Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Here kitty kitty

I'm in a weird mood and fighting a foul one, what the heck is wrong with me?  Nothing, everything, sometimes I just need to stop breathe and start over.   My week off from work was much needed but really more of a tease.  I want more.  Thanksgiving was quiet and our meal shared with my Dad was nice.  Maybe one day I can tell you how I really felt about it.  Peetee loves his Christmas hat :)
My bird turned out just ok this year, I think it needed more butter.
I already put up my tree.
 I love sitting in front of it every morning before work sipping on my coffee playing online.
Why I found this little dress one morning on etsy.  
It's got to be one of my favorite with all the crazy patch work.
I also found this sweet Pendleton jacket. I'm learning to love wool when its cold out.
 Cristi rocking her killer leggings and a furry hat she made.  We went out for burgers at my favorite spot, Fosters.  Check out the daily shake special :)
 The place is covered in old concert posters.  I loved hearing Cristi and Gene point to more than a few saying that they had been to that show.
No burger picture because I ate it up yum!

Peetee sits on my lap when I drive, how very irresponsible of me.
I could not leave behind this doll.
 She was $3.

Turns out this doll maker KAMAR has actually made some dolls for Disney's It's a Small World ride.
I like her a lot.
 Last week my friend Kathi taught me how to  make ravioli.  It was a lot of fun and easier than I imagined.  They came out super tasty too.  
Chris and I played a lot of video games last week.
 I had fun playing this one because she looks just like me!
I don't think I'm cut out for cat ownership.  Zoe has disappeared again and this time we are having freezing temps all week.  We haven't seen or heard from her in well over 24 hours.  
Come home Zoe!  I am just about finished with another crazy dollhouse creation, my most ambitious yet! Can't wait to share.


Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

{{{GAK}}} Krista! I LOVE your tree! I'd be late for work daily....lost in a pink wonderland.

And about that turkey...isn't everything better with more butter?

Love your cheery post. Have a wonderful day!

Helga! said...

Yes, come HOME, Zoe!!! Bloody pets!!
Homemade raviloi is the BEST!
Loving your pretty tree. Bummer about the modd, it's likely the getting back to the usual routine when wee'd ALL rather be on perpetual holiday!
Your new frock frigging MOISTENS my bits, darling! It's fecking FABULARSE! Peetee looks rather darling in his new hat.......!!!
I've never cooked turkey! It's not that popular down here, but I have been thinking about it, if I can get a free range one.

OP SHOP MAMA said...

That doll is classic!! What a freaky looking thing!
Love the new dress. Love your pink tree!

Kari Spriggs said...

Oh I can't wait to see your dollhouse! I LOOOVEEEEE your christmas tree! I'm so torn between a traditional tree and something funky. Gar. I hope your mood improves, I'm dying over here. Dude its COLD! But sunny so there is that. But it tricks me, my brain see's sun and thinks "oh its warm!" I got to check out Fosters it looks like it says cockshake? Cool lookin place. Portland is making me fat. Now I realize everyone in Phoenix is thin because the food sucks. Your Kamar doll is interesting, I've never seen anything like her except for the elf knee huggers. ANYWAY feel better little sprite!

Karen Ishihara said...

Peetee is so super cute, & I LURV your tree!

Carina Rosenholm said...

Oh theese pets ... come home !
Love your tree , your dress and the doll !
Hugs and love !

Sandra said...

patchwork dress of awesome-ness and in a gif!your pink tree is quite fabulous, and your leopard chair next to it, gorgeous piece of furniture!
Peetee's hat is just adorable, and I love his pose, and Zoe! come home now please!
I hope your feeling a little brighter too x x x

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Oh. My. Word. The patchwork dress is flipping gorgeous. And I spy ric-rac too! Squeal! xx

pastcaring said...

Another missing kitty? Oh no - come home this minute, Zoe!
Welcome back, darling Krista, I've missed you, and I've been thinking about you spending time with your dad, and wondering how it was for you both.
LOVE the gif and that amazing patchwork frock, you look kickass gorgeous! Cristi always looks so elegant, she's like a Russian princess in her wonderful furry hat.

Cockshakes? Don't think we get those over here in the UK, well not in your average bar/restaurant anyway...
You are the queen of leggings/socks/dress combos in bright and beautiful colours and prints, and now you are also the Mistress of the Homemade Ravioli, hurray!
In that final pic, Peetee looks terrified of Zoe. And are you SURE he loves his Christmas hat? I'm not convinced, you know... xxxxx

Tamera Wolfe said...

Senbding good thoughts for Zoe's safe and quick return.

You look adorable in patchwork and plaid!!

YUM-chocolate fire. I must be crazy but I SWEAR it says "cockshake" on that board!!!

I love your tree--it's so YOU!!!

That doll is cool but the eyes are a bit um CREEPY!!

OMG Peetee is ADORABLE in his hat!! I wish Mr Bill would wear one!! I guess his now wearing a sweater is enough!!!

Sending lotsa love and rubs!!

Tammy McGill said...

I hope Zoe comes home soon. My kitties sometimes spend the night outside too but now I worry that its so cold so I try to get them in at night. That's a cool gif of you and your dress. And I like your tree:) Hope you can find yourself in a happy mood soon <3

Kathi said...

Ugh - that cat! Remember how she was such a cute little kitten. Then she grew up into demon cat! I hope you find her soon!

Vix said...

There you are! I've been resisting clicking on your link 'cos I wanted to save it as an incentive for getting my paperwork done and girl, am I glad I waited!
I'm sorry things are a bit flat and shitty. You certainly aren't dressed like you're in a foul mood, you look da bomb in your patchwork frock and hipster jacket and Cristi's leggings are insanely cool.
I hope you're going to take us to that bar - Sweaty Nipples are catching my eye!
The tree is gorgeous, you should keep it up all year! The turkey is a beast. Peetee should be a Hallmark Xmas card, I swear.
Where's that naughty cat gone? I hope she's back soon.
Speak soon! Love you and chin up! xxxxxxxxx

thorne garnet said...

That doll bears an eerie resemblance to Cristi.

The turkey looks yummy.

Come home, Kitty!

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

Love your GIF and cutey cute outfit and pinky tree!

tracy stijacic said...

I love you and want to hear what you really thought about it! Miss you like crazy!!! Xoxoxox

Forest City Fashionista said...

Wandering kitties are so stress-inducing - I hope Zoe makes her way back home soon!

Sorry to hear that you're in a funk. I have days where I just feel on edge and cranky and have no idea why so I just try to keep busy until it fades. Sometimes time off makes it worse when I don't have a routine. Your turkey looks pretty good to me, but I don't cook. I'd love to go to the place with all the posters, and what I initially thought was a "cockshake" (I think it's "cookshake" but glad to see I wasn't the only one who read it that way).

I used to have the little sister to your shiny pink tree, but it went to a new home when I moved and had no room for it.

Edie Pop said...

This post made my day! First of all how cute is Peetee with a hat? There aren't enough words to describe his preciousness! And the animated Krista gif makes me so happy and everything is just perfect, the tree, the doll, Cristi and the ravioli!
I love you more than puppies!

Ariane Lasalle said...

Did you cat come home yet? i would be so worried!
I wish i could have a pink X-mas tree! yours is marvelous and magic!
Love the dress you found, so cute and totally you, i just love your spirit when it comes to clothes!

Have a great one Krista