Friday, August 2, 2013

A dress all the way from Latvia

Where the heck is Latvia?  I am terrible at world geography and had to look it up but it's just below Estonia and right above Lithuania.  I recently found ZIB textile one night when I was spending way too much time on etsy.  I instantly fell for their unique animal drawings printed on a variety of garments.  I also LOVE that the company is run and owned by two gals and not some factory in China.  The colors are all yummy and vibrant and who doesn't want a dress with a cute little critter on it?
Here I want you to see the details, but first angry cat and jealous doggie:)
I love my fur babies!
 Look at the two little pugs with mustaches!
 Still loving my mermaid curls and I promise to share the wand with you soon :)
  I might have ordered another dress:)
Its great for twirling and I have my biker shorts on underneath so no embarrassing oops moments.  
A 1960's hat found at Portland Fringe for $17, it's washed out in all the other photos, but check out what a beauty she is!
My nerd socks and my overpriced but always comfy UGGS.  I have sworn to never by another pair again but I will enjoy wearing out what I have.
Last night we snuck out again for a wonderful and long overdue get together with our friends Ron and Christopher.  We went to a super fancy place in Portland called Meriwethers.  The place was beautiful inside and out and the food was orgasmic!  This is what it looks on the drive there.  GREEN!
 Now for some food porn.  These smokey deviled eggs topped with fresh crab were sinfully decadent.
 My blood orange and marion berry cosmo was so intoxicating I had two :)
 My dinner was pan seared halibut with polenta and chard.  I'm drooling thinking about how friggin good it was!
 Chris had lamb, he loves lamb.
 Christopher had steak.
and Ron had steelhead, yum!
 Beautiful patio.
 I think I need to come back at happy hour and hangout here.
 My boys:)
Sometimes life gives you a bunch of heavy stuff to deal with all at once and it's times like these that I'm lucky to have such wonderful friends to spend my time with, and that includes you.  It's the conversation, the laughs, the distraction, the hugs and the love shared between people that really matter.  

Cristi from Kiss Me Kitty shared this Bette Davis quote with me and I am declaring it my mantra.  I know each and every one of you can relate.

"Getting old ain't for sisses."


OP SHOP MAMA said...

Can always count on your posts for a bit of food porn!
That hat is uh-mazing!

Cute dress!
Love your mermaid curls.

Sandra said...

damn straight Miss Bette Davis! I loved all of your pics so much so I went back and had another look!! x

pastcaring said...

Why is it that the food served in restaurants other people go to looks so bloody wonderful? Food porn indeed! The restaurant looks great, that patio garden is beautiful, and you look so happy hanging out with your guys!
That is such a cute frock, very you, and it's always good to support small businesses. Turquoise really suits you, and your 1960s hat is a beauty. Twirling is the Law, especially with a flash of shorts thrown in!
Blogging friendships do help us get through the tough stuff, I agree - it's all about the conversations. We strong women aren't sissies, we can handle what life throws at us!
PS. I know Peetee is your favourite critter ever, but I have to say I love to see crazy Ash, even if she isn't wanting a cuddle! xxxxxx

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

And for no reason (no animalprints) I will like to share this with you: (my landscape!)

Nerd Burger said...

Love the print and cut of the dress. It looks fab on you.

thorne garnet said...

Pretty dress, it looks lovely on you. Now I'm hungry, that food looks amazing.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

That gorgeous 1960s hat with your beautiful new frock ... I'm just jumping for joy inside! Isn't it wonderful to find talented, clever arty people who make their own amazing gear from scratch? Ooooooh and I will have one of each of those glorious dishes please ... what an incredibly magical place for a big dinner and catch-up with friends ... the Portland forests look like a place where real magic happens. xoxoxoxo

two squirrels said...

Oh that dress is so cute on you have puppies with mo's......snigger.
Hello lovely are so lovely Mr Pussy-cat.
Yay to a wonderful night out with friends.
Love V
PS hat fantastic.

Carina Rosenholm said...

The dress is so cute - love the pugs!
Food porn ... my kind of great food made with love and great fresh commodites.

xStroutx said...

Oh man, that dress! Pugs with moustaches?! Amazeballs. And I always appreciate a bit of food porn!

Louise McDonagh said...

Such a pretty dress and so very you. I'm totally with you on it being better to know your pretty frock hasn't come from a sweatshop in China. That food has made me hungry. It looks delicious. Xx

Helga! said...

O, how heavenly!! Pugs with 'staches on a frock!!! It's divoon, and the colours are perfect! I couldn't have told you exactly where Latvia was....!!! I know it's near Russia, that's all! I love how the internet brings the world closer!!!
Good girl, wearing your safety pants! Gotta protect ones modesty!!! I always have a pair on, just in case!!!
Jaysus, you've got me dribbling with that food porn!!! The crabby devilled eggs!!! OMG! Funnily enough, I plan on making a smoked salmon version for a family thing next week!!! I'm really inspired now!!!
I would have downed several of those cosmos and monstered the rest-what an beautiful place!!! A special and delicious afternoon had by all!

Trees said...

I love that frock - its always good to buy from small designers :) Also that place you ate at looks amazing - I want to go there!!

Vix said...

That's so funny, we were only saying yesterday how photographing food so it looks delicious is a real art! The restaurant looks amazing, even the meat and fish look good and I adore that photo with Chris and the boys!
That dress is out of this world on you and I got to see it in almost real-life. Those Latvians must be teeny! Glad you were a good girl and wore your safety pants. The hat is an incredible find, those colours? wow!
You're a sight for sore eyes, perfect for a hungover Sunday!
Love you! xxxxxx

Harrie Hattie said...

Loving the blog lady!!! Wow colours and those Adidas in your previous post I want want want!!! Hehe. Following you now sweetie ;) xx

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

deviled eggs with crab? Shut the front door!

Tamera Wolfe said...

My great-grandmom always said that about getting old!!

OMG--that DRESS is FANTASTIC!!! It certainly sets off your rackage!! and the new hat is just perfect to wear with pink mermaid curls!!

I love the Peetee photobombs!!
He is too adorable!

Now lets talk about the FOOD!!! i almost licked the screen-YUM!! I may try out the polenta and chard!!

Cristi said...

I don't know what I love more the dress or the food my two favorite weaknesses!

I agree with Tamera I want to lick the screen!! But instead I'll just ditto Ms Holly Jet and say "shut the door"!! Love that saying, and so perfect looking at all that drool worthy yumminess!;)

And, seeing that dress makes me want the foxes one now even more!! Gonna have to put my order in soon!:) Love those girls and their line of super cute stuff!!! And-Yay for more mermaid hair, Betty Lou would give this outfit her full approval!!!:)

Miss Simmonds Says said...

you have to stop with the food porn! it's always so delicious looking. I love devilled eggs! I'm so hungry now!! The dress is beautiful and the design is so unique and wonderful - love the way the dogs are drawn! I continue to love your hair! it's stunning and that 60s psychedelic hat is amazing!!! xxxxxx

beckynot said...

LOVE the moustacheoed pug dress. I would inflict it on people far and wide.

Jane George said...

eeek you look friggin amazing! goddess even! hat is sublime, uggs and geek socks the best! oh boy walking art with mermaid legs is what you are my pink friend! as fr food porn...tell me about it, i have just come back from 4 days in paris and am still having fantasies about the food there! d