Friday, November 1, 2013

Doll parts

Sometimes the best plan is none at all!  I usually just dress up and hand candy out on Halloween but this year I did something very differnt.  Cristi and I went to a Doll Asylum!  This couple in Portland have amassed and modified hundreds of dolls and open their house once a year for the rest of us to enjoy the creep show.  I thought dressing as an old rag doll was more than appropriate.
Warning not only is this post PHOTO heavy but there are some disturbing images, I warned you.
 The dead could not keep their claws off me!
 My partner in all things mischievous, Cristi!
Now off we go to check out some dolls!
 This was on the front lawn.
 Kids and mowers do not mix.
Are we really going in?

 Yes, yes we are.

 The man of the house built this working guillotine.
 This is where the bad dolls go.

 The monkey above and this redhead below were two of my favorite!
 This was their candy bowl:)

 This was some slumber party!
 They even did up the backyard.

 Drinking and driving doesn't pay even on the playground!
 Cristi is so weird and I love her for it!
 Play nice!

 Cute dress!
 What are you doing little girl?  That is very naughty!  You should stop this right now!  Do you hear me?  HELLO!
Oh well if you can't beat em' join em'
 Is it weird that I didn't want to leave this place?
These dolls are getting another chance at life!

I always wondered what really goes on at Santa's workshop, I've heard stories you know from other dolls.

 This was sick!

What a killer Halloween!  We also started a tradition because we decided we will go do this every year from now on!
Vintage square dance dress (almost as cute as Helga rocking her's here!) $10 and handmade patchwork purse $20. Skull ear rings from Vix and flowerhead band made by me inspired by Desiree!
 Love the floral liner in Cristi's cape.

 I don't know about you but Halloween has a bigger meaning for me because it's the start of the end of the year and the beginning of my slacker attitude.  It's all downhill from here and I love the ride!


Tamera Wolfe said...

Okay that place is seriously disturbed and OMG AWESOME!!! LOVE it!!! FREAKALISCIOUS!!

You were dressed perfectly for the Doll Asylum--adorable and Cristi looks amazing!!

Now comes my fav time of year-CHRISTMAS!!!

Janey G said...

oh my goodness me! Fascinated and appalled all at the same time! I think i adore that place and hate it simultaneously! xxxx

Melanie said...

Seriously twisted! What a lot of love went into this asylum - as in passion. Did you meet the owners? I love some of their sculptures - others creep me out. Dolls in general creep me out. Your raggedy doll outfit is perfect for the setting and your photo with the gas mask toy is priceless! Cristi in black is the perfect yin to your yang.

Jet Kuhn said...

Positively creepy & perfect! What great fun for Halloween, so much creativity! Your outfit was perfect & you both looked fab! Happy Halloween! XXX

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

If anyone did something like that here in Texarkana, they'd have the cops called on them! So that's it! I'm done! I'm moving to Portland right now!!!!

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

oh and I forgot to mention: Your outfit is AWESOME!!

Rose&Bird said...

Really not my thing (had to skip most of the pictures, sorry) but I know you love stuff like that and wouldn't it be boring if we all liked the same things?! You and Cristi clearly had a great time together x

Forest City Fashionista said...

Wow! The owners of that place are seriously twisted people (in the best possible way, of course). I would think they would restrict admission to adults as children would have nightmares for days after visiting.

The two of you fit right into the decor - I would have loved to have been there with you, dressed in my Day of the Dead doll outfit! Cristi's cape is gorgeous and I love the ostrich feather collar.

Darfish said...

INSANE!!!! I LOVE IT! Well....I may have nightmares from that pic of the clown baby heads in the garden....I don't like clowns.

Sandra said...

bad, bad booby touching skeleton! your square dancing dress is divine, love it! and you look gorgeously dolly like, and Cristi is a sinister black feathered wonder!
The reflection in the door took me by surprise, and the clown in the window but the dolls are eerie, creepy and consuming my tiny mind, good job I am drinking bourbon to soothe me! x x

Helga! said...

Fark ME, I just wnat to dry hump you!!! You look HEAVENLY!!! You both look divoon!!
This is probably the only time I've enjoyed looking at dolls...getting their just desserts!!! have you ever seen a tacky 80's film called Dolls?! It's pretty amusing.What a crazy place, and a whole lotta FUN!
Gawd I love your frock!!! Love every detail of this outfit, actually! And YOU even more!

Trees said...

HOLY CRAP! THIS IS INCREDIBLE!! I love pretty much everything about this post, you and Cristi both look adorable. All those creepy dolls are amazing, I love it because its recycling as well as terrifying. I wish we had something as awesome as this in my city.

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Classic!! Hard case! Perfect for halloween tradition..

freckleface said...

Haha! This is so funny! Love it. You look blimmin' amazing in that fantastic dress and I love your make up and everything. Kawaiiiiiiii milkmaid gorgeousness.

What was Action man doing hiding under that bed?! Love the back yard too. My sis had a Baby Alive! xxxxxx

Vix said...

OH.My.God! I can't believe we missed chatting to each other with you dressed like that!!! Promise me you'll do it all over again next week just so I can admire you in the flesh! You looks so incredibly gorgeous I just want to stare at you forever.
Love Cristi's evil bat outfit, she's terrifying with her wings spread!
That asylum looks like the best place for those nasty dolls, dreadful things.I think you should do the same in your backyard!
Brilliant Halloween post!
Love you! xxxxxx

Lanternarius said...

aahh! spooky but cool!

Edie Pop said...

Best Halloween costumes ever! You were so gorgeous as the pink evil rag doll!!! And Cristi looks amazing in her feathered bat cape!!! I love the doll asylum, I show all the photos to my daughters and they are dreaming of visiting such a wonderful place...and me too! My favourite display is the one with the dolls in the pipes waiting for the insane experiments of a weird scientist and the clown flowers are one of the best installlations as well, with the bigger clown staring at us!
I love you more than trick or treat!

Meghan Edge said...

This place looks amazing!! I love dolls and creepy doll things, and that's AWESOME! Your hair makes me so happy and that dress is just too sweet.

thorne garnet said...

is anyone surprised that I freaking love this place and would move in in a heart beat(or redecorate my house)

There's kittens in a basket cute and then there's you dressed as the cutest doll of all!

Nerd Burger said...

You guys look so great. I love your eye makeup. :)
I don't think I could handle that doll place. Too many creepy headless Barbies. hehehe

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

That's a halloween-post!

Carina Rosenholm said...

Wow!! What a Place!
And you fit right in and looks so great!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I'm sooooo jealous of you two getting to visit that amazing place! It's absolutely my ideal Halloween day out! So much fun, fantastic creativity, super creepy. That clown is terrifying and wonderful. I really love the whole place, thanks for putting so many photos up. You look perfect there, with your fantastic outfit. I love Cristi's cape... feather collar! and flowery lining too! xxxxx

Camelia Crinoline said...

I love it. The Doll Asylum looks so amazing. You and Cristi look fabulous in your costumes.

Anne said...

So so creepy good! You both look awesome! I love Cristi's cape! The makeup is too great. I think this post was fabulous. xo

CityScape Skybaby said...

That place is amazing! I'd love to visit it though I don't think I Ccould live there all year round, I'd be so creeped out! Love it that you and Kristi got kitted out appropriately for the occasion, people like you, Vix, Curtise and so many others here are such an inspiration to me to make an effort with my appearance and also to make the most of every minute. xx

pastcaring said...

You and Cristi look AMAZING! Naughty Doll and Sexy Bat Girl, squeeeee!
What a brilliant place, it's hilariously gruesome and so creative. Just a wonderful way to celebrate Halloween! xxxxx

the Citizen Rosebud said...

I'm not normally a "doll" person- but that house is a work of art- how amazing, and what a great 'ween thing to do. You and K2 both look amaze-balls in your costumes. Well done, Doll, well done!

beckynot said...

I have a thing for doll and baby quilts. I'm learning to refrain because my dog likes to turn them into raw quilting material.

Your doll display is ghouly and pretty. Do you play with them year round? I do. Here are a couple pix from my doll collection (and it wasn't even Halloween).

Thick Threads said...

that is so creepy and fun, i would love opening up a place like this and creating creepy scenes with dolls. You had the perfect attire for this outing :)


Thick Threads said...

that is so creepy and fun, i would love opening up a place like this and creating creepy scenes with dolls. You had the perfect attire for this outing :)


Thick Threads said...

that is so creepy and fun, i would love opening up a place like this and creating creepy scenes with dolls. You had the perfect attire for this outing :)


Van said...

I'm doll and costume obsessed so you know I LOVE all of the photos! :D

Mary Lou said...

aaaaaa i can´t believe i missed this post. it contains everything i love halloween, creepy stuff and a fabulous frock! yes you look gorgeous girl! lovin the dress and your make up and please i want to go to this place one day! this is freakin insane!!!! love it!

La Dama said...

Look at all those killer monos! I love it all. You fit right in. That dolly square dance dress is amazing. loving you hair this length and your make up rocked.


tanaya said...

I was creeped out by the dolls but at the same time couldn't look away, GREAT POST, LOVE both of your outfits...x

p.s. picture heavy post are my fave!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

How the HELL did I miss this amazing post of your asylum visit? How?? You and Christi are my heroes. Seriously. It looks like you had the whole place to yourselves? Yes, you absolutely look like a doll, I love your hair - plaits, ringlets and flower headband - then your amazing dress with the sleeves that show off your ink creatively. Simply amazing!! I love the outdoor sickos the best, there's simply so much one can do with a fire, a lawnmower and some garden tools. Wouldn't it be amazing to return at night? Eeeeeeeek!! xoxox