Monday, October 7, 2013

A Dirndl for October, I'm so on trend:)

What a weekend!  It was so fun I wanna do it all over again!  I have been so busy lately that I feel like I'm neglecting some of my friends so this weekend was extra nice because I got to hang out with some. I met up with Cristi on Friday as that is now our Kiss Me Kitty brainstorming day:)  The sun was out and we were happy to see it!

I finally wore this fabulous DIRNDL dress after Cristi shortened it for me and now it's perfectly sweet!
 Knock knock
 This is a house in Cristi's hood that is being remodeled, I'm sure the pink door will be no more:(
Both of us are rocking KMK leggings.
Cristi had on leather shorts and I thought that was pretty cool!
Adorable, until a crazy man started screaming.
Saturday I had breakfast and ice cream with my friend Kathi.  She is a knitter so we went to Portland's only DIY yarn shop called YARNIA. You can check out her blog if you are into knitting here. 
 She was pretty excited and bought some beautiful yarn.
 I loved all the colors.
 Some of my favorites.

 This is the machine that threads your custom blend of yarn.
 After all this we needed ice cream.
 I hope you all can see these crazy flavors.  The sweet corn waffle with carmel was good and so was the cheddar cheese apple pie but we both went with the sea salt and carmel ice cream.
Ice cream makes everything better and when it's shared with friends it can't be beat.  Next up is more baby goats and cute kids! I told you I had fun.   How bout you?  What was the highlight of your weekend?


Vix said...

How come you haven't shown me that dirdnl dress before? It's frickin' gorgeous and shows of your bod a treat! Those glasses so suit you, you look beautiful!
A double dose of babes in KMK! Kathi must have been in heaven with all that wool, I was even though I don't understand it at all.
Cheddar cheese ice cream?! WTF? Any ice cream's bad enough but that's just insane!
Love ya! xxxxxx

Mariela said...

That dress is adorable on you! I also want that pink door. SO cool and different. Take me to a yarn or fabric store and I can spend hours looking at things. My husband hates it which is why I usually go by myself.

Kathi said...

Next time any of you are in town, Krista can take you thrift shopping and I can take you yarn shopping! Portland has some fabulous yarn stores!

Thanks again for hanging out on Saturday. What a fabulous morning!

Carina Rosenholm said...

You are such a lovely colour splash! Love your new glasses - so pretty! Got ice Cream cravings .. wanna try some new flavours'

Ivy Black said...

Get you on trend an'all! Trend or not you look fecking wonderful. And good grief that pink and orange? What can I say?
I would have gone mental in Yarnia and honey lavender...mmmmmm.

La Dama said...

This colorful dirndl shows off your tiny waist. I been looking for a Mexi- dirndl. I'm sure we will meet one day. I didn't meet up with anyone cause My Mama wasn't well. I am loving your long ass fuck hair.


Anonymous said...

What a cute dress! I love both the leggings leather shorts are cool I agree with you there! I have a hankering for ice cream now nom nom lol x

Sandra said...

I dream of a dirndl! I loooove them! you look flaming amazing in yours with those floral mary janes and leggings (Cristi's oil spill/paint effect ones are gorgeous)- I can spend a lot of time in a wool shop, my middle daughter is especially fond of them - Roasted fig & yoghurt sherbert, intrigued but yes!! x x

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

You are Always Beautiful but ... I can tell that you had a great weekend because you look better than ever Before!

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Your dress is so cute!!! I want a dirdnl!! Ice-cream!!!!

Penny-Rose said...

Oh Kristi, the dress is so cute on you, it fits you so well and the length is just right to show off your amazing legs. Spending time with friends is the best.

Melanie said...

If you guys came knocking on my door I'd rush to let you in! That dirndl dress is incredible - no one else would be able to style it up so fantastically. Awesome socks with your leggings. Cristi's abstract leggings make me speechless. And how great to indulge in ice cream with Kathi. Glad your weekend let you catch up with good friends.

Helga! said...

o my GOURD I love that dirndl and you in even MORE so! Sex on a stick! Fits like a dream. Bless Cristi for making it shorter so we can all enjoy you in it!
That door is frigging FABULARSE! If only I had a door like that and you coming through it..........

Anne said...

You look soooo pretty in that dress. I am a sucker for a pink door. I had a pink stove in one of my first apartments in downtown Portland, man I miss that thing.
That apple pie cheddar cheese flavor is making me really want to try that ice cream place. I love Cool Moon, they have great flavors, too! I love how you put so many great photos in your posts. I need to start doing that. RIght now I am all about lists.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I LOVE that dirndl dress!!! It looks amazing on you. Leisa. Xx

Melanie said...

Your dress is just lovely and Yarnia is the best name for a wool shop! Inspired :)

Tamera Wolfe said...

The dirndal is freakin' gorgeous on you--and very boobtastic!!
The KMK leggings you both are sporting are fantastic!!
That door is so COOL--wouldn't you just LOVE to have it??

All that yarn makes me wanna drag out my crocheting now that it's cooler out!

YUM on the ice cream!!!

Jane George said...

oh how i love you!! you look friggin awesome in that dress! are you kidding me do you think they will get rid of that beautiful pink door!!! highlight of the weekend...finally getting out into autumn after nearly 3 weeks of kids being sick! a walk in the woods and a picnic...just what the doctor ordered! x

Ariane Lasalle said...

You are so colorful, delicious, a feast for the eye
I love that dress on you!

pastcaring said...

Oh that dress is SOOOOO good on you! I love the sexy sweetheart neckline and zip, just delicious.
Good to see lovely Cristi rocking the leather shorts over her KMKs, it's always a treat to see you two together having fun. And oh that pic of you wagging your finger at the crazy man - I can imagine you had a few choice words to say, Krista!
Love all the beautiful colours of the yarns, and those ice cream flavours sound intriguing, I'd like to try a few - makes a change from vanilla and chocolate, that's for sure!
Love ya! xxxxx

liz said...

Feeeeeling that dirndl. Yeah!

Edie Pop said...

This post is a feast for the eyes, the dirndl is dazzling, its orange and black print is stunning and I adore all the rest of the amazing colours combination of your outfit!I always had a fascination with yarns, probabily because of the colours, so I really apprecciate those photos even if I'm not into knitting!
My favourite photo is the one with you and Cristi knoking on the pink door, you both look great and lovely!!

Forest City Fashionista said...

Those glasses are just so gorgeous on you - excellent choice babe!
I would have gone for the sea salt and caramel ice cream too, although I don't eat ice cream much anymore.

I took a knitting class over a year ago, and I loved looking at all the pretty coloured yarns but I never kept up with it :(

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

wowzers! All the patterns and colors in your outfit are stupid awesome. You're too cool for school. I've been on the hunt for that style of dress for weeks now. Gearing up for my first Oktoberfest! I wish I was 100 lbs lighter then maybe I could borrow yours?

Sabine Gimm said...

A lovely colorful blog ♥
Many greetings Sabine

Francesca Edesia said...

I just love colors and your blog is the place to be for colorfulness. Your hair color is amazing! You can't imagine the stares you would get if you came here to Sicily. We're getting lots of tourists recently though so local people are getting used to foreigners.

Mary Lou said...

as an austrian i´m normally a bit tired of dirndls in that season of the year, i dislike all okoberfest-themed parties ;) but honestly i´ve never ever seen anybody rocking a dirndl like you! i looooove how you paired it with those psychedelic colored tights and the orange shirt! you are amazing!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Darn that Dirndl! You look fantastic in it- what a great set of colors for you and brilliantly paired with KMK leggings! I want some fancy weirdo tasty ice cream now. Like cheddar cheese or something!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Darn that Dirndl! You look fantastic in it- what a great set of colors for you and brilliantly paired with KMK leggings! I want some fancy weirdo tasty ice cream now. Like cheddar cheese or something!

Misfits Vintage said...

DIRNDL!!! I absolutely LOVE it - the colours, the pattern, how awesome your BOOBS look, and of course, the fabulous patterns and colours of the entire outfit. I am obsessed with polka dot socks at the moment. And holy guacamole - a round top pink door YES PLEASE!!!

Sarah xxx

Mrs. D said...

Dirndl dirndl dirndl I made you out of clay... no wait, that's something else. lol
Love your dirndl and your coulourful outfit! I wish there were more people like you around me - I'm usually the most colourful person around and I don't think I'm that colourful!
You rock!

maria at inredningsvis said...

WOW soo AMAZING outfit :) your blog is so fun

Check out my new post....How to decorate your home with cute fabrics :)

I wish you a great week dear

LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - inredning it's, Swedish for decor :)

maria at inredningsvis said...

WOW soo AMAZING outfit :) your blog is so fun

Check out my new post....How to decorate your home with cute fabrics :)

I wish you a great week dear

LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - inredning it's, Swedish for decor :)