Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Your nose doesn't know

Funny story, well now it is.  So since I am a fair skinned red head I go to a dermatologist once a year to just make sure nothing weird is going on.  My last visit was because one side of my nose is sinking in a bit.  My dermatologist said no skin issue and that I needed to go see an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor then she gave me a list of the top of the list was the surgeon who just operated on my Dad.  Internal panic ensued.

Yesterday I had that appointment and thank goodness there is nothing seriously wrong.  I mean the cartilage in my nose is bowing and bending and caving in and since my skin is so thin it's very noticeable but aside from that I'm all good.  He did say a nose job was always an option:) Fuck that!

You know what? I don't care if my nose is going to get ugly, I'm beautiful from the inside out.  Ok I care a little.
If the truth be told I have always hated my big nose.
 But its part of me so I guess I'm stuck with it:) kinda like those small boobs I used to have and sometimes miss.
 Love this thrifted America Eagle dress 5 dollar!!!!
Pockets are always appreciated in a dress, and so are these looks from Ash.
Today I meet with an attorney at my Dad's to take care of a bunch of legal stuff.  I made a huge pot of tortilla soup to make him feel better.  Radiation will start in a few weeks as he is still recovering at this point.  This is what I will wear today to keep us smiling and happy.

 I also got some new shoes that I love by Alegria, great support and fun colors.

New shoes always put a smile on my face and these really make me happy.
 So take that caving in nose!!!!
If we can't laugh at the absurdity of aging what's the point in getting old!


Vix said...

Bloody hell, as if you haven't got enough to deal with! Thank feck there's no underlying problem.
After having had surgery I'd never undergo the knife unless it was strictly life changing, your nose is gorgeous as it is!
Love that sweet first dress but absolutely love the second one, you look mega fit in that! Those shoes and LOVE ring rock!
How cool do you look in that last photo? Nothing can beat you, babe.
Love ya! xxxxxxxxxxxx
PS I want Ash, can I have her?

Carina Rosenholm said...

Oh how gorgeous you look in that blue dress and your new shoes!
Surgery sucks ...

Victoria said...

love the dark blue dress with those shoes and nose! Tortilla soup is the best and only the best for your dad.

Anonymous said...

I love your nose!!! I'm glad that nothing serious has happened to you, my beautiful friend!! I always think that an interesting face is more beautiful than a flat, ordinary one. I always wondered if facial surgery is ok for me, if it's for medical purpouse I support it,probabily I don't know because most of the doctors here made predictable fake noses! You look awesome today and these outfits are super cute, especially the dresses and the new shoes!! Probabily I'd love to change my nose as often I change my clothes, but it's not possible!!

Tammy McGill said...

Glad to hear nothing is wrong. Cute dresses, I love the pockets. I love a new pair of shoes too :) I still need to try your tortilla soup recipe. I hear today is going to be a hot one so I'll wait on that. Hope all goes well today with your dad. xoxo

freckleface said...

You look like a superhero with mermaid hair in that second outfit. LOVEGIRL! Can't think of a better superhero. You are being so strong with everything that is going on. I really admire that.

As for your nose, good to know all is well, but I can understand that you care a little. I have developed a wonky nose and teeth as I've grown older and they bug me a little too. But you are you, and that is a beautiful, intelligent, interesting, compassionate woman. Which sounds pretty good to me. xxxxx

Helga! said...

Ash and Peepers have the same poo face...must be related!!!
Darling, you look a TREAT! I love that frock!!! The necklace is heavenly and goes beautifully!
Ah, poor nose...of course we care a little, we're only human! I have an enormous freckle on mine that I've had burnt off a bit, but it's coming back, and it bothers me some, but not tooo much. Whatever. Could be worse.
Crikey, and you wow us with that second frock, which is just gorgeous!!! Shoes! Such adorable shoes!!!
Tortilla soup would make anyone feel better and more awesome, especially made with your loving hands! (Actually, I loved that movie, based on an awesome Asian film)
You are the MOST gorgeous mermaid in the WORLD! I love you!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Keep your nosy pose, (as long as you can still breathe through it if it caves in) you'll carry on looking beautiful. Pockets always make dresses much better I think. oooh and I do love love love your new shoes. Oh and you look super cute with ankle socks. More of that please. Keep being gorgeous and wonderful xxxx

Gracey the Giant said...

That dress is perfection on you! Odd news about the nose, but honestly I think you have one of the best, most interesting faces and this funny business with the nose will only add to it.

Ivy Black said...

Blimey love..I'm glad it's not serious. I've got crooked teeth and a lumpy scar on my nose. We call it my 'baked bean'!! I was offered surgery to remove it years ago and it sounded so painful, I said no chance.
Yer bloody gorgeous you are.

Jane George said...

thank god things worked out ok at your appointment but seriously!!! to be handed a list with your dad's doctors on.....seriously! how are you still smiling and looking so freaking goddess gorgeous! I never forget the first time i found you and fell off my chair with joy at the pink haired goddess i had found and still...every post....i think it! Keep smiling, it is such a fabulous smile under that sinking nose....oh and the shoes are lush x

Heather said...

Haha We must laugh at ourselves as we get older I think I am in full agreement although I have not been able to laugh yet at the changes my body is making :O maybe I will have to start making some funny faces lol!! Your shoes are adorable and they look really cute on you!! I like your nose so glad your going to keep it :) :) :) oh surgery just scares me... I have had way to many I just hate being put under!! Despite having to meet with lawyers and tend to your sick Papa and visit with doctors glad to see you have a gorgeous smile on your face xoxo Heather

pastcaring said...

Oh darling, it's OK to mind a bit. I mind all sorts of stuff about how I look. But then - fuck it, let's just crack on with life, cos no one else notices any of our supposed flaws as much as we do. I look at you, and think you have an excellent nose of great character and distinction, set in the most gorgeous face, topped off with beautiful mermaid waves, and all that is on top of the fittest body ever! So that's all good, right?
Both dresses are sooooo hot on you, lovely fit, beautiful colours and prints, and just so you. Cute shoes too - I really wanted some Alegria sandals I tried on a while back, but couldn't afford, boo... They are so comfortable, aren't they?
Oh Ash is just gorgeous, look at her!
Sending big love and many hugs to you, dearest Krista. xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Oh, the new shoes! You seem to have so much to deal with now... One thing about the caving in nose may not be to deal with it for looks, but so you can breathe (how it might affect the sinuses)as you age. Not all plastic surgeries are for cosmetic purposes.

Meghan Edge said...

Oh god those shoes!! Yesssss!!!

I'm sorry about all the things going on, but seem to have such a good look on it! I love that first dress so much. :-)

daiseedeb said...

You are cute as a button and I love your style.
My nose seems to be growing as I get older. I think I might go for that caving in thing. ; )

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

Petit, perfect shaped noses - sooo boring! I vote for Cate Blanchet, Patti Sc ... (something), Barbara (!) and Krista!

Jean at said...

Okay, so now I'm kinda caught up. I've gone back and read a bunch of your posts, and I just want to give you a hug and say it's a bitch, right? This life thing. This death thing. I can only say that I hope you and your dad are able to share a journey that's meaningful, cathartic, and loving, whatever form that takes.

Your nose? Ha!! It's the things we tend to like the least that are our most endearing features. No, really!!! You are the perfect Krista, loved for your quirky tatooed pinkness of a love, including your nose and fabulous smile.

I'm just a casual onlooker, but that's what I see. The people that know you better feel the intensity of your love through your voice, and other unique Kristacharacteristics, but without that Kristanose? You wouldn't be quite the same.

I think you're perfect. XXXOO

Sandra said...

I have a thing for noses! I do! and you have a lovely one, on your beautiful face -
after a docs appt last year with a dodgy 'mole' thing, I went to the dermatologist prepared to get it whipped off, its a 'senile spot' ha! I'm covered in the buggers! along with my one leg longer than other and other delights I find it all quite hilarious!
floral mary-janes! sooo pretty and gorgeous dresses and the bam 'love' ring, DAMMIT I love that pic! powerful! x x

Nat said...

Absolutely love that blue dress on you... and you have a fabulous nose!! :-) Glad nothing serious though!
Sending good vibes to you and your dad xxxxx

Tamera Wolfe said...

You are absolutely gorgeous just the way you are!!

Your new shoes are ADORABLE!! and your Dad visit outfit will surely make him smile!!

I love the slightly haughty expression on Ash's face!!

Your "new" dress is so cute and so YOU!!
Love the braids and the mermaid curls!!

Hugs to all both furry and human!

Ariane Lasalle said...

Ash is lovely, i want her too!
Who cares about a nose job, yours if fine - Surgery should the last alternative or life changing, i agree with Vix -

Sweet dress and those shoes! no wonder they make you happy!

Ariane xo

PinkCheetahVintage said...

I just had a mole go nuts and had to have it frozen off. I've had to have other ones removed and biopsied. My dad had 3 separate bouts of skin cancer. It is a scary thing.
I also have a very big nose and I (still) have small boobs!
lolzzzzz You are not alone!!!!

Nerd Burger said...

That sounded so scary. I am so glad your ok. I love your little flower shoes. So adorable.

Anne said...

Mmmm. Tortilla soup! What a good daughter. You are going to cheer your Dad to no end. Look how cute you are! You look great in blue and your nose is beyond terrific. I am glad you have good care and nothing is seriously wrong. My Mom got a nose job in the 60's and it changed her whole face, actually, like her mouth is different and I think she sort of regrets it. I have only known her with NEW NOSE and of course to me it is fine and dandy, but I would never change mine either. It has a bump in the middle and I guess it is odd, but my Thai family and friends love the bridge of a nose, because it is not a traditional Thai feature so they think it is very beautiful. Interesting! Great post, you are smashing.

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

I adore the top dress... and your nose! :muah!: I kissed it!

Trees said...

I'm so glad your nose issue is nothing serious - our bodies are so ridiculously delicate just beneath the surface. I love both these frocks and your fancy new shoes, I need more shoes at the moment (its a need - not a want). I hope your Dad is doing well - I'm sure the soup made him feel much better :)

Mary Lou said...

oh that blue suits you soooooo well, really blue with your pink hair = almost to much fabulousness;) and also the shoes are the perfect choice!
wish you a great weekend!

Kari Spriggs said...

Wait your nose is big?? Whaaaat? Its the perfect size for your face. Now you have me feeling my nose to see if its caved in.:D We all mind some then get bored with it and go on. Then it might bother us again then you see pretty colors and your off on that. :) Its life you know? Besides your beautiful give it no mind. Oh and hand your shoe's over and no one gets hurt. I'm pretty sure I just bought some Doc Marten boots because I saw your shoe's on friday and loved the floral. The Doc Marten store down by Powells? "Oh MY GAAA* Dangerous as hell.

Bella Q said...

I'm sorry to hear your nose is giving you problems but hope I understand correctly that it's not serious. You look like a superhero- and lovely little ginger lady you are saving the world one positive vibe at a time.

Anonymous said...

Holy Shit - everything else of mine is sagging and now you're telling me cartilage can sag too???

Hells Bells I'm doomed lol!!!!

Of course its OK to mind about such stuff - but when you get fed up with being fed up about it, I'd inquire if a big feck off nose stud would be OK

You are so gorgeous and fizzy - I'm sending nose love - everything will be alright xx

Forest City Fashionista said...

If you showed up at my door, dressed like that, and bearing a pot of tortilla soup, it would make me very happy - I'm sure your Dad appreciates your food, and your support more than he can say.

That is a unfortunate about the nose. I have never been fond of mine - it is the same nose my grandmother had and I wasn't crazy about her either. Fortunately we are so much more than our noses! I used to have very small boobs, and they have got larger in the last 5 years with weight gain. They are still perky, but I can't get used to having cleavage ;)

Oranges and Apples said...

I just found you via Vix, took some digging to track you down! She mentioned you had a dress that looked like my new sweatshirt, from Zib. Is it?

liz said...

I'm crazy about all the fun prints/colors Alegria shoes come in. I recently tried a pair on after lusting over them online for ages, and unfortunately with my new foot problems (speaking of the absurdity of aging...) they were a no go. But they look great on you!

Misfits Vintage said...

Caving in nose!!! Holy hilarity, good thing you've got such an awesome sense of humour! I've been dealing Face-that's-trying-to-eat-itself for the last four years... still looking for answers and a sense of the absurd is essential in keeping it together!

I LOVE your hair like this - those super cute front curls are amazing. And I LOVE your new shoes.

Hugs for you, your angry cat and your lovely Dad.

Sarah xxx