Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I was lucky to have a little girl time with Cristi last week.  I so needed that.  She surprised me and took me out for grilled cheese at the grilled cheese truck!  Yes, there is such a thing in Portland.
I was wearing one of the new Kiss Me Kitty dresses and they are so comfy I have a hard time ever taking them off!
 Here she is rocking the zebra!
  Us being cheesy!
 Ok this was amazing!  Roasted jalapeƱos, bacon, cream cheese and cheddar.  It was lip smacking good!
 This one was plain and boring but still good.
  Where they grill.
 Where you eat.
 Beer truck!

 Coffee from Crema!

Tawny Kitaen has nothing on me :)
That was the chick in the Whitesnake videos, need I say more :)

Monday, August 26, 2013


If I'm too old to love Katy Perry so be it, I love her!  Did you guys see her performance at the end of the VMA's underneath the Brooklyn Bridge?  I'm inspired or maybe it just helps me feel a bit stronger when I sing it at the top of my lungs!  "Because I am a champion and you're gonna hear me ROAR!"
I had fun driving Teddy everywhere this weekend!
 I went from zero to my own hero:)

 Louder than a lion!
 Your gonna hear me ROAR!
 My first ever liquid silver bracelet!

 Now go on and be fabulous! You know what to do.
Thanks for all your kind words regarding my Dad.  I'm great at being happy but still pretty new at dealing with a sick parent.  I know it's all part of life but that doesn't make it any easier.


Thursday, August 22, 2013

My new MINI!

It's finally here, my MINI!  I am very proud to say for the first time in my entire life I paid cash for this beast.  No car payments she is all mine free and clear!
 I could barely contain my excitement!
 I have named her Teddy.  I know it's a guy's name and I don't care I'm naming her after my Dad.
I wanted to also say that you might not see me as much over the next few weeks.  My Dad has surgery next Friday and I really need to focus on him right now.  It's strange to be so happy and sad all at the same time, I'm a bipolar mess these days, but at least I have my MINI.

Take care peeps, I got nothing but love for ya!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Alien autopsies, mermaids, and munchkins!

Do you ladies remember Betty Lou?  The adorable munchkin who thinks I'm a, I mean figured out I'm a mermaid?  How could we forget!  Cristi and I were hoping her folks would come out and visit us at the street fair and they did!  Cristi made her a lil mermaid pencil skirt and I made her a little Hello Kitty necklace. This is one special little girl who warms our hearts and she is the first munchkin to get some Kiss me Kitty!
 Turns out she is having a mermaid birthday party next month and guess what she'll be wearing!
 Mutual adoration going on here!
 but there was still a lot more fun ahead, it's Portland after all!  Here is the Kiss Me Kitty booth and the master cat herself, Cristi!
 the sun blaring through our pink tent made for some really weird hues:)  Pink ferret!
There were jellyfish people!
Alien autopsies done by cute doctors with blue hair:)

Skeletons with wood:) 
 we even saw a camel toe:)
Some friends dropped by to show some love and support and new ones were made!  Tammy brought her daughter Fiona and had her face painted.  She's a beauty huh!
 Another sweetheart of a girl that I love oh so much!
Cristi's God son Oliver popped in too.  He is wearing some KMK shorts and yes he is a pretty amazing kid who just got back from Thailand where he was learning to kick box and doing it in his leggings!
 I had an outfit change as any diva should :)
 What it was hot?!?  I was airing out:)

We didn't sell much of anything BUT she covered her expenses for the day and we had a blast hanging out and sharing Kiss Me Kitty with Portland!  Next month we will be at The Belmont Street Fair:) I live for weekends like this!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Flowers grow out of darkness

Life is still pretty rough and tumble these days but I have plenty to smile about, PLENTY.  Yesterday I received a package from my long time friend Gwen in San Diego, we go all the way back to high school.  She said she had noticed me wearing something similar and sent off two dresses for me to breathe new life into.  Here is one.
  I am totally smitten!
  That's me jumping for joy!
The sleeves are quite nice.
 Best thing is that it will always remind me of her much like that pink religious bracelet always reminds me of Vix. 
I don't think I own anything as rich in color.
 It matches this old hat perfectly.
After what seems like forever, my new MINI has arrived and if all goes as planned I will have it by this time next week.  I can't stand not having a car!  Tomorrow Chris and I celebrate 5 years of marriage and Sunday I'll be joining Cristi from Kiss Me Kitty at the Hawthorne Street fair.  If you are local come out and say something, anything!  See what I mean about PLENTY:)

Have a great weekend everyone!