Thursday, September 5, 2013

I love you!

Can I just give you all a big ole virtual hug?  I love knowing there are so many of you who understand what I'm going through.  I'm not alone, we all have to or will have to deal with end of life issues.  I know I'm very lucky to live in a state that has death with dignity.  That is my silver lining.

Now onto some happier thoughts, I promise, I'm done with all the heavy stuff for a while.  Cristi and her hubby came over last night and we walked to a Mexican restaurant by our house.  It was so much fun, we barely missed the rain on the way home and last night was another crazy storm, bye bye summer hello fall.  I might be ready I put a roast (grass feed beef from a local farm) in the crock pot this morning.
 Cristi rocking her KMK leggings and me a mini caftan found at Goodwill for a fiver:)
 I also found this carpet bag that was too bright and beautiful to pass up at $13.
Next weekend we will be at the Belmont Street Fair I'm really looking forward to that!  I was so happy to get to look through a new batch of fabric, check out these robots!
 Stained glass and feathers!
 Paisley flowers.
It was a feast for my eyes.  I have been enjoying lots of beer this summer.
 I also love a good breakfast pizza with cold brew coffee.
And in no particular order a bunch of people that make me smile from the inside.
 I got to take them for their first frozen yogurt ever!  It was a success!
 Alex always makes me laugh and Kathi his Mom is a sweetheart of a gal.
 Brianna is turning into quite a rock star herself.  I love hearing her play.
My goofy family in San Diego took this picture just for me.  I'm happy my Mom and Step Dad will come up for a visit later this month.
 Remember this beautiful mermaid BettyLou?
 These are pictures from her birthday party, her Mom sent them to Cristi.  Life may get rough as we age but family and friends make it all worth while.  It feels good to love so many people!


La Dama said...

Adore your leopard caftan and colorful carpet bag.Such beautiful family fotos. Those fabrics are amazing.The robot fabric is my fave.that little mermaid is such a cutey.


pastcaring said...

I just love seeing you and Cristi together, it's so obvious that you get on like a house on fire and really enjoy spending time together.
That is one cut little kaftan, and the bag is a real beauty, I am a little envious!
Cristi has chosen more wonderful fabric for her dresses and leggings - the paisley is my favourite, I think.
Oh those sweet girls and their first frozen yoghurt! Brianna is going to be a Rock Star for sure. BettyLou the Mermaid is adorable, and your family are the best! So are you, my darling! Stay positive, we're all here for you. xxxx

Carina Rosenholm said...

Oh i love thoose fabrics ! so colourful and pretty .
Cristi must be a true friend - you two look so happy togheter ! True friends are so hard to find !

Ariane Lasalle said...

You are lucky to have such a good friend Krista -
i love all the new fabrics especially the robots, so cool!

Have fun at the festival

Pretty nice to get new from Betty Lou, she is so precious


Ariane xo

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post!!
First of all it's always a great pleasure to see you and Cristi together, you both look amazing and make me so happy!!!
The fabrics are wonderful, my favourite are the two with the feathers, can't wait to see Cristi's new creations with all of them!!
Thank you for sharing all these great photos of your family and friends!!
I love you more than beer and frozen yogurt!!!!

Vix said...

I knew Curtise would love that bag ...and so do I! It looks fabulous with that rockin' kaftan and Cristi on your arm.
Fabulousness overload, mad family, luscious leggings, those sweet girls and all that food and beer. You know how to make a girl happy, don't you?!
When you're going through a tough time it can feel like you're in a bubble, trapped in sadness whilst the rest of the world carries on as it always has...doesn't having people who love and care about you make a huge difference?
Love you and speak real soon! xxxx

Helga! said...

Feck ME I love that bag!!!!! SQUEE!
You pair of hotties!
Ah, yes, there is so much to be thankful are surrounded by love and light and the most wonderful peeps, all drawn like a moth to a flame.

thorne garnet said...

got a catalog at work today, it had pink sequin sneakers. I instantly thought of you! Beer please!

Nerd Burger said...

OMG! I NEED A PAIR OF OF KMK ROBOT LEGGINGS! sooo cute. Looks like you dudes had a fun night, that food looks so yummy.

liz said...

Beautiful fabrics! I hoard paisleys like you wouldn't belieeeeve. :)

Tamera Wolfe said...

I am loving the aqua leopard caftan!! KMK has so many cool new legging designs!!!!

Those kids are too cute--and how ADORABLE is Betty Lou in her tutu and mermaid top??

BellaBean Vintage said...

I with the rest on the bag..GORGEOUS!! and you too looking hot and heavenly in that lovely caftan! I missed the boat on your last post, but echo everyone's sentiments, it is so very hard to see someone you love suffer. I lost my dad last year along with his two sisters,...My daughter says that it's ok because granddad and her aunties still live in her heart and their energy is all around (sensible child) to you xx

Sandra said...

fun and frolicks! the feather fabric is just amazing, as is your awesome bag - frozen yoghurt outings look the best and Betty Lou is the sweetest mermaid, your family are ace! what a great picture! x x

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

Lovely pictures! You and your friend, the little princess, paisley ... etc.

Heather said...

Great pictures you and Cristi are just to cute you crack me up!! keep savoring all those blessings you have!! :) xoxo Love Heather

Jane Droll said...

love the people pics! and the feathers -- they are gorgeous!

Sacramento Amate said...

Happy dear Krista for not forgetting me.
Much love, dear friend.

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

Wonderful pics. I love how the little mermaid lass keeps popping up in your posts

Trees said...

All that beautiful fabric is just swoon worthy! Glad you're feeling better :)

two squirrels said...

Oh I love the tapestry carpet bag so much sweet.
Look at all your lovely family.....ahhhh.
Love v
Thinking of you sweet....hope the days are not to heavy.Xxxxx
Yip I can swear like a trooper sometimes.....snigger.

freckleface said...

In amongst the sorrow, you need some happy times to keep you going. And it's great to have good friends who you can just be yourself with.

Breakfast pizza? No! We are missing out on so much here in the UK. Beer is good! Those photos of your little gal pals having frozen yoghurt are just so cute. And that photo of your goofy family is the best.

Thinking of you and hope you have a good week. xxxx

Jet Kuhn said...

I'm so glad you got to have some fun with those you love! That carpet bag is to die for! And what yummy fabric as well as the food, beer, goofy family photos! Gah I could go for a good beer right now... heading to London the end of the week & can't wait to hit the pubs! XXX Jet

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I think BettyLou is just adorable. oooh all that fabric is just wonderful - the robots, I love them - and the one that looks like stained glass, beautiful. Looking forward to seeing what Cristi does with it. oh and more food, thanks, I'm still peckish! xxxx