Monday, November 11, 2013

The siren sang and we all joined in!

Hi everyone!  Happy Veterans day to all who have served!  In your honor I'm going to only work a half day today :)  This weekend Cristi and I brought Kiss Me Kitty to a small crafty fair at The Kennedy School.  Not too much in the way of sales but still great fun and she met a local shop owner who wants her to bring her dresses by this week!  KEWL huh!!!!
She works her butt off and I like seeing people appreciate that.
 These pictures are from Friday as we were getting stuff in order for Sunday.

I was so happy to get this in the mail from our very own tractor tromping supermodel HELGA!
 You look gorgeous and I love all my candy colored goodies especially the belt!  Thanks Doll!
I also have a few things I have found this week that I wanted to share.  Vix was recently wearing a dress that I loved and I found one in the same exact cut.  Check it out!

 Found at House of Vintage for $13.
I also found this housecoat for $12 at HOF.
 I love it!
 Some silk bell bottoms.
 and this dress for $6

I found so many cool things this is not even half of it!   Here we are at the fair yesterday.
 Super small so we only brought one rail.
 Here is a vintage sweater I just found too for $10. Why what am I holding? What is that puff of pink?
Only the most precious creature I have ever had the pleasure of calling mine.  Meet lil pink.  I was blown away by these dolls made by Margaret Meyer of Phylum Obscura.
This young lady also bought one after saving up for almost a year to add another to her collection.
 They were $85 which I thought was an absolute steal.  I don't understand where or why I have a love for things like this I just know I could not leave her behind.  I'm thankful there are people in the world creating such magical things with their hands and heart.
 Here is another artist that I adore.  Alea from the Bone Haus.

I bought this one.  The paintings are made of bottle caps and real leather and lace.
I have to say that I love the creative community in Portland.  We make some weird stuff and I wouldn't want it any other way!


Vix said...

Wah! Look at you gorgeous gals selling your hearts out, I bet you did brilliantly, the rail is packed with colour and fabulousness!
What amazing scores, that does look like my dress. I love everything you bought especially that signed psychedelic frock! That cardi look so cute on (can't believe I'm saying that, you know what I'm like about knitwear!)
That strange doll is extremely cute and the Bone Haus artwork rocks!
Love ya! xxxxx
PS Fabularse parcel from Helga! xxx

Delia Ryder said...

Wow so much wonderful colour and patterns your friend is very clever making all those leggings you both look fabulous. Looks like there was some great stuff at the fair. Glad to hear you treated yourself to that cute doll. dee x

Anne said...

Oh, I love the Kennedy School! Sorry to have missed your show! Love the pink doll, how pretty and weird. I love how every one has their own bit of weirdness in this world. Thanks for sharing yours, lovely. You two always look so good! xo

Anonymous said...

Hello lovely. Don't the two of you look fabulous. What glorious finds you found, I'm serious sweet on all of it especially the dresses. It's always a great personal excitement when one scores that special little something their heart has been longing for. Your doll is sweet faced and unusual, I like it.

Forest City Fashionista said...


There, whew, got that out. So much fabulousness here, from the sassy stockings painting to the made-for-you housecoat. The patterns on the two dresses and the bell bottoms are just glorious. I'm all in grey and black over here and you are a spectacular smarties pack of colour.

Carina Rosenholm said...

Wow! A lots of new colourful gorgeous stuff!
Love your flower leggings!

Helga! said...

I'm most especially taken by the Bone Haus work...gonna check that out!
YAY, the parcel arrived! I've had that belt sitting around for you for ages, I just needed a couple of other things so it wouldn't be lonely when I posted it!
It IS wonderful to see your clever, talented friend Kristi's work being appreciated! She bloody ROCKS!
I am obsesses with your new frockage, they are GLORIARSE!!! And what about that house coat, or dressing gown as we would call it?! Candy arse perfection!!!
Portland is so amazingly creative. I can't wait to get back there!!!

Sandra said...

you must be chuffed with those flaming wonderful finds! everything is just fab, and the magazine with cover girl Helga and goodies galore, and great times with Kristi, btw how gorgeous is she and her mermaid leggings! all this colour has been such a treat for my tired eyes x x x

freckleface said...

Flipping heck, just been over at Helga's where she's hit the jackpot and then I come here to find you've trumped her. What wonderful scores, love all those finds, the dresses, the silk trousers, the snuggly-as-you-please house coat, the gorgeous cardigan and look at that belt from Helga! Honestly, I think Xmas has come early to you two. But it's OK cos you deserve it, and so does your lovely friend Cristi. Finally, you lucky ducky! THE magazine! That's got to be a heirloom. xxxxxx

Kari Spriggs said...

Oh my gosh do you remember how much the guy was that is like the female mud flaps? That would be the BEST Christmas gift for a friend (lives here, surprised??:)). I meant to come and say, hey and totally forgot. I can't wait to meet you crazy kids someday! That and I need tights, I think Kiss Me Kitty might be perfect they need to be stretchy, I've been wearing my Pearl Izumi cycling tights under my regular tights because they make crazy noises when I walk and dang I get tired of hearing it but they work so well for my scooter. Anyway, they look stretchy? Maybe a size up? I dunno I'm a sad little fashionista, to bag ladyish and no fun thanks to the scooter (which I dearly love and its worth it but still there's got to be a good compromise!).

Tamera Wolfe said...

You both look fantastic--the best advertisement for KMK!!
OMG what fantastic goodies you have scored--can't wait to see you wearing them!1
I love your pink fluffy critter--and your new artwork is hilarious and so so cool!!

Meghan Edge said...

You both look gorgeous - LOVELY vintage finds - AND OMFG MERMAID LEGGINGS. OMG OMG OMG. (--->Mermaid fanatic) :-D

two squirrels said...

Oh oh Krista....I just love your new dresses they are fabulous.....super excited to see you wear them, especially the 70's psychedelic print mini.
You look so cute in the little pink cardy....very snugly.
You two gorgeous friend must have a lovely time at the markets....what a great thing to do together. Kiss me kitty happiness.
I have been thinking of you heaps lately.......sending love and hugs for your dad.
Love v

Thick Threads said...

ah! so refreshing coming here, i dont know why I cant find the time to do it as often as i used to (life) I absolutely love all the stuff you posted. I hope you wear that house coat outside too! and hey those glasses are so nice, i love them on you:) that chubby guy cutout is amazing as well! love it :)


pastcaring said...

DRESSES! You've done well, Krista, such lovely frocks in your trademark beautiful bright colours, I love them! The sleeves on the paisley dress are wonderful, the bright print of the orange/pink one is so gorgeous, and those bell bottoms look brilliant.
I always love to see you and Cristi having fun together, and your are both rocking the mermaid leggings! I am keeping my fingers crossed for Cristi that the shop owner will pick up her designs, wouldn't that be great?
Helga sends such great parcels of joy, good to know she hasn't forgotten her old pals now she's a cover girl!
So good to see all the creativity going on in Portland, love the art. Weird stuff - hurray! xxxxx

thorne garnet said...

Damn, you scored and tons of awesome!

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

This post is like candy!

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

This post is like candy!

Jean at said...

Do you remember troll dolls? The "real" ones were made by Dam. I don't remember how much they cost at the time, but I desperately wanted one. My mother wasn't willing to buy it so, like the young lady in your post, I saved for what seemed like forever to get it myself. I hope she keeps it forever. Wish I had kept my troll. Yours is adorable too. XXOO

Jean at said...

P.S. I love the dresses too!! Someone mentioned the hilarious "mud flap" guy and I have to agree; it's the best. You have a great piece, too. Portland really IS fab.

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

What a blast to see other artisan shows.

HUGE score on those 2 dresses.

Ummmm I just saw the doll post…freaky!


Sage Grayson said...

I love Portland too. There are so many free thinkers and creatives. I definitely want to visit the city again soon. Your tights are outrageous! :)

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

Why can't I have a friend that makes awesome leggings?? No fair! Everything in your post is super duper awesome. The clothes, the HELGA the little sleepy doll and especially the beer art!!

Edie Pop said...

I'm late, but the post is too beautiful for not commenting it!
The fair was great and the stalls were full of amazing stuff, I think I could buy everything! the dresses you found are totally mindblowing and I definitely wear them all, the silk pants are wonderful too, great prints!I really loved the work of Margaret Meyer and now I'm a fan of her creations too and Alea is fantastic as well, especially the piece you got, I'm really impressed by the extremely creative use of real and tridimensional objects on it!
I love you more than fabulous pink furry creatures!!xxxxxx

Oranges and Apples said...

I love all your finds, and how cute is that doll!?!

Trees said...

I'm in love with that wee doll - adorable!