Monday, August 12, 2013

Holding on & letting go

I'm back from Seattle and feeling better today after a weekend of crazy emotions.  Seeing Aunt Norah and saying goodbye was difficult but the hardest part was seeing her two boys and hearing them talk about life without their Mom.  Death is part of life but that doesn't mean it ever get's any easier to deal with does it?
Here are some photos of the weekend.  We stayed at that brown hotel The Camlin right above my head.  It is part of our timeshare and a really nice hotel.  I thought the location was perfect you could walk to so many cool places.

One of my vintage dresses worn for the first time.
Before our visit Chris and I went to check out The Living Computer Museum.  It really is the only thing of its kind and it was so cool to see what the first computers looked like.
 Chris was giving me a personal tour, we both laughed at this Disney computer.
 I remember Atari.

 Can you believe that this is a hard drive!
 Paul Allen and Bill Gates.
 Then we saw Aunt Norah and had lunch with her boys.
At the end of the day I needed a long walk and time to clear my head so imagine how happy I was when I stumbled upon the Pretty Parlor.  Anna Banana, the owner was so sweet and kind to me and totally reminded me of our very own Helga!
 Sadly nothing fit but it was wonderful to spend time with such a bright spirit!
 She really was a kind beautiful woman!
 She let me have a wander in the back where her Mom helps with all the alternations.
 3D creepy cat picture, LOVE!  If you are in Seattle pop in, you will love it and her!
I also found this bar called The Unicorn.
 Yeah this was cool and the bottom floor is a game room!

 This was cute too!  I did pop into a 3 story Value Village but because it was such a hot day I can't even begin to describe the awful smell coming from all those old clothes, I barely lasted 10 minutes in there.
For dinner Chris and I headed to a tap house that boosted 160 beers on tap!

 I had the Oskar on nitro and at 9% alcohol content I was feeling pretty good.
  Go big or go home.
I wanted to thank all of you for you kind words on my last post.  I think you are a wise bunch who have been through battles of your own and I appreciate the advice and support.
I hope this week flies by because this Sunday Cristi and I will be selling Kiss Me Kitty at the Hawthorne street fair.  I can't wait!  She has been busy all weekend making dresses and shorts!  If you are local come on out and see us!


Tammy McGill said...

That must be hard saying goodbye, especially for her sons :(
So how did you like the Camlin?I thought it was neat. I'm going to try to come next weekend to see what cool stuff Cristi made. Have a good week

Carina Rosenholm said...

Looks great eventhough you had such a sad' mission' in Seattle , love the bar with all that Beer - its great to try New sorts!
Hope you are feeling ok ....

Perdita said...

Sorry to hear about your aunt. :(

Those bars look amazing - so much thought put into atmosphere which is important! Otherwise why go out!?

Vix said...

Thank goodness for some colour, fun adn great company after such sadness. The Unicorn looks incredible and I want to steal all of Anna Banana's display ideas, so cool!
Your dress looks amazing, I love it! Chris looks in his element. My PC doesn't look that different!
I'd kill for one of those beers right now.
Love ya & hope we speak before next weekend! xxxx

Ariane Lasalle said...

The first 2 pics are really extraordinary with the city background, great shot Krista
Good to see you had fun after all that sadness!
Anna Banana looks so amazing, i wish i could shop there!

We have an old computer museum in my hood the only one of that kind in Montreal

Take care


Helga! said...

O my fecking GAWD I need to get to the Pretty Parlour AND The Unicorn PRONTO!!!How frigging fabularse!
I'm so pleased you and Chris managed to make the best weekend of it that you could.Your frock is scumptious!!!
Hahaha, the old computers are hilarious! But they were so cutting edge...then...!!!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

A Southern Tier Crème Brulee for me please!
I'm so pleased you're in good spirits and managed to have a happy weekend. You look gorgeous in your dress. Purr and The unicorn look like completely amazing bars, I'm so jealous. The Pretty Parlour looks like a frou frou ice cream dream! What a gorgeous place. I hope you're ok xxxx

freckleface said...

That sounds rather heartrending. It is such a sad time...but really good that you have been able to spend this time with your loved ones. A Helga-alike is exactly what you needed to cheer you up.

You look absolutely gorgeous in your new vintage dress! You fitted perfectly in with that amazing unicorn bar.

I remember those computers! We had an atari which my dad used to set up for us to play ping pong on. We loved it! xxxxxx

thorne garnet said...

160 beers on the wall? Be still my heart!

What a pretty shop. It's so happy! And so is The Unicorn.


pretty dresses :)

two squirrels said...

Oh sweet I have been thinking of you..........what an emotion roller coaster to be on.........
So happy you got to go to some places that replenished your soul......such happy pretty places.....yay.
All the best for the market....I am sure that it will be fabulous.
Love V

two squirrels said...

Oh sorry that was emotional roller coaster........oops I have had a few to many wines......tee V

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you and Chris had a nice weekend, those places are wonderful!! The computer museum seems very interesting and the Pretty Parlor is fabulous, I'd love to go there with you and then have a drink at the Unicorn, that would be so great!!
I love you more than beer!!!

Tamera Wolfe said...

{{{{{{{{{{{{hugs to you all}}}}}}}}

I know how hard it is to say good-bye. It's been almost 2 years for my Dad....

the PC museum looked awesome--i recognized (and worked with) some of those dinosaurs!!

Infact Seattle looked pretty cool--shame you couldn't find anything at that awesome shop-and EEEEWWW on hot stinlky clothes!!

Love the new vintage dress-so very Krista!!!

Hoping you and Cristi have an amazing time at the sale!!

pastcaring said...

I am sure it was a tough weekend in many respects, saying goodbye is so sad, and of course you feel for Chris' cousins. But hey, you went, you did the right thing, and you made the best of it.
Your new dress is a beauty, I love the look of that shop, and the bar and pub are amazing! The PC museum is funny - looking at those old monitors makes me feel old...
I am sure that you and Cristi will do a roaring trade on Sunday - take pics!
Love ya! xxxxxx

Nat said...

Glad you were able to find some happy things in what must have been a very tough and emotional weekend!
You look stunning in the vintage dress :-)

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

I partly still live in the "grunge world" when it comes to music, so I hope that I someday get to visit Seattle.

Kathi said...

I know this was a hard trip to take. I hope that you were able to have one good last visit with Chris' aunt. BTW - Brian was sufficiently jealous about the 160 brew tap house. ;-)

Misfits Vintage said...

Gorgeous dress and great shop.

Sarah xxx

Heather said...

Just finally catching up with you so sorry to hear about Chris' Aunt this I really do understand I said goodbye to my Nonna on my last visit in case I don't make it back east to see her again she is in her nineties and has dementia. So she did not even know who I was. I had to take some time by myself I couldn't keep the tears in. That is the tough stuff in life for sure, and they certainly don't give us a manual on how to handle it do they? I hope your doing ok. And I will pray for your Dad for sure with his upcoming tests and procedures! There are always some blessings mixed in with all that tough stuff we just have to look for them I am learning a lot about that right now. You have been super blessed with some really wonderful friends through blogging!! Which makes me Super Happy for you!!! xoxoxo Love Heather

liz said...

So...I've never been to any of those places! Thanks for introducing me to fun new spots in my city!

Jane George said...

so glad it went well and had so many sparkly bright moments in it as well! the place looks utterly fabulous! x