Sunday, December 29, 2013

Today is my everything!

We've managed to stretch our holiday out and celebrated the last bit of Christmas yesterday with Chris's niece and nephew.  Even though we don't have kids I still think Christmas is better with them around:) Peetee and I both dressed up of course.
I thought this dress was just perfect.  I also figured you'd get a kick out of seeing my hair when its half way done.  It takes me about 40 minutes to curl it all, that's why I hardly ever do it.
 But the results are nice.
We made gingerbread men and marked them all with the number of the beast, actually I think it was hair but we went with it!
Chris's step dad Don walked out in this and we all laughed.
Haylen is as cool as she ever was, maybe even a little more.
 and her little brother Jack still runs from my kisses:)  My Dad didn't make it out this time so he was missed.  Also missed was my entire family in San Diego.  The distance seems even greater on the holidays.  Sometimes a girl just wants her Mom.
With only a few days left in the year I crossed off one of my first to do's in the New Year.  I bought a new sofa for us.  For the last 5 years we have been gaming and watching tv on bean bags.   Our backs can't take it anymore!
I feel like such a grown up.  We just finished watching Into the Wild on those bean bags and it about killed me.  Not only were the bean bags uncomfortable but was I the only one who didn't know the guy dies at the end?

One of the last things he wrote in his journal before he died was, "Happiness is only real when shared."  Whether it's a smile to a stranger or an afternoon spent with someone you love I hope you find many of these moments to share in the New Year.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

You are your life and nothing else

There is a cold thick white fog outside but I'm snug as a bug in a rug enjoying the smell of my roast listening to some Kataonia. I finally have come to love Christmas and it has everything to do with the weather.  Growing up in San Diego we always had warm winters which made it all a bit weird.
Now I stay indoors making strange stuff like this.  Not that bottle cap wreath above but below. I love that I got to use a bit of my vintage corduroy fabric to cover this cool wooden sofa.
 But wait there's more:)
 Chris and I have already been out for a fancy Christmas dinner with Cristi and Gene.  I thought I should put a little extra effort in my outfit.
I picked up a pair of Carouselink leggings after seeing Shelly rock them on her blog.  Very comfy but  I ripped a seam in the ankle taking them off the first time so they aren't made very well.
 Bummer, because I love the prints and the fact that they are a cotton blend.
I found this dress at Goodwill for $6, the coat was a lot more.  I loved Cristi's necklace!
 and her boots!
 We have received some yummy beverages to enjoy.
 Now that's metal
I mean this :)
Cutest wrapping ever.
My bad cat Ash. 
I have new art on my wall.  Check out the my 3D poodle by Tripper Dungan.  I wish you could put on glasses and see how much cooler it gets.
 This sugar skull now hangs in my door way.
 Embroidery on the elbows of my coat.
I see it only fitting since this was the year of the "selfie" to end with one.
The hat was a gift from my friend Kathi, AKA the knitter, and it has been on my head for almost a week.  Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I'll see you at the rainbow bridge

Hi everyone!  I'm starting to feel like life I'm chasing the day, the week, the month, where does all the time go?  Crafty Wonderland was a huge success for Kiss Me Kitty.  Cristi and I had another great time meeting like minded freaks with a love of color.  I even had a chance to give a big ole hug to Gracey from Fashion for Giants, she wears her happiness on the outside and I just adored her.  Sorry no pictures, I've been real bad about that lately but like to think it's because I'm more present in the moment :)  Here are some shots from the weekend.
 Check out the banner Cristi made, pretty cute huh.  She also added a new rack for dresses.
 Looking gorgeous!
 We were across from this vendor and I bought Chris a few things and I had to have that green sweatshirt with the tongue.
 I also loved this brand Flat Track revolution, stuff for Derby Girls:)
 I did get a cool purse from them.
 We had a special visitor, the beautiful Bettylou!
 Cristi made her a pair of pink mermaid leggings.
 and her visit made our day.
Tammy came by too and I forgot to take a picture and she gave me these for my Birthday.  Cute huh!
  This was Cristi's favorite artist.  Her stuff has gorgeous and made out of wax.

 They had a photo booth there so of course we had to take this!
After a wonderful weekend of so many happy things it was rough hearing that Sunny was laid to rest on Saturday.
 Peetee and Sunny have known each other since I moved to Oregon in 2006.

 They have camped together, ran together and slept together.
 Sunny before all her gray and Peetee before he lost all his hair.
I really miss this girl.  Peetee and I were lucky to have known such a love!  Things just won't be the same without her and I can't stop crying when I think that she's gone.  Her folks gave her every bit of love they had and she gave it back ten fold.

Rest in peace Sunny, I love you and miss you always.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Love keeps the cold out!

Thanks for all your sweet Birthday wishes, it really was one of my best!  I was spoiled by family and friends and left feeling quite loved.  Since it's been so cold my faux furs have been getting a much deserved outing.  Here is my Birthday outfit:)
I was toasty warm and comfy:)
My friend Kathi made me this sweet sugar skull needlepoint.
and my sister put together a custom photo album with sweet sentiments from all the kids in my life.
It was something I did not expect and something I will cherish forever.  My Dad sang me a birthday song and Peetee looked extra cute in the sunshine:)
 I laid around most of the day before getting dressed.
 Mermaid hair was in order.
 Cristi made me a strawberry lemonade cake thats was so yummy not to mention adorable!
 After pizza and a few drinkies.

 She also blew me away with this Junko Mizuno print from 2005.  It's getting framed now.
 She will hang proudly in my guest bedroom.
 and just because
Your welcome!

This weekend I'll be at Crafty Wonderland with Kiss Me Kitty selling leggings, if you are local please stop by and say hello!  It's a great place to get one of a kind gifts too.