Monday, August 19, 2013

Alien autopsies, mermaids, and munchkins!

Do you ladies remember Betty Lou?  The adorable munchkin who thinks I'm a, I mean figured out I'm a mermaid?  How could we forget!  Cristi and I were hoping her folks would come out and visit us at the street fair and they did!  Cristi made her a lil mermaid pencil skirt and I made her a little Hello Kitty necklace. This is one special little girl who warms our hearts and she is the first munchkin to get some Kiss me Kitty!
 Turns out she is having a mermaid birthday party next month and guess what she'll be wearing!
 Mutual adoration going on here!
 but there was still a lot more fun ahead, it's Portland after all!  Here is the Kiss Me Kitty booth and the master cat herself, Cristi!
 the sun blaring through our pink tent made for some really weird hues:)  Pink ferret!
There were jellyfish people!
Alien autopsies done by cute doctors with blue hair:)

Skeletons with wood:) 
 we even saw a camel toe:)
Some friends dropped by to show some love and support and new ones were made!  Tammy brought her daughter Fiona and had her face painted.  She's a beauty huh!
 Another sweetheart of a girl that I love oh so much!
Cristi's God son Oliver popped in too.  He is wearing some KMK shorts and yes he is a pretty amazing kid who just got back from Thailand where he was learning to kick box and doing it in his leggings!
 I had an outfit change as any diva should :)
 What it was hot?!?  I was airing out:)

We didn't sell much of anything BUT she covered her expenses for the day and we had a blast hanging out and sharing Kiss Me Kitty with Portland!  Next month we will be at The Belmont Street Fair:) I live for weekends like this!


Tammy McGill said...

That's so cute that Betty Lou came. It looks like we missed all the interesting stuff. Although I'm glad we didn't see the skeleton with wood. I wouldn't know to explain that one to Fiona haha.

What do you know about the Belmont one? I'm wondering if I could get a booth and do massage

pastcaring said...

Ha, that skeleton,the camel toe, and you flashing your gorgeous bum have made me laugh! Reminds me of you pantie-flashing in Second to None - the girl can't help it!
Glad to hear you had a great day with Cristi, how cute is Bettylou, and yes, Fiona is really beautiful girl. It looks like a funny, quirky street fair, I love the jellyfish!
You and Cristi both look fabulous in your KMK dresses, I am sure business will pick up and grow the more events you do. And with house models like you two, it can't fail! xxxxxx

Crystal said...

you two made our little Bettylou's YEAR! geoff and i cried in the car on the way home -- when someone goes out of their way to show kindness to your child, there are no words at all that can explain the gift it is to a parent. you two are gifts to this world, in so many ways. to Bettylou, you are the gift of wonder, of dreams coming true, of "i knew they were real" and of kindness that will follow her the rest of her life. we HAD to call her grandparents to tell them about her finding her "mermaid friend" and of the gifts! OH! the gifts! thank you! you are light and goodness. thank you for taking a risk on three silly strangers! xoxo

Krista Gassib said...

Crystal you just made me cry, tears of JOY! You are the one who is amazing because look at how incredible your little girl is, she's a reflection of you and Geoff. Thank you for sharing her beautiful spirit with us, Cristi and I don't have kids of our own so these moments are treasured. I hope our paths cross again, I love you three strangers!

Carina Rosenholm said...

What a great day! So much love in the air - even the skelleton felt it!


Louise McDonagh said...

Nice pants! Lol.

Betty Lou is so cute and it looks like you had a real gas at the street fair. Cristi is so talented, I love all those bright creations. Xx

Tamera Wolfe said...

Betty lou (LOVE her name BTW) is just too too adorable for words!!
KMK needs to put out a kids line of leggings and dresses!!

love all of the fab dresses and leggings you and Cristi were sporting.

The skeleton and wood--took me two looks to "get it"---bones with a boner ;)

Helga! said...

Well, seeing that tight, hot little ass of yours has just made my morning!!!
What a hoot of a day! There was no way you girls wern't gonna have an awesome time, despite Cristi not selling a lot! That's not the be all and end all! Darling little Betty Lou will still be smiling now over her wonderful day and treats with the Mermaid!!!
The only thing missing is WHAT DID YOU EAT?! Hahahaha, need me some food porn!!!
Ooo, Chris' godson is rather tasty.....might go well in a hotdog bun?!

Sandra said...

I think Betty-Lou has a mermaid friend for life, this really is so sweet, and now she has a real mermaid skirt and a hello kitty necklace, with mermaid magic
- honestly it melts my heart -
the day looked like the most fun ever, the skeleton did make me howl, you and Cristi looked gorgeous x x

Anne said...

How wonderful! Loved meeting you in person, Krista! Can't wait til we meet again. You both looked adorable in that HOT PINK tent. Great job. xo

thorne garnet said...

panties!!!!!!!! Another fun day! Me? It rained a lot this weekend, boo hoo

two squirrels said...

Oh I am so happy that truly cute wee poppet has had playtime with you.........she really is adorable.
I just read the comment from her mummy & daddy.......oh bless......big big smiles.
Krista, you and Cristi are just heavenly!!!!!!
Yay to friends who are just wonderful together.
Love V

Jane George said...

some hot tooshi going on then my pink goddess! so sweet to see that sweetie pie and her gifts! fab day! x

Vix said...

I know that cute ass! The perfect start to my morning!
Looks like the fair was an absolute riot and I bet most of Portland will be talking about Kiss Me Kitty's divine creations for months to come.
Betty Lou's skirt is fabulous and what a fine model Cristi's godson makes, bet he's converted a lot of blokes to leggings wearing - in fact they must be on trend for men, one of the snooty newspapers' fashion pages featured a man in leggings this weekend for the bargain price of £395!
Can't wait to catch up! Love ya! xxx

BellaBean Vintage said...

The world needs more people like you, how fabulous! Glad you had a fun weekend. Thanks for your lovely comments, I really do appreciate that you stop by. The camel toe made me giggle!

Anonymous said...

The fair was beyond any imagination, so funny it makes me want to jump and show my bottom!! So nice that so many cool new and old friends visited you and the little Betty Lou is adorable in her KMK's skirt!!!!
You and Cristi are the best looking sellers I've ever seen and the stall was full of beautiful creations, I admire Cristi for all the work she did to make everything look so perfect!!!
I love you more than alien autopsies and jellyfish costumes!!!

Forest City Fashionista said...

You both look like you were having a blast! You have made a friend/fan for life with little Bettylou (the most adorable name!). The gifts you made for her, and the time you spent with her obviously meant the world to her. If only more people were like the two of you, and isn't it funny that neither of you have kids of your own. People assume that people who don't have kids don't like them, which is definitely not the case with all of us, as you have proven with these two lovely girls.

Anonymous said...

I bet that gorgeous mermaid aspiring little girl was very excited to receive such mermaid treasure. p.s loving the pink stall, were your knickers matching on purpose? lol

freckleface said...

How could we forget Bettylou?! Your little baby mermaid chum! Bless her. It's so so lovely that you and Cristi thought to take those perfect presents with you! No wonder her mum is so touched. Fiona is a little beauty! But nothing can match the sight of you in those hot pink pants! So funny! How did I know you would have pink pants?
Portland sure looks like a fun place! xxxx

Ariane Lasalle said...

That Bettty Lou is some cute i tell you!
Nice weekend you had you too - Good to see you girls having so much fun!

Thick Threads said...

you are so awesome! I love the pictures! you look as lovely as ever :)


Trees said...

So much fun!! That market looks so much fun & I love the little mermaid :)

Melanie said...

It's Betty Lou! She really is such a little poppet and look at her in her mermaid skirt :)
Fiona is also very pretty, very faery like.

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

This post was so fun! The skeleton boner and camel toe made me choke!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I love both your dresses, every girl needs a costume change. I love the galaxy print. You two are so gorgeous and generous. I bet Betty Lou loved her skirt, a mermaid party sounds wonderful. The street festival looks like so much fun, wish I could visit! xxxx

CityScape Skybaby said...

Trying to think of an adjective for that skeleton, I love how he looks like he's chatting away to Buddha too, wonder what Buddha makes of it all, and you airing out your bits made me laugh too. Betty Lou and Fiona are such gorgeous girls, I think you must be the most fun and fabulous grown up they've ever met. xx