Thursday, November 21, 2013

In my nothing you were everything to me

I don't think I have ever looked forward to the holidays more than this year.  I am taking all of next week off and instead of preparing Thanksgiving here at our home we are taking it on the road to my Dad's.
Since my birthday is about 2 weeks away I felt like I deserved this new print. I only own two Junko Mizuno prints and here it is all framed.  It's huge 2ft by 3ft hanging in my office.  I adore her!
I also had to share with you a story of cat mischief and not from Ash, but Zoe, the good cat.  She didn't come home for a night and we heard her meowing from the neighbors yard.  24 hours later after Chris had gone into their crawl space underneath their home in the mud but still no cat.  Then he heard her and looked up, she somehow managed to get into their attic.  Finally after all that she is home safe and sound :)
Had to share these sweet ceramic fish that now hang in my bathroom.
 Chris had a whiskey tasting party with the guys and I made chili and got the heck outta dodge.
 Some of what they sampled.
 I played with some new fabrics that Cristi has all cut and ready to sew for Crafty in december.

 She treats me so good, look at what she made me.
mismatching nails
A bit of butterfly bling:)
  A necklace I made with an old belt buckle.
  This is a cool wood block print that I am going to hang in my office.
I know this was a random post and I will be quiet for a while as I enjoy my time off with myself and my family.  Today I want to give a big gigantic hug to Trent Reznor for his FaceTime call to a dying fan live on stage.

These lyrics from Twilight resonate with him and me too.

'As the time is running out / Let me take away your doubt / We can find a better place / In this twilight.'

Monday, November 11, 2013

The siren sang and we all joined in!

Hi everyone!  Happy Veterans day to all who have served!  In your honor I'm going to only work a half day today :)  This weekend Cristi and I brought Kiss Me Kitty to a small crafty fair at The Kennedy School.  Not too much in the way of sales but still great fun and she met a local shop owner who wants her to bring her dresses by this week!  KEWL huh!!!!
She works her butt off and I like seeing people appreciate that.
 These pictures are from Friday as we were getting stuff in order for Sunday.

I was so happy to get this in the mail from our very own tractor tromping supermodel HELGA!
 You look gorgeous and I love all my candy colored goodies especially the belt!  Thanks Doll!
I also have a few things I have found this week that I wanted to share.  Vix was recently wearing a dress that I loved and I found one in the same exact cut.  Check it out!

 Found at House of Vintage for $13.
I also found this housecoat for $12 at HOF.
 I love it!
 Some silk bell bottoms.
 and this dress for $6

I found so many cool things this is not even half of it!   Here we are at the fair yesterday.
 Super small so we only brought one rail.
 Here is a vintage sweater I just found too for $10. Why what am I holding? What is that puff of pink?
Only the most precious creature I have ever had the pleasure of calling mine.  Meet lil pink.  I was blown away by these dolls made by Margaret Meyer of Phylum Obscura.
This young lady also bought one after saving up for almost a year to add another to her collection.
 They were $85 which I thought was an absolute steal.  I don't understand where or why I have a love for things like this I just know I could not leave her behind.  I'm thankful there are people in the world creating such magical things with their hands and heart.
 Here is another artist that I adore.  Alea from the Bone Haus.

I bought this one.  The paintings are made of bottle caps and real leather and lace.
I have to say that I love the creative community in Portland.  We make some weird stuff and I wouldn't want it any other way!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Treasure what makes you different

Thanks for pushing through my last post I know it grossed some of you out and others, well you are just as sick as me :)  I am so behind in sharing goodies with you yes goodies, I have found some real gems lately.  Take this vintage babys quilt!  
 Pretty cute huh.
 I also found this puffy fabric print from Japan.
I just painted a canvas lime green and glued her on it, she looks good with my Keane and Pinky Toast prints.
Right next to Zoe's favorite perch.
 A cat's life.
 I love this little sand sculpture wall hang thingy.  It's in my bathroom.
I also could not leave these teeny tiny paintings behind.

 Chris and I:)
 My latest crafty creation.  That Tank Girl is my old phone case:)
 I like each one a little more than the last.
 The next one will have this!  I didn't make it though I bought it.  Winter always gets my creativity spinning out of control, I love it!
The weekend finished nicely with lunch out with Cristi and Gene and my honey.
 These are Arepas, lil corn fritters stuffed with all kinds of good things!  I could eat one a day until I die.
 The restaurant, TEOTE, was pretty gorgeous inside.
 This painting made the room!

 My peeps!
 On our walk back after lunch we  saw these bunnies out getting some air.
I know I say it all the time, but I love Portland!  If you are looking for something to do this weekend and you are local come visit Cristi and I at the Kiss Me Kitty booth at the Siren Nation this Sunday.  GIRL POWER BABE!  It will be at the Kennedy School.