Monday, July 1, 2013

When summer burns

It's hot, real hot.  I know because I had to wait until 9pm last night to mow the lawn.  Last week I said BRING IT ON to the heat and today I am saying TAKE IT BACK!  Are we ever happy with the weather really?

This weekend was a rather busy one. Saturday morning started at 7am with a trip to Farmers Market with my neighbors.  Part of my haul was Mount Rainer cherries, cauliflower, artichokes, crab cakes and strawberries. I never take photos there because it gets really crowded and well my hands are full:)  Afterwards I had lunch with Cristi of KMK and did a little shopping in her neighborhood and as soon as I got home Chris and I were off to celebrate my friend Tammy's big 30!
 I wanted to wear this dress but it was silk and I was sweaty.
 I recently scored this ring on ebay for $3 its old, its gold and I love it!
Here is the birthday girl and Marcus who cooked up some yummy grub!
Her dress can be wore 100 different ways and throughout the night she would announce she was heading off to change and she would come back and it would be different!  
 See, presto! Pretty cool right!
 I enjoyed meeting her sweet girlfriends and seeing how absolutely happy she was:)
I forget what I told the girls to do in both of these pictures but you know a blogger is always barking orders when it comes to taking photos :)
Tammy made her own cake and yes those are pigs playing in the mud.  It was red velvet and it was delicious!
 Sunday was spent catching up on chores and sweating my ass off.   Is it Monday already?

I wanted to end things with this photo of my folks on their patio at sunset in San Diego.  It was almost ten years ago that wildfires chased them out of their home and left them wondering if they had one to return to.  Luckily and because of the hard work of thousands of selfless firefighters they still had a home.
It breaks my heart to hear of the 19 firefighters who lost their lives in Arizona yesterday.  They all had families and homes that they will never return to.  These guys are warriors, brave and selfless.  I think I need to visit my local station and show these guys some love.


PinkCheetahVintage said...

The firefighter bit is so sad. Just crushing... Thinking of all their families.
The party looks like an absolute blast! That cake is out of control and the gold ring you score is so lovely!!

Carina Rosenholm said...

So sad to hear about the fire fighters.
Love the cake! Absolutley in my taste .

Helga! said...

Adoring your new ring and that cake is hilarious!!!
O, no, I remember how bad the fires were last year, and am so sad to hear of losses this year. It gets pretty fiercely dry and hot down that way.So happy your Mom and Dad still have their glorious patio.

Louise McDonagh said...

I've been watching about the wild fires on the news. That's really scary. As much as we moan non-stop about the weather here in UK, we should be grateful for its consistent mediocrity. Xx

Lynn Dylan said...

Hi Krista! I love that cake! LOL. It looks YUMMY! And it certainly is fun! So very tragic about the firefighters. You are right: they were people with homes and families, and they will never return. A moment of silence...


two squirrels said...

Oh that is just so sad about the fire fighters.......there poor families. I hope the other fire fighters stay safe.
Look at you looking all wonderfully sweet and pretty in your summer dresses.
What a fantastic cake....tee hee pigs in mud......yay.
Love V

BellaBean Vintage said...

I find fire so scary, I,m glad your folks had a home to go back to. It's terrible about the fire fighters, they are incredibly brave - I could not do that job...

That ring is amazing - can't believe the price! And your dress is stunning. Pig cake - perfection

Camelia Crinoline said...

I love that pigs in mud cake. Such a fun idea. What a bargain that ring was for $3.

Nat said...

It is so awful about the Arizona fires.... seen the coverage on the news here and it just makes you feel so sad for the families of those brace firefighters. Glad your folks were able to move back to their home!
The birthday celebration looks like a load of fun and I think the cake is fab :-) Love your pink dress and the new ring too.
Keep cool!

Jane George said...

wow i hadn't heard about the fires! Oh it's so so very tragic! xxxx

Anonymous said...

So tragic what happened in Arizona! Those people are real heros, it's lovely that you want to show to your local firemen station your respect and love! The party was amazing and I love both your dress and the party girl one, so cool that it changes during the evening!that cake is great and sounds delicious!!
Have a wonderful week!
Love xxxxxxxxxxx

Vix said...

Get you with your weather! I'm so jealous, I was baring all and freezing my tits off most of the weekend!!!
Love your sweet frocks and the fancy gold ring and that cake is insane! You girls know how to celebrate a birthday, just wish I'd been there.
That must have been terrible for your Mum and Dad, that picture of them is just lovely.
The loss of firefighters in Arizona is beyond awful. We've a massive fire burning just down the road from us at a recycling plant, the smoke is incredible - caused by someone setting off a Chinese lantern - who'd have thought such a pretty thing could cause so much damage?
Love ya! xxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking the same thing--take some goodies to our local station to show our appreciation.

love the first dress--so you--and that ring is GORGEOUS!!
I love how you are this bright rainbow at the party!!
Tammy's dress is AMAZING!!

Gorgeous pix of your folks at sunset!

It's not only hot here--it's like a tropical rainforest with the humidity! UGH
Have a fabulous week!

freckleface said...

That picture of your folks is so poignant. How dreadful about those fire fighters and their families. They really do an amazing job.

You look fabulous in that pink flowery frock with all your girlfriends. I like to think of you bossing them around! I bet they loved it. xxxx

pastcaring said...

I heard about the firefighters on the news here, just tragic and so very sad. The photo of your folks is lovely, thankfully they can still sit on their patio and enjoy the sunset...
Both your little frocks are great, and your friend Tammy's dress - and her piggy cake - are inspired! Get you, directing the photo shoot!
Been cool and wet here. Yep, another British summer... xxxx

beckynot said...

The sneakers make the mumu.
Tell your friend her cake is beautiful.

Trees said...

I wish I was hanging out with you in the sunshine and I LOVE that cake!!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I'm not sure I've heard that horrible story over here - that's so tragic. Lovely photo of your parents at sunset, I hope they're happy and settled now. You look wonderful, I always cure the heat when it arrives, nothing but cotton will do, the silk dress is divine, But I can imagine it's a bit clingy. I love a few costume changes/alterations at my own party and your friend looks fab. Your food from the farmers market also sounds rather amazing, I'm coming over for dinner. xxx

Heather said...

beautiful sunset...and the heat here as been crazy, the animals keep me outside busy so by time I go in the house I am just totally wiped out and you have to drink like tons of water! You look super cute as always so sad about the fireman:( we live in a high fire risk area and have had fires come through here before. On our property you sometimes will see some burnt trees. Have a great 4th of JULY!! I think you need to get some photos of the sunset from my backyard :) Love Heather

Tammy McGill said...

Thank you so much for coming to my party. I had a blast. The first pic you were directing was "elegant snob" and the second one was "crazy happy" haha. I had a ton of other dress changes we didn't get pics of but it was fun.

That is really sad about the firefighters. I read that one of them had a pregnant wife, so sad.