Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Eat, drink and be scary!

As my favorite holiday approaches, the time of year when strangers think I'm "dressing up" in my regular clothes, I find myself reaching for the skulls.  I love these Kiss Me Kitty leggings especially this time of year.  I also love this new liquid sand nail polish.
 I went to a last minute pumpkin carving party with my friend Cathy on Saturday night.  She lives in a neighborhood that has get togethers.  It was a really fun evening of new people and good food.  
 I found this shirt to be quite appropriate too:)

 Peetee came along since he loves her two dogs, his bitches:)
 I brought this because it was pink and drank it because it was mighty good!  Unlike the last Voodoo donut beer collaboration in the pink bottle that failed, maple bacon.
 Steve, the host had a beautiful house and this was his stove.  It was from 1960 and was his Mom's.
 He also grew all of the pumpkins in his front yard so he provided the pumpkins, how sweet!
 Here is mine.  I always do Jack Skellington.
 Our family of pumpkins.  
 I love the goofy one on top in the middle made by a really cool chick named Molly.
  Me and my friend Cathy
  Showing off our work:)
  and then being scary!
Happy Halloween everyone!


Vix said...

Loving those bad ass leggings, sparkly skull tee and pretty nail polish and how insane is that cat ring? (I'm imagining the Krista cat impression right now!)
That oven is the best thing ever, it would look brilliant in our kitchen, do you think Steve would mind sending it to us?
The pumpkins are fantastic, you are a talented bunch. Not sure about that voodoo beer though, it sounds disgustingly sweet - beer should be beer flavoured!
Love you! xxxx

Vix said...
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Ivy Black said...

Lurve the leggings, petal. They are wonderful and perfect for Halloween. Knocked out by all the pumpkins, they look so fab... I'm making mine tomorrow.
I'm with Vix. I like mt beer beery, but the bottle is rather fetching.
Loads of love.

two squirrels said...

Happy Halloween to you lovely Krista......the pumpkins are V

freckleface said...

Ooh I love that cooker, isn't it gorgeous. Love all your skull paraphenalia, but I hate to tell you, you still don't look scary Krista, only kind of badass cute :)
I am in awe of the range and quality of pumpkins in that display. That's one of the first things I've seen which might tempt me to get involved with Halloween. I've never actually carved one. Is that a terrible admission? xxxxxx

Carina Rosenholm said...

Thoose leggings are so hot! Love them!
Great pumkin carving! Never tryed it myself but it aint that common in Sweden - yet ...

Helga! said...

O, that cooker is HEAVENLY!!!
I do enjoy the American carved pumpkin tradition!!! They try and get Halloween going here, but we Antipodeans are just not big on it, really. I think it just doesn't fit the season, as we've just started daylight saving and barbecue season!!! Maybe if we did it in our Autumn it would take off?! Who knows.
Love those leggings on your hawt legs!!! It just looks like a great evening!

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

your pumpkin turned out awesome! As artistic as I am (or like to think I am), I suck at pumpkin carving! Doesn't stop me from trying though. It's great to know that you're a Halloween lover too!!

Forest City Fashionista said...

Ooooh, sugar skull print leggings - how fabulous!! I'm thinking of doing Day of the Dead makeup to wear to work tomorrow....

Have a Scary-cool Halloween!

Edie Pop said...

Oh! I love all those amazing carved pumpkins! It would be great to do it with my friends and with you, you could teach me to carve a perfect Jake Skellington, I adore him!
I love the t-shirt and the leggings, you look fantastic in them!
Happy Halloween darling!
I love you more than skulls and witches! xxxxxx

Nat said...

Wow! Love your skull tee and those pumpkins are works of art :-)
Enjoy yourself tomorrow.... happy Halloween!

Lanternarius said...

Aaaw today is the day! Let's celebrate!

Sandra said...

Excellent evening of fun! I love that Peetee went along to see his bitches!! the cooker, is just awesome! and I have never seen such beer, I am a little intrigued! x x

Tamera Wolfe said...

The Voodoo beer sounds...gross-LOL!!
Love the skull leggings and top--super cute as always!!
The carved pumpkins are so cool.
but best of all--PEETEE!!! He is just too too cute. Gracie wants to be his bitch, too. MrBill says that should be easy as she can be a bitch....

pastcaring said...

You look far too beautiful to be scary, Krista! Love those KMK leggings with the cool t-shirt and your funky leopard print hat, you look gorgeous.
The pumpkins are awesome, love that cooker, and Peetee is adorable, though he looks a little anxious - perhaps he didn't like the pumpkin faces?!
Happy Halloween, love! xxxx

Trees said...

Holy Crap those leggings are amazing - I want a pair!! I wish I could do pumpkin carving here, my friend from Canada told me we don't even have the right kind of pumpkin in New Zealand to carve. It makes me sad :(

Miss Simmonds Says said...

this looks like so much fun! Fantastic halloweeny photos and bonus photo of beautiful Peetee too xxx

La Dama said...

What a fun nitht amor.All I could stare at is those marvellous calavera leggings look at cute.
That stove is amazing ..We still cook in Buddy's nana's cooker.