Sunday, December 29, 2013

Today is my everything!

We've managed to stretch our holiday out and celebrated the last bit of Christmas yesterday with Chris's niece and nephew.  Even though we don't have kids I still think Christmas is better with them around:) Peetee and I both dressed up of course.
I thought this dress was just perfect.  I also figured you'd get a kick out of seeing my hair when its half way done.  It takes me about 40 minutes to curl it all, that's why I hardly ever do it.
 But the results are nice.
We made gingerbread men and marked them all with the number of the beast, actually I think it was hair but we went with it!
Chris's step dad Don walked out in this and we all laughed.
Haylen is as cool as she ever was, maybe even a little more.
 and her little brother Jack still runs from my kisses:)  My Dad didn't make it out this time so he was missed.  Also missed was my entire family in San Diego.  The distance seems even greater on the holidays.  Sometimes a girl just wants her Mom.
With only a few days left in the year I crossed off one of my first to do's in the New Year.  I bought a new sofa for us.  For the last 5 years we have been gaming and watching tv on bean bags.   Our backs can't take it anymore!
I feel like such a grown up.  We just finished watching Into the Wild on those bean bags and it about killed me.  Not only were the bean bags uncomfortable but was I the only one who didn't know the guy dies at the end?

One of the last things he wrote in his journal before he died was, "Happiness is only real when shared."  Whether it's a smile to a stranger or an afternoon spent with someone you love I hope you find many of these moments to share in the New Year.


Tammy McGill said...

Ohh pretty rainbow flower. I like those bean bags. Although I'm sure for everyday use it would get a bit old. Cool couch tho, looks comfy and perfect for gaming. See you in the new year. Muah!

Tammy McGill said...
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Ivy Black said...

OHMYGOD! You looks so fabulous I could eat you! I adore your hair in curls. Glad that you had a good one and hope yours is an awesome New Year, Big kisses.xxxxxxx

Edie Pop said...

I love Christmas! And I'm so happy to see this post full of beauty and happiness!! Glad to know you have a brand new sofa, it's perfect! My girls broke mine and now my back hurts when I watch tv on it, the high backed seats seem the perfet solution to enjoy even the sad movies.. I knew that the boy dies in the end but it breaks my heart anyway! You look beautiful as always and I love your hair!!
All the best wishes for a wonderful new year from all my family to you Chris and Peetee!!

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

You're a cute pinky Christmas fairy, yes you are!! I love the demonic gingerbread men. That cracked me up!

Carina Rosenholm said...

Wow- you look so great ! And your little elf is so cute !
Missing your family sucks ...
Big warm hugs from me to you !

Sandra said...

Miss Mermaid Candy Cane and the cutest canine elf, best double act ever! looks like a whole load of fun at yours, and on a couch (I don't think I could get out of a bean bag these days, probably could side roll out of it though!)Happy Happy New Year to you! x x x

Anonymous said...

Gorge as ever!! your hair looks amazing curly :)

I love that film makes me smile and cry all at once!


Vix said...

It was worth the wait! The half and half hair, fairytale frock and Peetee in his pissed off at Xmas outfit have made my day!
You got that sofa for us, right? The poor old British cripples can't get down low enough for beanbags with our ailments so now we have absolutely no excuse. Proper grown -up until I see the built-in beer can holders...
Love the demonic gingers and Don's filthy tee and Haylen and Jack are as cute as cute can be. (and I'm a poet!)
Love you, have a fab NYE and an even more fabulous 2014! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anne said...

I like your new top photo border on your blog! Your hair is so fabulous. I don't think I have the patience to spend 40 minutes on mine, although I used to. Maybe for a very special event. I love how much you adore your family. You are a very special gal.

pastcaring said...

Forty minutes? Now THAT is why my hair always looks the same, I can't take that long over it! Your mermaid curls do look really beautiful though - come over here and do something with my poker straight hair, will you? If we can have a beer or two while you do it, I won't complain about how long it takes!
New sofas, daft sweaters, Christmas hats for Peetee, gorgeous kids, gingerbread men of the devil, and candy cane horns; the ingredients for the perfect Christmas!
Love you and happy new year! xxxxx

thorne garnet said...

Cup Holders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

40 minutes, thank you for that. The other day I say this ad for a hair curler. You stick a bit of hair in it and like magic it's curled. I think it was by conair. Looked quick and easy

Tamera Wolfe said...

You and Peetee both look absolutely ADORABLE!!!
The new sofa is BOSS!!

May the new year be your happiest and healthiest ever!!

Kari Spriggs said...

You look like Cindy Lou Who!! This is going to be a big help but I hope from the little I know maybe you can find it. There is this new curling iron out. Evidently you just grab your hair at the end and it curls it up for you then tells you when its done. A few people have said its cut their time curling their hair in half or more. I know the blog I read she had hair as long as you. What blog was that, hell if I know. It was one of those afternoons where you fall into the trap of the internets and can't get out (help?:)). Anyway Cindy Lou Who, Happy new year may it be the best yet!!

Kari Spriggs said...

PS your evil gingerbread men truly cracked me the hell up!

Forest City Fashionista said...

I'm still not at the point where I really enjoy Christmas (I think it does require kids to get in the spirit), but I do like fun things like little elf hats on puppies, and candy canes on curly pink hair (I immediately thought Cindy Lou Who too!).

A sofa is a very grownup purchase - I knew I had become a full-fledged adult when I bought my first one (it was also my first new piece of furniture).

Ariane Lasalle said...

Hi Krista!

Happy New Year to you!
We had the granddkids for Christmas, yes you are right Christmas is not the same without kids-
Love the curls but you know what, there is a new curler on the market- Sorry if i don't explain it well, but anyway, it sucks your hair in and curls at the same time, the whole process for you could only take 15 minutes or so for you-
Love the dress, you are ever so lovely and lively
Sorry for your Dad

See you soon!



Helga! said...

O, yeah, Into the Wild was devastating, even when I knew he died at the ARE grown up!! I haven't been able to sit in a bean bag for years!!! Sometimes you just gotta be kind to your body!
OMG, you and Peetee are to DIE for delicious in your frocked up wonder!!! SQUEEE!
YAYS for a grand time, with some loved ones.......shame you couldn't have them all together at once, but you might BURST if such a thing ever happened!
Love you, you gorgeous wench!

Melanie said...

Your mermaid hair is the best on the planet!