Monday, September 30, 2013

I wish ghosts were real

The rain keeps pouring from the sky and my therapy light has made more than one appearance already.  This weekend Portland got a heck of a storm.  The change in weather has got me back in the kitchen making things like; brown sugared teriyaki wild caught coho salmon, homemade chicken soup, enchiladas, and of course cookies:)
Not just any cookies but peanut butter cookies filled with what else peanut butter cups.  
Peetee had a little visitor for several days.  I'm wearing another Kiss Me Kitty dress and this one is covered in jewels!

 This was before the weather turned and our only walk since last Thursday.
I finally got the results back from Peetee's DNA test and guess what?
He's a level one Chihuahua, meaning that one of his parents was a pure bred and the other was at least half.  He also has traceable amounts of Bichon Frise and Cocker Spaniel.  I have to say I'm surprised~ no Chinese Crest.
I think what has always thrown me is he used to look like this.
I love my lil Mexican dog :)
 Colder weather always wakes up my creativity.
I started a new "art project" and these are part of it.
I also started reading a new book.
So far, I love it.  It's the cliff note version of the bible, the Old and New Testament as told by someone with a great sense of humor and a way with words.  There are some crazy ass stories in here!

On an unrelated but kinda related note Chris's Aunt Norah passed away this morning after her battle with cancer. Twenty four hours prior her oldest son was with her and said that at one point she was talking to other people in the room that he could not see. Right then the room got very cold and he had goosebumps, she said something about them being there for her.  Now she's gone.

Do you guys believe that our family members who have passed on come back to get us?  Has anyone ever had something like this happen to them?  I want so badly for this to be true, for us to be reunited with everyone we have ever loved.  Now that would be some finish wouldn't it.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Holding onto family

My folks just left and we had such a wonderful time together.  I can't tell you what it means to me that at 71 and 84 years old they drove 22 hours to get here to visit Chris and I.  Of course they took their time getting here but the fact that they made the trek for us still blows me away.  My Mom knows I have had a hard time lately because my Dad is so ill, she said she just missed me and wanted to see me.
Meet my Mom and Step dad Jim, oh and I got new glasses.
 Of course they had to meet some very special friends of mine.
 Breakfast at Zell's with Cristi was a lot of fun.

 We saw a field being cleared by goats and they had babies!

 This is right by Cristi's house and now our very own petting zoo:)
We also had a chance to hang out and take pictures with Kathi and Brian.  I love these peeps. Brian is a  pretty amazing Portland photographer.  Find his stuff here.  
 St. Johns bridge.
 The pros:)
 It was cold windy and about 15 minutes after this the sky opened up and it poured.

 All this made us hungry.
  Lunch at McMennamins another Portland landmark.
There was also a dinner out with Chris's folks that was pretty special.
Too bad I was so nervous that I didn't eat a single thing.  WTF!  The night was still great but apparently stress and excitement takes away my appetite and makes me want to puke:(
and on our very first day together we went to the Lake Oswego Farmers Market.  Lake O has some beautiful art all around town.
 This dog was my favorite by far.

 I always love the flowers.

 These gals were so much fun to watch!

 I miss them already.
I am always a bit down after leaving family but I am so thankful they came up.  I find myself counting the visits, how many more times will I get to see them, it's really an awful thing to do.  I'm just so lucky to still have them in my life and that is what I am holding onto.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess.

My Mom and Step Dad Jim are up from California for a visit this weekend.  I have been busy cleaning my house, planning a delicious dinner of comfort food, and wondering about what I want to share with them.  Portland is just so awesome! 

I won't have any problem with what to wear I seem to have so many dresses I haven't worn.  This dress  is from H&M by way of Goodwill and was $3.  The coat is really a robe, I think anyway.
 I love these colors.
 Is it too much?  BAH!  What's that?

I did make dinner reservations at a Peruvian restaurant called Andina for my folks and Chris's.  You know me I like my fancy food. I can't wait to eat there!

Here is a vintage dress I found for $15 at Red Light Clothing Exchange.
This little caplet was $5 and I found it in purple and gave it to a friend.  I hope she's wearing it, I love mine:)
 Wanna see a little more?
 The print is weird just like me and I dig it with my hair big time.

So if your parents were coming for a visit, come on let's play a little here, what is one thing you would want to share with them?