Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Keepers of the Groove baby

The weekend flew by like a witch on her way to Oz.  I had time to lounge in the sun and make some jewelry after hitting up the gem Fair and picking up some beads on the cheap:)  Farmers market was good to me with plenty of sweet corn and sweet peppers for a yummy corn salsa.  I'm holding fast to the days of summer and the carefree ways.  I will also miss these dahlias real soon.
 I should have been born a flower.
I also made some rocking corn salsa the only thing missing was some jalapeños.
 Fresh sweet corn
 I love making cheese quesadillas with this stuff, so yummy!
We had dinner out with some friends and their adorable little munchkins at The Country Cat Dinner house.
 Here they are with their beautiful Mom, look at those baby blues will ya!
 We had some wings.
 some pretzels
 Travis had the smoked duck.
 Which was smoked in this.
Braised beef and potatoes.
 Chris and I both had fried chicken and mashed potatoes.
 The boys:)
 I snapped up this dress a week ago for $5, it's so feminine I love it!
I was eating sunshine yesterday and made these necklaces for the adorable girls above.  The youngest is into skulls and asked me about 5 times at dinner to make her a skull necklace.  She will love this!
 This is for her sister who is all girl.
Yesterday I got this book in the mail called ONE HUNDRED DEMONS by Lynda Barry.  It was a gift from the ever so thoughtful Cristi.  Have any of you ever heard of this gal before?
I finished it last night, the book was stuffed full of childhood memories, the good, the bad and the ugly.  It reminded me how lucky I am to be living the life I am, sure it hasn't been perfect but nothing beautiful ever is.

Here's to never losing our desire to dance!


Vix said...

Oh you and the girls (and their Mum) are just beautiful! I love that floaty leopard print frock and that bastard massive sun hat. Your bead creations are gorgeous and those little darlings are going to love them!
Dinner looks as good as I'd imagined. The only pretzels I know are dried ones in packets, I'd love to try one of those fresh ones! It's great to see Travis and Chris hanging out.
Life's good, especially with friends like you in it!
Love you! xxx

thorne garnet said...

I love Linda Berry! She's amazing!

Your food photos are making me hungry, and I just eat lunch!

Tamera Wolfe said...

how adorable are those girls!!! and how much more adorable will they be in their AWESOME Krista custom jewelry!!
you really need to make stuff to match Cristi's leggings and sell it!!

OMG the leopard dress is AMAZING!!! Perfectly pink and flirty!! You are a walking talking Dahlia of AWESOMENESS!!

LOVE corn salsa--make it all the time!! I often add black beans and some jalved cherry tomaotes!

The food looks yummy as always!!

Sandra said...

here's to dancing! may it continue no matter what! I have never heard of the author, but I love what was written - it speaks to me! dinner looked especially yummy, I love those little food smokers, so cool - the girls, mama and you are all gorgeous, those necklaces are going to be such a treat for them - viva life x

Gracey the Giant said...

Best opening line to a blog post ever. EVER.

Anonymous said...

How could I miss so many fabulous posts, silly me!!Please forgive me!!
The only positive thing that it has been a fabulous surprise to find so many interesting things to read and so many beautiful photos to look at!!!This post makes me so hungry I could kill, even if I'm vegetarian, all the food looks delicious!! And the flowers and your friends makes me so happy, mom and daughters have the same amazing blue eyes and they all look so lovely!! I love your photo with the cat mosaic and you look stunning in your new dress!!
The book seems very cool, I need to find more about Lynda Barry, even if I think I've seen her cartoons before!
I love you more than mashed potatoes xxxxxxxxx

pastcaring said...

Food porn, food porn!
How beautiful are those girls? And you, of course, you look fabulous with your curls and pink leopard print, and that is a wonderful hat!
Great jewellery, the girls will love their necklaces.
Mmmm, salsa...
Keep your groove, baby! xxxxx

Carina Rosenholm said...

What gorgeus Photos ofta thoose flowers and then amazing food porn! You got me hungry ...
The girls are so cute!

Tammy McGill said...

Cute necklaces! And those pugs with mustaches are funny, cute dress. I'm trying to hold onto summer too. We should get together soon

Helga! said...

I am totally into spazz dancing, only I do it everywhere...I haven't heard of that chick before, but she's onto it!!!
Jaysus, those girls, all 3 of them, are BEAUTIFUL! The wee lasses will be so chuffed with those gorgeous necklaces! You are so clever, and have a great eye for arranging the beads!
The Country Cat is my kinda place! LOVE the mosaic cat, and it looks like some good old home cookin' there! YUM! I do like food porn!
I like you in your flirty, soft frock! Hell, I love you!

Nat said...

So many gorgeous things in one post... you, your friend and her lovely girls, the dahlias and those fabulous necklaces you've made- they are going to be thrilled :-)

freckleface said...

Your dahlias are gorgeous. I hope they last quite a bit longer.

Love the floaty pink leopardskin dress, it is so pretty on you. The necklaces you made are great. That's so cute she kept asking you to make her one. You are obviously quite a hit with the little girls! A really cool role model!

Food glorious food. It looks heavenly. We are just waiting for our sweet corn to be ready, there is nothing better. It actually is like eating sunshine!

I love that kind of dancing. Never mind the cool stuff, spaz dancing is the best!! xxxxxx

Deb T. said...

'I should have been born a flower'. But you are, my dear. You are. And thank you for that!!!!!

Trees said...

awww... I LOVE those necklaces you made for those wee girls. I can't wait till my niece is older so I can make her fun jewellery. Looks like you guys had a lovely meal out - I am SO longing for spring, your flower photos made me a little jealous :P

Nerd Burger said...

The necklaces you made look adorable. Soo cool.

Anonymous said...

Dinner looks delicious. And all four of you lovely ladies(girlies) are beautiful and I bet those little girls will treasure their necklaces xx

Delia Ryder said...

You are beautiful and it always comes across in your writing. Those little girls are adorable and so are the necklaces you made for them you have a great eye for putting things together. Enjoy the rest of your week, dee xx

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

LOVE the picture of you next to the cat!

Forest City Fashionista said...

Lynda Barry used to have a regular comic strip in a Toronto paper here in Ontario, so I'm familiar with her stuff. She captures the angst and turmoil of childhood perfectly. Those little gals are going to swoon over the necklaces - how sweet are you! The skull one is my personal fave.

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

aw! the necklaces you made for the wee ones are SO cute! The dress you're wearing is so flirty!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Will have to look up Lynda Barry. Both those little girls are really lucky getting those pretty necklaces, though I already have two Krista necklaces so feeling smug. Love your eating sunshine face. What does it taste like? Watermelon? Your corn salsa? That looks gorgeous... all the food does... must try duck and blackberries. Keep being gorgeous xxxxx

Jane George said...

amen to dancing and my darling i think you were born a flower, in fact an entire flower garden x