Monday, September 30, 2013

I wish ghosts were real

The rain keeps pouring from the sky and my therapy light has made more than one appearance already.  This weekend Portland got a heck of a storm.  The change in weather has got me back in the kitchen making things like; brown sugared teriyaki wild caught coho salmon, homemade chicken soup, enchiladas, and of course cookies:)
Not just any cookies but peanut butter cookies filled with what else peanut butter cups.  
Peetee had a little visitor for several days.  I'm wearing another Kiss Me Kitty dress and this one is covered in jewels!

 This was before the weather turned and our only walk since last Thursday.
I finally got the results back from Peetee's DNA test and guess what?
He's a level one Chihuahua, meaning that one of his parents was a pure bred and the other was at least half.  He also has traceable amounts of Bichon Frise and Cocker Spaniel.  I have to say I'm surprised~ no Chinese Crest.
I think what has always thrown me is he used to look like this.
I love my lil Mexican dog :)
 Colder weather always wakes up my creativity.
I started a new "art project" and these are part of it.
I also started reading a new book.
So far, I love it.  It's the cliff note version of the bible, the Old and New Testament as told by someone with a great sense of humor and a way with words.  There are some crazy ass stories in here!

On an unrelated but kinda related note Chris's Aunt Norah passed away this morning after her battle with cancer. Twenty four hours prior her oldest son was with her and said that at one point she was talking to other people in the room that he could not see. Right then the room got very cold and he had goosebumps, she said something about them being there for her.  Now she's gone.

Do you guys believe that our family members who have passed on come back to get us?  Has anyone ever had something like this happen to them?  I want so badly for this to be true, for us to be reunited with everyone we have ever loved.  Now that would be some finish wouldn't it.


Helga! said...

Darling, sorry to hear about Chris' never helps that you know it's coming! And yes, I do believe loved ones come for us. I've had a few freaky experiences that answer that sort of question...don't want to sound too kooky...
Peetee! the little chihuahuan cutie!!! Rock ON, little fella!
I'm always excited when you get that creative urge. It;s always stunning! Can't wait to see what you come up with! You blow my mind, gorgeous!
That book looks rather interesting....

PinkCheetahVintage said...

I had one serious vision in a dream that almost had me convinced of an afterlife...
I think everybody wishes it were true.
Those cookies look good! I make some chocolate cookies that have Rolos in the middle that are delish :)

Jane George said...

ahhh so sorry about your aunt....yes i absolutely DO BELIEVE that loved ones wait and come get us! I have had a few experiences that convince me. the ears that's cocker spaniel! x

pastcaring said...

Mmmm, Krista's cookin'!
I can take or leave peanut butter, but will be first in line for the salmon, chicken soup and enchiladas please!

You are clearly feeling inspired to create, whether it's cooking or making, or thinking about Big Stuff. I'm sorry to hear that Chris' aunt has died. I am not a believer in any form of afterlife, though I understand the desire for it to be true. I think that's what religion/spirituality is all about - trying to help humans cope with the fact that we are a species who know we are all going to die. That is scary and sad, so we tell stories to comfort ourselves, and sometimes these can be so powerfully believed that we experience physical events which we interpret as evidence that they are true. But they are evidence of our own psychological needs and wishes, not an afterlife.
So hey, that's just my view, I am sure many others will disagree strongly, and that's fine!

Little Peetee - so he's a rich blend of Chihuahua, Bichon Frise and Cocker Spaniel? With a massive element of Cute and Much Loved in there too, I reckon!
Love you! xxx

Vix said...

Cooking and making! That's the positive part of the weather getting colder and the nights getting longer and about the only bit of winter I can bear.
Loving the new frock and very excited about Peetee's ancestry. I thought he'd be part Bambi!!!
Sorry to hear about Aunt Norah but pleased that she's finally at peace and not suffering any longer.
I don't believe in an afterlife, when you're gone, you're gone. You live on in your loved ones hearts and in their memories and so, in a way, you never die.
Wednesday? Usual time? Love you! xxx

Nerd Burger said...

Let me start off by saying those cookies look so yummy. Wish I could eat one.
I love the new art project idea. Can't wait to see it all finished.

bohemian vanity said...

The cookies look so yummie and i like your colorful outfit with your lovely kmk dress and that gorgeous violet jaket!
I'm sorry to hear about Chris's Aunt Norah. I believe that we'll see them when we pass. Today's the 3rd anniversary of my dad's death. I miss him so much. I hold his hand when he died and i know that he must have seen something that moment we didn't see. As sad as death is, i believe we're reunited with our beloved ones one day.
xx Tani

Sandra said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Chris' Aunt Norah, I do believe that loved ones come for you, like Helga Iv'e heard a lot of it (one case was my lucid Nan who kept demanding why my late Aunt was stood in the corner of the room)
Your cookies with peanut butter, chicken soup and enchiladas! yes please! and a big ass ring makes me swoon. Sweet Peetee, is full of the best with extra adorable x x

thorne garnet said...

I don't believe in an afterlife, but......when I was 12 my Mother died. A couple of years after, I was coming into our house from the garage. A woman called out my name and I asked "What?". Then I realized I was alone in the house. Mom's ghost? I can't explain it.

Sorry for your loss.

daiseedeb said...

Good thing I am not there by your cookies. I could eat every last one of them! Reeses AND cookies are my downfall!!
I know for a surety that there is an afterlife, and that our loved ones who are on the other side of the veil of this existence are with us daily loving us, lifting us and cheering us on. I know with ll my heart that it is true.
Must be off. Have an urge to eat cookies with candy on them. ; )

Edie Pop said...

I'm sorry for Chris's aunt, she didn't deserve all the pain she've been through! My boyfriend told me that when his mother was dying she often talked to her grandparents or people that didn't live anymore, but a skeptical doctor explained that often cancer ruins your brain, it damages your recent memories and only remote memory works..not so romantic, but the truth is that we'll never know, we can believe what we prefer to believe!
I knew that Peetee was a wonderful dog!! Bichon Frisee and chihuahua are mine and my daughter's favourite dogs!! He's so pretty I thought he was a baby deer in disguise! You look awesome with this hairstyle and I love how beautiful and comfortable KMK's dresses are!
Can't wait to see your new art projects!!
I love you more than cookies!!!

Carina Rosenholm said...

mmm.. the cockiés looks delcious , love cockies...
I do think that somehow they can atleast get a message trough to us in their next many strange things happends and i do belive in what people calls ghosts. Im not afraid of them in the dark ore so but i think they exist.
Take care beatiful one !

Anonymous said...


I have a new baking project to try out now thanks to you, not that I bake much :) Also I love the ringlets in your hair! :)

Please anyone feel free to check out my blog and let me know what you think


Miss Magpie said...

I remember reading that animals come back for you too. I like that idea. I said to my Dad I imagined when my Granddad died they were like 'At Last! This lot have been running riot' in heaven when he got there, he had such a menagerie of animals throughout his life!

I'm looking forward to see the next art project.

Trees said...

Ummm...can I come to your house for cookies? I'm so sorry to hear about Chris' Aunt - I'm not sure about the after life, but anything is possible.

rockygrace said...

After my brother's wife died last year, he said he kept finding things that had "moved" from one room to another - car keys, a book, etc. After several weeks, it stopped - he felt like she was hanging around long enough to make sure he was going to be okay, and then she moved on to where she needed to go.

And this is a guy with a doctorate in biology, btw. Not prone to mystical stuff at all.

freckleface said...

So sorry to hear about Chris's aunt, it's just so desperately sad. Just like Vix, I believe people live on through people's memories of them. My lost ones visit me in my dreams sometimes and it is so wonderful when they do.

Little Peetee is made of rainbows and sunshine and flowers and peanut butter surely? With maybe a pinch of bushbaby. I'd have those cookies off you any day of the week. xxxxxx

Tamera Wolfe said...

I am so sorry to here about Chris's Aunt Norah. {{{hugs}}}

Yum--can I come over to dinner?/ Those cookies look AMAZING!!

Love the new jewel dress!! and i'm anxious to see what your new art endeavor will be!!

I KNEW IT!!! I knew Peetee is a latin lover!!! Gracie and he look SO much alike.

Crystal said...

i hope you realize what light and joy you bring into this world by being you -- real, raw, bright, bold and kindness that seems to just radiate through your every fiber!

bettylou was asking about her mermaid friend last night. "i want to see her again. should we go to lardo?" hilarious. i pulled up your blog and said she could see you anytime here and maybe we could plan lunch sometime soon. :) you are her forever mermaid friend.

i absolutely believe we have people on "the other side" greeting us and holding that sacred space with us as we are ushered in. as my grandfather lay dying 3 years ago, he was greeting people who weren't in the room with us that had been long gone (his mother, brothers...). when my father in law was dying, he saw similar folks, ready, waiting for him -- making it safe to go. the night before he died (bettylou was just a week away from being one), she was in her room, saying, "pappoo! pappoo!" which was what she called geoff's dad. every once in awhile, we will hear her speak to/of him when she's in her room by herself. i absolutely believe we are connected beyond this planet.

i am so thankful for you! i know we've only met in person TWICE; however, the impact you've had on our lives has been immeasurable. i can only imagine what it's like for those close to you.


p.s. i sent the KMK FB pics of bettylou in her leggings! she wears them just about every day!

Anonymous said...

I don't believe in an after life but I do believe that all that energy has to go somewhere.

If there's unfinished business then I think that energy hangs around (my last house had a poltergeist; my next door neighbours kids saw and played with a man who had passed. My late Auntie was always talking about her Dad and youngest sister (long gone) both of whom were as alive to her as we were. It was as if they'd just left the room.

I don't doubt that all of my extended family will come around when my time comes - which is rather a nice thought!

In the meantime, I hold them in my heart and they're still alive whilst folks have memories of them to share.

Sorry for your loss Krista xx

La Dama said...

I do believe in spirits! All my cousins and unknown spirits are always around me. especially when Buddy's nan transition (past). I couldn't make it to her funeral.I wrote her a letter that she could visit and talk to me any time she wanted too. She gave me a great big hug when I got back from Cali.She calls my name constantly in the mornings.Especially the veil is very thin at the moment when Halloween and Dia de los Muertos is coming. Someone is always there to help you while you go to your next life. Everyone is going to get a kick, when they pass..when they realize there is an afterlife waiting for them.

I knew Pedrito was a Mexicano! craving enchiladas.


Heather said...

That's a good question? there does seem to sometimes be some communication from the other side. I lived in my Nonna's house for a period of time which is over 100 years old and is built on a limestone foundation. Her house was definitely haunted I had many odd experiences there. What was haunting it I have no idea didn't seem like any relatives to me??? Oh I can't wait for the weather to change here. A few more weeks yet. Enjoy your time tucked inside. Sometimes it is nice to have those rainy days ~Sorry to hear about your Aunt passing. And wouldn't it be wonderful to see all those we love again. I especially hope my animals will be running around with me in heaven :) Love Heather

Forest City Fashionista said...

Cookies AND Peanut Butter cups? You can bake for me anytime ;)

I'm sorry to hear about Chris' Aunt. I would have to say I am not a big believer in the afterlife (at least not in the "Heaven" sense), but I do think there are things we can't explain, and I would like to hope that when we die, there is good energy to help us on our journey.

Jet Kuhn said...

Hi! So sorry to hear of Chris' Aunt, I hope she's at peace now. I will tell you something kind of "spooky" -- every single one of my relatives on my Italian side have a dream where their deceased relatives have a feast (of course, they're Italian, has to be food involved!) prepared for them. Whether its a sudden death or death due to something long term, they all die within a day or two. Spirits and ghosts aren't actually that scary like in movies. They just sort of catch you off guard sometimes & it scrambles your brain for a few secs. Nearly all I've encountered have been benevolent, usually just wanting to check up on how things are these days! I like to think of them as trapped energy that hasn't found another source to move into (or perhaps chooses not to move into another source). XXX

Misfits Vintage said...

I'm so sorry about Chris' aunt.

And holy awesomeness, I love that pc of Peetee in the good old days when he was wild and woolly!!! What a spunk (and wow, DNA tests for dogs!).

Those peanut butter cookies would make me so sick but man alive, I bet it would be WORTH IT!!!

Sarah xxx