Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Eat, drink and be scary!

As my favorite holiday approaches, the time of year when strangers think I'm "dressing up" in my regular clothes, I find myself reaching for the skulls.  I love these Kiss Me Kitty leggings especially this time of year.  I also love this new liquid sand nail polish.
 I went to a last minute pumpkin carving party with my friend Cathy on Saturday night.  She lives in a neighborhood that has get togethers.  It was a really fun evening of new people and good food.  
 I found this shirt to be quite appropriate too:)

 Peetee came along since he loves her two dogs, his bitches:)
 I brought this because it was pink and drank it because it was mighty good!  Unlike the last Voodoo donut beer collaboration in the pink bottle that failed, maple bacon.
 Steve, the host had a beautiful house and this was his stove.  It was from 1960 and was his Mom's.
 He also grew all of the pumpkins in his front yard so he provided the pumpkins, how sweet!
 Here is mine.  I always do Jack Skellington.
 Our family of pumpkins.  
 I love the goofy one on top in the middle made by a really cool chick named Molly.
  Me and my friend Cathy
  Showing off our work:)
  and then being scary!
Happy Halloween everyone!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

A dress to cure all

You are such a wise and loving bunch!  I swear whenever I am feeling a little down you guys just cheer me on up.  Thank you for caring about me and sharing part of yourselves in the process. I started this blog almost 2 years ago and I did so for the absolute hell of it.  Never had I imagined that it would introduce me to so many very special people.  You sure are an interesting bunch:)
I too have a sweet spot in my closet for old square dance dresses especially when they are $10 and look like this!
I picked this up at the Red Light, my favorite Portland vintage shop.  I love the material, it's a heavy cotton.  Most ones I find are dam near see thru.
Tonight Chris and I head out for some Mexican food and beer with friends.  I could eat Mexican food everyday and never tire of it, that's just what happens when you live most of your life in San Diego.
I bought these Halloween candies for the gal who cuts my hair.
 Unfortunately for her I ate them.
 This is crazy!
 It's a monkey skull from Thailand.
 I like it but I could barely touch it, kinda gross if you ask me.  I found it at Cristi's because I'm a nosey friend who makes you pull stuff out of cabinets buried behind rolls of fabric.
I also thought this gal had the coolest bag ever!
Made by Queen Bee Creations, right here in Portland. Most of her stuff is too brown for me and this bag in pink is pretty but several years old.  I popped in her shop once, she is very sweet and asked her to show me the pink:)
She had none.  Portland what's wrong with you, get on the pink train will ya!  I hope you all have a fantastic few days off.  I have a lot of things I want to get done but I also want sometime to be still.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Happiness only seems to exist when shared

Do you ever feel frustrated because you can't make other people happy?  I struggle with this. I guess its because I still haven't learned that you can't make other people happy.  Each of us has to do that.  I try and do things everyday that make me happy. These last few days have been a bitter sweet mix of both.  Finding vintage treasure makes me very happy.
 I rescued these two resin stars both were all of $2.
 Having green tea and Japanese food with Chris is always yummy!
 Remembering my folks visit makes me pretty happy and a little sad.
 My step Dad Jim can make anyone look beautiful!
 I am still very happy in my MINI!

 Having pretty Kiss Me Kitty leggings on always makes me feel a little brighter.
 Simple pleasures like doing my nails and my hair.
 Drinks at cool little bars in my kick ass city Portland.
 yes it had a pink hue, I was in my element!
 Trying new recipes, this is a Samosa pie and it was so good and totally Vegan.

 This cookbook has been on my must try list since it came out and so far I am impressed.
 Mermaid hair to keep me swimming in the sea!
  Fruit platters, yum!
 The memorial for Aunt Norah and Chris's Grandpa Sullivan was really special.
 Here is the bouquet of flowers and the pictures I put together.
 Not bad huh?
 My two beautiful nieces, I have much respect for their sister love!
 My sweet friend Cristi who is always there for me.
  The sun just keeps on shining and that is helping make life a little brighter.
 So did this orange little number found at a Portland Flea market, I also scored a kimono~FINALLY!
  Black is so dull but I made an exception with this dress because it shimmers.  
I haven't mentioned my Dad in a while because I don't want to bum you guys out and I'm not looking for sympathy.  As of yesterday he decided to not continue with the radiation, it's just too much for him right now.  My Dad has been through hell these last few months and I support him no matter what his decision is.  Seeing someone you love be in so much pain and be so alone is the most awful thing I have ever experienced.  It makes me feel a little guilty for being so happy most days.