Monday, September 9, 2013

The more I see of man the more I like dogs

You can tell September has arrived by how cool the mornings are.  Despite that this week still promises temperatures in the 80's and I will savor the sunshine and heat.  I feel recharged after a weekend at my leisure.  I needed that.  Time to catch up on chores, play around the house with the animals and Chris and even do a bit of thrifting.  I found lots of good stuff.  I also took Peetee over to visit Sunny.
Sunny is 16 and has cancer.  She is a real trooper this girl.  I wore a new to me dress for our visit.  
This is how she gets in and out the car so that she can continue going to her favorite park.
 I love this girl, both of them, that's Cathy.
This is her buddy Shiloh, a much younger dog:)
  Impressive, no?
Peetee and I just stood around:)
and sat around
Cathy has a mermaid garden.
I want to live in it.
Here are a few pictures of what I found recently thrifting. I'm happy to finally have the obligatory blogger deer!
This print is from what Vix's thinks is a 1960's Jantzen swimsuit, it's wool smells weird but is most beautiful on my body!  BTW I did spray it with fabreeze and it smells better, thanks for the tip!
 I really adore this cameo painting from the ????'s
 Print on a new dress.
 New owl bag destined for some adorable munchkin in my life.
 I have a soft spot for Siamese cats because I have one.  I could not leave this for $5.
 Peetee got stung by a bee yesterday and was pretty messed up.
He's ok today, in fact he's more than ok, he's ADORABLE!  Guess what I'm doing?  Cathy shared a company called DNA my dog with me that will send you a kit so you can send them some dog spit and they will tell you what breeds are in your mutt.  I will finally get to find out what in the world Peetee is,  not that it matters but I am curious.

What do you think Peetee is made of?  Besides everything adorable and good in this world:) I'll go first.

Chinese Crest and Prague Ratter, well he was abandoned in Los Angles and you know how they are about their designer dogs.  GO!


Anne said...

Hi Krista,
I am not a dog person per se, but I love seeing how you nurture and love your little Peetee. As usual you look divine and your friend's mermaid garden is so special! Glad you had some weekend respite. I am excited we have another week of sunshine ahead. I am not quite ready to put away the gingham sundresses. I just need more cardigans! Where is your favorite thrift shop for sweaters? I love the print on the swimsuit. xo

Ivy Black said...

Ain't that the truth?! You look utterly fabulous in that dress and I love the photos of you and your canine buds. What fun! What is Peetee made of....gorgeousness mostly. Very like yerself.

Carina Rosenholm said...

Fab dress and cute dogs ! what Peetee are.. hmmm - I´m so excited !Cute !

Vix said...

Awwww, Peetee's little friends all playing together make me go all warm and fuzzy! I think he's part obligatory blogger deer, a quarter Krista and 100% cute.
Love that insane kaftan you're wearing and hope there's lots more sunshine so you can rock that incredible swimsuit and flash that hot bod of yours.
That freaky child rocks and I'm sure Shelley's got that bag on her blog today...freaky!
Cathy has a heart of gold and an eye for the fabulous!
Love you! xxxxxxxx

Vix said...
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Helga! said...

Hmmm, chihuahua and that other Mexican one that Frida had a few of?! Whatever, he is just a total blossom, and so cute hanging out with his little furry friends!!!
Mmm, sunshine and loud frocks and grass and pookies........I love the mermaid garden too!

pastcaring said...

Wow, it's still so warm in Portland - it's getting decidedly chilly here now. So make the most of it, flash your fabulous legs, where funky kaftans, and absorb the rays before they disappear.
How good to spend time with your pals, sitting and watching and taking it all in is just fine.
Hurray, an OBD, a vintage swimsuit, a new frock, a big-eyed kid with a Siamese, and an owl bag - nice finds!
As for Peetee - hmm, I am not good on dog breeds. I think he might be part bat (the ears), part fox (pointy snout) and part baby (likes kisses and being carried). Whatever he's made up of, he's a treasure, and so are you!
Love to your dad, hope he's doing OK. xxxxx

Nat said...

Poor Peetee.... glad he is better today! I'm curious to find out his lineage - I had thought there was a bit of chihuahua there for sure :-)

Anonymous said...

I think our weather is always quite similar!! I 'm glad to enjoy these nice last days of summer , it's lovely to spend time among trees and meadows, puppies (both human and canine) are so happy !! Peetee is so adorable and he must be a mix of the most adorable dogs and a baby deer, of course! I love Keane's print, I was having a look at her website only few minutes before reading your post, what a coincidence! It's called Keane big eyes or something similar, and the one you found with the siamese cat is fantastic!

Lorri said...

I have been dying to try the DNA kit on my pup. Can't wait to see the results :) Like you, I don't really care so much as I am curious to see what shows up.

Jane George said...

you look adorable...i want that deer, hugs to all the doggies and petee...chinese crested, cross chihuahua, cross papillion. xxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

oooh nice to know what Peetee is! The Chinese Crested gives him that softer look. He's so adorable with his giant eyes and stick legs. Mine are both from the same litter and they're Jack Russell/Yorkie. I see Peetee didn't want to join in, that park is lovely and it's great that Sunny can still enjoy it. Love the OBD, I have the same but standing up. I want to see more of that swimming costume!!

thorne garnet said...

A creepy kid painting! It's a toss up one which one looks sadder, the kid or the cat.

I don't know much about dogs, Peetee's 100% cute.

Forest City Fashionista said...

Of course Peetee is made of sugar and spice and all things nice, what else? I had a chuckle at the little owl bag - it's definitely the little brother of the one on my last blog post!!

I'm so sorry that Sunny has cancer but I'm sure that she will have the best care, and loads of love right til the end. There are lots of times where I think that I am ready to give up on people and just live with a bunch of animals (which would wreak havoc with my allergies)

Sandra said...

my lack of knowledge about dogs make me ill-equipped to guess, but Peetee is definitely the all cute and adorable breed! the best type!, Sunny is a trooper and is a loved happy dog, pets are family - mermaid garden is too cool! and you look gorgeous, as ever, in your kaftan (I love em!)enjoy the sunshine x x

Tamera Wolfe said...

AAAWWW-the pix with Sunny are so sweet. May she pass peacefully to the Rainbow Bridge when it's time.
love the pix of you in your groovy mini dress with the Peetster!!

Nice goodies you scores--how are you gonna wear the bathing suit?

I'm banking on Peetee having some Chihuahua in him-Gracie and him look so much alike.

Tamera Wolfe said...

Ugh--hit enter too soon--I'm glad he's recuperating from his bee sting the poor baby!!

Heather said...

How exciting to find out about Peetee!! Poor little guy and his bee sting hope he is feeling better!! I love the faces on older dogs they are so sweet to look at~ Looks like you found some cute new treasures!! Love Heather

Trees said...

Oh Poor Peetee - I hope he feels much better soon. Poor little guy. I would love my mum to test her 2 dogs and find out what breed they are, they are so mixed up I'm sure they are made up of at least 20 different breeds;) What sweet thrifting finds - loving the fabric of the swimsuit and the cat print. Also that frock you wore to the park is stunning!

Delia Ryder said...

So sorry to read Peetee got stung but glad he is feeling better. God these animals we love them so much but always worry about them to. Your friends Dogs warmed my heart bless them I hope she still able to manage her walk. Great finds love the print and the deer. Enjoy finding out the breed of your gorgeous Peetee, dee xx

PinkCheetahVintage said...

That Keane picture is fantastic!

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

that painting is crazy awesome! A steal at $5!

Bella Q said...

Chi-hooo wa wa and Weeeener.

Marjorie said...

I will say Manchester terrier and chihuahua. I had a similar little dog who was wonderful that was that cross.