish me luck with my niece, I want this to be a very special visit!


Carina Rosenholm said...

Such a pretty woman in such a pretty dress doesnt need any make up !
Love the womans necklace !

Vix said...

Great news about the wheels!
You're right, wearing a pretty distracts from unwashed hair, a bare face and anything else.
That market looks stupendous and so do you two. I've been wanting to visit Kolkata for ever - if there's ladies like that around I don't know what's stopping me.
Those clowns are horrific, thank goodness for fab friends and lots of beer to distract you. The Last Supper is even worse than the doggie version!
Have a blast with your neice, I bet she'll have the time of her life!!
Love ya! xxxxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

I can totally see you all dolled up as that sassy clown with her puppy! Did the woman from Calcutta make that necklace? I think she's amazing for wearing it and if she made it, then she's doubly awesome. 14 is a scary age, so best of luck with the niece - will look forward to photos of your adventures!

Madelein - Mother of six said...

Good luck with the visit :-)
You look great without makeup :-)

Mariela said...

Lucky you live in a city where there's lots too do. My sister came over a couple of summers ago and she was BORED. There's not much to do if you don't go to Reno.

Helga! said...

Argh, clown room! Do NOT ever take me there, honey!!!
Ooo, I do love a good farmers market, and fark ME, what an INCREDIBLE necklace on that lady! I don't know how you stopped yourself form grabbing it and running!
You are bright and gorgeous and so, SO Summery!!!Le sigh..I'm in that Wintery thing where it just seems to be an endless cycle of work/eat/sleep.....never mind, I am living vicariously though you as you prance about in one of my fave cities EVER!
Love you MADLY!

Kathi said...

Horray for sexy clowns! That room is something else, isn't it?! And, stop stressing. Your niece is going to have a great time!

thorne garnet said...

you sure do live in a cool city. Today, here in lovely Valdosta, between noon and 1pm, it rained 3 time......while the sun was shinning. Just to keep it interesting, I guess.

freckleface said...

You're right, a pretty dress makes up for everything (with the exception of greasy hair - but you wouldn't dream of sporting that).

I'm not surprised that mousse sold out so quickly, I would have definitely had some, it sounds delicious! Where are wheels whizzing over from?

Man alive, that's a lot of clowns. Probably shouldn't have looked at this post before bed time. Good luck with your niece, you're going to have a lovely time.xxxx

pastcaring said...

Sold out by 10.30? That's good going! The mousse must be excellent, have you tried it?
I do love a farmers market, looks like there were lots of interesting stalls and people.
I too believe in the power of the frock to make others believe you are glamorous when really you're scuzzy. By "you", I mean ME - I don't think you're ever scuzzy, Krista! That green dress is delicious, and look at Cristi rocking her mermaid leggings!
The bar looks fab but Too Many Clowns, nooooo! Though Sexy Girl Clown and her dog are quite cute!
I'm sure you and your niece will have a fabulous time together - you are Cool Auntie Krista, and don't you forget it! xxxxxx

Melanie said...

No sugar coconut dessert mousse? No wonder Teresa was sold out. It sounds like a champion formula! I'd buy it if it were for sale near here.
And the necklace, I'm speechless and feckless, gulp. Monster trucks move over for the monster necklace - I looove!!!
The clowns, yeah, freaky creatures, possessed, except your fave clowns. And you and Cristi, what's to say. The belles of the market.

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

I envy everybody who's looking good without makeup and you are definitely one of them! The wall of clownes - Lovely!

Anonymous said...

I love Portland!!! The people, the shops (I can't wait to see what you bought in that amazing place!!)and the clown room is awesome!! I'd love to live there, the paintings collection is fantastic, I love that there are from classical clown art to ultra contemporary, the last supper with Roland McDonald and Crusty is my favourite piece!!I'm happy that your car is arriving!!
Love xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...


You and Cristi both look adorable at the market.
The dog necklace lady looks AWESOME!! I want her necklace!!!

I can't wait to see what you brought!!

PinkCheetahVintage said...

That lady's necklace is cool-- here's to giving NO FUCKS! I want to go to all these places, eat coconut mousse and drink all that beer!

two squirrels said...

You look so gorgeous in the green maxi sweet......the market looks just lovely......what a beautiful summers day.
I am with Miss Helga it's so nice to see all you lovely ladies enjoying the sun.
I am sure that your niece will feel like a princess for the time she is staying with you.......she has a truly wonderful, kind and loving Auntie.......she is one lucky girl.
Love V

Heather said...

Have a great visit with your niece!! Great shots of the farmers market :) You look Fab in your green dress and your right!! it makes you bright and beautiful no makeup required :)

The Canon Girl said...

amazing pictures as always with you and EEEEEH CLOWNS! I'm not terrified of them but I'm not sure whether I like them either! The clothes in the slightly pricey shop look gorgeous and colorful too!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

your bars are so much cooler than the pubs in Wycombe - the clown room is just hilarous! I love it! Portland looks like such a wonderful place, I want to come and visit. You two are just a match made in heaven! It's wonderful that you found Cristi! You look gorgeous, looking forward to seeing what you bought xxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

What an amazing spot for a market under those huge old trees and my god your new friend is incredible!!!! How many fucks was that again? Oh yeah, ZERO!!! Adore you in your green dress and no make up - utterly gorgeous you are! Can't wait to see your new car and I love to see how the clown room brings out the best in everyone;) xoxoxo

Misfits Vintage said...

OH YAY more fun and friends and adventures!

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE that amazing dog necklace SO FRICKIN MUCH - Calcutta lady is the BEST!

YOU look absolutely beautiful and I could not love the hideousfabulous clown last supper painting more Love it!

Sarah xxx

liz said...

Clown room! I just got flashbacks of the giant sad clown paintings my pediatrician always had in his office. Nightmares! This blog always makes me wanna go thrifting. :)