Thursday, October 17, 2013

A forest bird never wants a cage

I've lived in Oregon for almost eight years and have never seen the Salmon run.  All that changed this weekend when Cristi and her hubby Gene took me out on Sunday.  This is only about 45 minutes outside of Portland, but it felt a world away.
We wore our finest forest frocks for frolicking:)
 It was cool but the rain held off.
 Contemplating the meaning of it all.
 Cristi rocking an adorable kitty cat skirt.
 Hi Gene
 You wanna see the fish huh?  Here they are.  They were big!

 Punching it in.
 Adjusting the bridge a bit after we bought some salmon from the Native Americans who can fish freely.
 I cooked that fish up and it was the best I've ever had!
and these were pretty dang tasty too!  Blogger has been acting up and it took me two days to get this up and leaving comments on my iPad has been almost impossible.  Is anyone else having problems or is it just my turn to have that kind of week :)

Hope to catch up soon:)


Vix said...

The post I've been waiting for all week! Doesn't it look like the Lake District? That picture of you and Cristi on the bridge reminds me of us posing in Ambleside before we had chips!
Love your pretty green dress and cristi's cat skirt, you sure managed to cheer up that grey day, didn't you?
I bet that salmon was wonderful. I love Kettle Chips (salt & vinegar!)
Speak soon! Love you! xxxxxxx

pastcaring said...

I adore that first photo of you and Cristi, and the Meaning of Life shot on the bridge! What a beautiful spot, and you two ladies only make it even more lovely! The print of Cristi's skirt is so sweet, and I love your green dream of a frock.
The water looks amazingly clear, and the fish look good, both swimming and fried (sorry to all vegetarians!)
Mmm, Kettle Chips...
Blogger has been OK for me, apart from doing weird things with the font size when I type a post - what's that all about?! xxxx

Helga! said...

I'd like the jalepeno chippies, thanks!!!
I had no idea this was an event, man those fish are gorgeous!!! Do they go nuts and leap about and stuff? I most certainly like eating the little feckers!
SO beautiful there, I love what little I saw of Oregon, and can't wait to get my arse back there! It's not disimilar to parts of New'd love it here!

Melanie said...

What an excellent trip.
There is no meaning.
But I love those huge fish, the nature, and the wildlife, I mean you and Cristi on the bridge. I wonder if you change colours according to the seasons... I imagine hikers would find not antlers but awesome leggings wrapped around trees.

Kathi said...

Thanks for sharing! It's was soooo delicious!

thorne garnet said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful

Anonymous said...

Beautiful views, outfits and yummy looking fish! What more can you ask for eh :)love your green dress and that loverly cat skirt :)

Trees said...

This looks like a fun trip! I love the kitty skirt and that salmon looks so delicious:)

two squirrels said...

Yay what a very cool thing to go and watch sweet......especially you two fabulous ladies looking amazing as always.
Yummy looking to.........oh growling tummy.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Love V

Sandra said...

love it!! fist pumps, fishing, contemplation, awesome outfits, yum food and gorgeous views too, so fab! Mr F has a kettle chip addiction I swear he would pass out if he saw the maple bacon flavour! x x

Mama Picture This said...

Luckily my kids have had much learning (hands on) and field studies regarding our NW salmon. Glad you got out to see them too. I find salmon too rich for my taste (sacreligious I know our here) but my hubby loves it.

Fiona said...

Hi Krista,
Just read your comment on Curtise's blog and wanted to say how much it resonated with me. I think I have some idea of how you're feeling right now as I went through it with my mum two years ago. Don't want to say too much in a comment and can't find your email address but just to say I will be thinking of you and your Dad.

Forest City Fashionista said...

I'm not what you'd call an "outdoorsy" girl, but days like this are lovely; good company,the water, trees, and watching something that has taken place for years, and hopefully will for years to come. I love grilled salmon (sorry fishies..) and salt and vinegar kettle chips.

Tamera Wolfe said...

How gorgeous is the scenery--and made even more fabulous by you and Cristi--your green dress is adorable!!

OMG--Maple BACON potato chips????
I NEED these!!

freckleface said...

You can't beat nature, it wins hands down every time. Bet it was amazing to see that spectacle. I'm glad the native Americans are able to fish freely and sell their produce, that's good.

Hi Gene! :) I have a friend called Noon and we like to say Hi Noon to her.

You pair sure are rocking those outfits! :) No breathable anoraks in sight! xxxx

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

I love the photos. I especially love how your colorful outfit says, "screw you autumn! I will not mute my colors!" you're beyond awesome.

Ariane Lasalle said...

Nature! it's the best
Love your outfits girls!
That kitty skirt is so great, did she made it?
About those chips, yes i know! so good - the combination of sweet and spicy is so addictive...

Blogger is fine for me, too bad you had problems -

Ariane xo

bohemian vanity said...

Your both outfits are fantastic and i love your cute hat! Guess the salmon tasted divine, oh i love fish and rice! Discovering new activities near your town is always exciting isn't it? xx Tani

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh man - I would LOVE to see the salmon! That countryside is just gorgeous and how have I not noticed your fabulous glasses before? Or am I just so far behind???

Sarah xxx