Thursday, October 24, 2013

A dress to cure all

You are such a wise and loving bunch!  I swear whenever I am feeling a little down you guys just cheer me on up.  Thank you for caring about me and sharing part of yourselves in the process. I started this blog almost 2 years ago and I did so for the absolute hell of it.  Never had I imagined that it would introduce me to so many very special people.  You sure are an interesting bunch:)
I too have a sweet spot in my closet for old square dance dresses especially when they are $10 and look like this!
I picked this up at the Red Light, my favorite Portland vintage shop.  I love the material, it's a heavy cotton.  Most ones I find are dam near see thru.
Tonight Chris and I head out for some Mexican food and beer with friends.  I could eat Mexican food everyday and never tire of it, that's just what happens when you live most of your life in San Diego.
I bought these Halloween candies for the gal who cuts my hair.
 Unfortunately for her I ate them.
 This is crazy!
 It's a monkey skull from Thailand.
 I like it but I could barely touch it, kinda gross if you ask me.  I found it at Cristi's because I'm a nosey friend who makes you pull stuff out of cabinets buried behind rolls of fabric.
I also thought this gal had the coolest bag ever!
Made by Queen Bee Creations, right here in Portland. Most of her stuff is too brown for me and this bag in pink is pretty but several years old.  I popped in her shop once, she is very sweet and asked her to show me the pink:)
She had none.  Portland what's wrong with you, get on the pink train will ya!  I hope you all have a fantastic few days off.  I have a lot of things I want to get done but I also want sometime to be still.


daiseedeb said...

I love that dress! I found a brown one the other day, but passed it by. It was really cute, but I just couldn't see such a joyous dress being brown!!!
Now THIS one shows the joy! Love it!

thorne garnet said...

we got a ton of square dance dresses as a donation a couple of years ago. Haven't had a reason to use them, but a couple of faculty wore them to the chili cook off.....and won! They're way to small for me....:(

Vintage Bird Girl said...

HULLOO!!!!! I LOVE that frock! The print & the bow....divine! Thanks to Helga, Sarah & now you, I really really want a square dance frock. Preferably green! You look incredible. So sorry to read about your Dad. Tough times ahead. Xx

Trees said...

I want a square dancing dress like that too - just LOOK at the BOW!!! I do like that monkey skull - but is a bit too creepy for me, I'd hid it behind my fabric stash too ;)

Vix said...

I saw for myself what a perfect little dress that was, it fits your hot bod like a dream! I can't remember if I told you how damned fine your hair's looking, no wonder you bought your hairdresser sweets (tut, tut for eating them, that's Jon's kind of behaviour!)
That monkey skull is beautiful but very creepy, I've seen the same done with shells by the Tibetans, much less scary!
Hope the Mexican food and the company was fabulous!
Love ya xxxx

Sandra said...

it's so perfect! and even has a bow, broderie anglaise frill and is gingham/floral!!! yes! you always look so gorgeous!! cowboy boots!! happy happy dress!(I may have a serious crush here!)
the skull freaks me out! any real skulls do?! but the sweets!, I can deal with! Enjoy the yum food and have a good few days off x x

freckleface said...

I want to join the square dance dress gang! Although I'd probably make myself dizzy with the twirling.

A Mexican dinner out is exactly what you need to make you feel better. I love tortillas, guacamole with sour cream, salsa and cheese. Hmmmm. Ooh and a lovely chili! Yummmmmmm...

I think Queen Bee should make you a pink one especially. You could be the perfect walking advert for her stuff.

Don't fancy that monkey much.... :( xxxxxxx

Carina Rosenholm said...

Love that dress like the rest of us! So pretty on you!! The candy looks delishious!
You makes me happy!
Love and respect!

pastcaring said...

You look so gorgeous in that square dancing frock, all twirly and sassy and naughty but nice! It has a great print, doesn't it - and a fuck off bow too!
Hmm... not sure about that monkey skull. I'm not big on skulls generally, I have to admit. But the bag is very cool and you NEED a pink one, Krista!
Hope the Mexican food was delicious, and the beers and the company were fine as well.
Have a fabulous weekend, darling! xxxx

Edie Pop said...

Such a pretty dress!! I saw Helga wearing a similar one in her blog and I immediately start to wish to Find one, I'm in love with the rich circle skirt! Well, I love skulls but that one it's quite creepy, probabily the decorations make it less natural and mysterious! You reminded me that I want to DIY a bag like that, I have to Find some records I'm not sorry to use, it's beautiful! Have a wonderful day!
Iloveyoumorethancandies! xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Ohh I love your dress! :) I like how people cheer me up on my blog too :) There should be more pink in the world!! <3

Nerd Burger said...

You look like your going to a kawaii barn dance. Love this darling little dress.

Mary Lou said...

oh what a sweet dress i love gingham and gingham with flowers is even twice as gorgeous! super cute! and this halloween chocolate is the best!!!

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

yes! the monkey skull! LOVES!!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

oh you're just visual prozac! I'm sorry I'm not around much at the moment. That dress is just magical and I'm not surprised you ate the lot, they look amazing. The monkey skull is also fantastic, but looks cursed or haunted or something, but I still want it xxxxx

Helga! said...

Feck ME, I love love LOVE your square dance frock!!! We can swirl and twirl together!!!! I'm so naughty, I have 4 I've ordered from Etsy on their way............!!!!
That bag is funky, but what's with the no pink?! Silly woman, doesn't she realise that pink SINGS?!
Bahyahaha, you are so gorgeous, and I love you!

Ariane Lasalle said...

Hi Krista!

I feel i should you my Square Dancing dress i found in SF - I wonder if i still have it or give it away - Will check...
I was reading your previous post, so sorry for your Dad, it takes a lot of courage to undergo massive radiation- Cancer is the shits, everybody i know has a relative, friend who has it - Very scary -

I love that pink purse with the single in it, very clever, i didn't see it in the first pic but in the second -
Yes pink should rule! Too many greys, blacks and beige, so depressing -

Take care


Forest City Fashionista said...

I'm kinda loving the monkey skull, in spite of, or maybe because of the creepy factor. You and Helga are rocking the square dancing dresses!! The chocolates are so cool - they would make such great gifts.