Monday, January 13, 2014

Nothing makes us as lonely as our secrets

Sometimes I wonder what people think about me who read this blog but haven't met me.  I mean that is most of you.  Is she always that happy?  That bright?  Is she a hoarder?  What kind of girl creates that crap?  I do care what people think of me, just not enough to change who I am.  
I made this for my friend Cathy as a tribute to her dog Sunny who died about a month ago.  I feel death creeping into my life more and more these days.
 She was Peetee's oldest friend and we miss her very much.  Some bring flowers I made this with my hands and it comes from my heart.
My colorful combat wear.
and speaking of armor, last week Cristi took me to see the Samurai exhibit.  Their armor was epic!  I can't believe all of this was made by and for men.  Now we can see where Slipknot got their idea:)
I only found one helmet in the whole exhibit with a dent in it.
Something tells me it was more about the show.
 I noticed hearts were a common motif.  Check out those heart nostrils!
 The men who wore this were little, why Cristi could even fit in that!
 More hearts.
They also had beautiful head gear for their horses.  Look the feck out!
  The thrifting Gods were good to me, so much so that I can't share it all in one post!
Here is a teaser.  I found a 1960's suede jacket in orange that fits like a dream, it still had all the original tags attached.  I shall give it the life it deserves.
 This adorable LAMB bag and the framed watercolor print below.
 It looks great next to our blue door.
 I also found this and the words speak to me.
 and these beautiful needlepoint butterflies
 and this from a copy of a 1906 Woman's Day magazine.
 New necklace display.
My sweet find from Chick it Out, I got this at Crafty Wonderland.
 I love art and want every wall in my house covered in it!
I think color keeps me from the darkness in myself.  Right now I could be in a room full of friends and I would feel totally alone.  You understand what I'm saying, I know you do, because we all feel this way from time to time.  The truth is we are not alone, not in our happiness and not in our misery. We are united in our imperfect selves.


Rose&Bird said...

You always seem to keep an optimistic outlook, but we all have our down days, we just don't choose to always share it on blogs. I'm sure I heard somewhere that a lot of the Samurai armour we see is ceremonial, I guess the 'real thing' would have been too damaged, recycled or just not kept. I also read that a lot was made of papier-mâché, but that may also have just been the ceremonial stuff. Great finds, looking forward to seeing the rest.

Kari Spriggs said...

I have no doubt you are way harder on yourself than we would ever be. For one your diorama's (thats how I see them! Or a room box like a one room dollhouse depending on what you made) are super cool not crap. So how do I see you? Artistic spirit and I know what that entails optimism but sometimes crushing hmmm darkness or maybe sadness. Its so easy when you are so aware of everything that is going on around you. When you put yourself out there by being artistic in dress, on the internet with your blog and your art. Am I right? :)
Gah they are tiny! You forget how much humans have grown over the generations until you see what they wore. We'd look like giants to them!

Kari Spriggs said...

PS glad your finding stuff here! I know my time will come just gotta be patient. Its always a cycle. That I have learned.

freckleface said...

I see you as someone who tries hard to focus on and enjoy the positive, but you are a real person and you have a lot of hard stuff on your plate and have had to deal with a lot of loss recently, so you can't avoid the shadows altogether. I admire that you are honest about it and my heart goes out to you. That gift you made for your friend is so touching. You know I love all your colour and creativity, you are like a beautiful rainbow, a combination of sunshine and showers. Take care Krista. Xxxx

Nerd Burger said...

I may be halfway across the world and we have never met but I am here with you holding your hand through this dark time. Please try to stay positive and keep on being your awesome self.

Carina Rosenholm said...

Bloggs never shows us all the truth about a person but i think you a strong colourful soul with great friends that will help you trough the ruff times .
Its kind of a thrill to think about what other people think about you.. If we spoke the same langue you might think totally different about me!

Tamera Wolfe said...

I see you as a sweet, caring, artistic, loving soul. Your tribute to Sunny is just fabulous!!

OMG I can't wait to see you in the new orange coat--how perfect for you!!!

You got some wonderful goodies--your home looks so colorful and welcoming!!

Give our love and rubs to Peetee and the cats. Right now Gracie is whining and pouting. I gave them soup bones to chew. She's hidden hers and wants MrBills. He DARED to growl at her and won't let her have it--and she is INSULTED!!! LOLOL

Tamera Wolfe said...
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pastcaring said...

Well, we have met, although only for a too short day. And I know what fabulously funny, irreverent, bright, friendly and kind company you are, Krista. But no one is up all the time, no one's life is immune from fear, loss, tragedy, pain, loneliness. Not even a gorgeous woman like you. So no, however lonely you feel at times, you are NOT alone. We all have those feelings and experiences in common, or we will do at some stage in our lives.
But you know, however rough this patch is, look at what you can do. Make art, comfort your friends, find things which bring you happiness. Loving the pictures; having beautiful colourful things to look at in your home is therapeutic, I think. Everything we do to help others, and ourselves, takes us a step out of the shadows and into the light, I think. Much love. xxxxx

bohemian vanity said...

I think you're a loving soul, beautiful inside and outside with a big heart and a great taste for colors. Caring for other people and being a true friend is what everyone loves about you.
Sure there are ups and downs, life isn't a movie and reality can be hard sometimes... i know from my life... i'm sorry for those negative things happened to you recently.
Stay positive and enjoy the moment.
I guess your creativity and art helps you a lot.
The tribute to Sunny is so pretty, guess your friend Cathy will love it!
And i can't wait to see that orange suede jacket you got!
Take care, xx Tani

Sandra said...

I think you are a wonderful, warm, caring, beautiful positive person. I think life throws a few punches that can wind us at times and make us disorientated and occasionally floor us, that's why it's important (I think) to have the things near to us that make us happy, colour, art, warrior exhibitions with armour, we all have our own armour for life and it's battles. I love your tribute to Sunny, it's beautiful and utterly endearing, it would make me feel loved to receive such a wonderful gift x x x

Nat said...

I'm fascinated by Samurai stuff too :-)
Great finds... can't wait to see you in that orange jacket!

Anonymous said...

I do think you are always happy apart from when you are feeling sad and Yes I think you are always that bright, sometimes I need to wear

Those words are beautiful and I think I may pinch them for my bedroom.

thorne garnet said...

you make the coolest art. It shows how much love you have for your friends (in person ones and us blog friends)

Helga! said...

You are a treasure, and I say that from experience! Funny, I often wonder what sort of impression I give via blogging. It's impossible to express ourselves in our entirety, I think. Well, for me, perhaps! I hide my darkness behind colour and laughter for sure!
The Samurai armour is fascinating, but Slipknot give me the creeps!
Art is a wonderful thing, it brings us such joy, and peace and pleasure.
Love you, darling Krista. You are extremely special and you are never alone, despite the distance!

daiseedeb said...

May flowers always line your path and sunshine light your day.
May songbirds serenade you every step along the way.
May a rainbow run beside you in a sky that's always blue.
And may happiness fill your heart each day your whole life through.
~Irish Blessing
Sending you sunshine and love your way.
THank you for brightening my days with your cheery blog. You always lift my spirits. xoxoxo

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

That armor exhibit looks hella cool and the needlepoint butterflies is my fave!! I LOVE IT! And now... I shall hold you and squish you to my ample bosom in a loving embrace that only my M-cups can provide.

Ariane Lasalle said...

I have my down days as well Krista, but not as much and not as long as they were - I try real hard to always look at positive side of things, but it's not easy sometimes, and we feel all alone when it happens -
Love all your wonderful thrift finds -
You are so full of live and colors Krista - You always cheer me up!


Forest City Fashionista said...

I have the same thoughts as you Krista, and I wonder what people think of me when they read my blog. It's been rather dark over here too, for the last few weeks, and I'm doing my best to find whatever bits of light I can (art, like the pieces in the exhibit I reviewed, has been one of these bits). I'm like you in that I want to surround myself with art and colour, and things that make me happy when I look at them. I love the piece you made for your friend in tribute to Sunny - so much more meaningful than flowers or a card. You are a lovely, creative, and thoughtful person and I hope I get to meet you one day.

Janey G said...

i know you feel melancholy but your words are wise and beautiful! i love the fact we are not alone, i love the fact you made that beautiful artwork for your friend, i love the fact you wont change for others, i just think you are wonderful x