Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Weeds are flowers too

You know you are doing something very right, or maybe very wrong when the 20 something checker at the grocery store says to you, "This is about the best bunch of groceries ever!"  I tell him I get most of my healthy stuff at, insert the overpriced organic store of your choice here.  I was smiling for the rest of the day, thank you young man:)

I just finished this little collection.  Front and center is a picture some will recognize made by gorgeous and freaky Ilaria. Buy her stuff here! Girls with pink hair and a gun, yeah I can relate.  I love the image and had to add her.  I really enjoyed making this.
 I gave her pink and orange hair, big surprise there.

 I love all the black and white photos behind all the color.
 I also finished this one that I like very much too.
 The story here is not a happy one despite all the bright cuteness.
 I wonder what he is waiting for?
 Her too

 This can't be good.
I don't know what I'll create next but that is part of the fun.  Life has way too much of the same ole for me.
I hope I can find some motivation soon to take some outfit shots.  I feel like this guy at the end of most days,  but have no doubt I'm still gorgeous :)


Carina Rosenholm said...

You are alwsys gorgeous ! Love the doll who is sitting on the roof ... my kind of girl..

Janey G said...

omg you need to exhibit these! I for one would buy one! Price them, sell them show the world! you are friggin fabulous xxxxx

two squirrels said...

Oh I live flower weeds....,.they are super cute.
Dandelions are my favourite.
Fantastic little boxes of happiness sweet.
Hope to see pretty you soon.
Love v

Forest City Fashionista said...

I agree with Janey, these would be so cool in a show. I love the mix of yummy colours and adorable cuteness with a dark undertone in the second creation. I should send you some of the little dolls and cute stuff I used to collect for you to use in your installations. Send me your mailing address via email, ok?

Melanie said...

This is one twisted, super happy, torturous house of sugar. Brilliant work, although clearly there was joy in the making - I wonder why they call art "work" when the art I love most is clearly made by play? Have you thought of having a show? It goes without saying that you're still gorgeous.

Helga! said...

I too have NO doubt that you are still, and are possibly even MORE gorgeous than EVER!!!
These are amazing! I love the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies pic tucked int here too! Such wonderful colour, which can make even the saddest story beautiful.You are an ARTISTE!!!
ISN'T darling Illaria just the most divoonly freaky wench?! Love her. Love YOU!

pastcaring said...

Oh I have no doubt, none at all; I know you are still gorgeous! You are always gorgeous!
Not only that, but you are a creative free spirit, and it's great to see you letting your ideas flow. Like Shelley, I like the blend of cute'n'cartoony with the hint of the sinister... Mmm, what IS going on there?! Including one of Ila's pictures is a brilliant touch.
Is it a struggle to feel upbeat and positive at the moment? I kinda feel that way too... Dull dreary weather, a little too much of the same old same old, I know. Chin up, darling; January is nearly done, and Spring's a-coming! Vix will be home soon, she'll perk you up!
Love yooooou! Xxxxx

Kari S said...

Ohhh I really like the first one! I do believe its my favorite so far. Aren't the little Blythe dolls the bomb? I seriously want a vintage Blythe someday....... a girl can dream. I wish I knew you where into using LPS. I had this HUGE bag of them. I could have totally given them to you. I really love your diorama's but i'm fascinated with them myself. Those little worlds contained in a box. Cool shite man. BTW I love House of Vintage! Hawthorne is my hood. I live very close on Gladstone. We seem to be either on Division or there the most. Oh and New Season's all the way! And the Co-op on 12th and division because its so sweet. Hey I'm getting to know Portland!!:) I can't wait to meet you someday! I know you won't hiss at me.:) And if you did, I'd laugh my ass off anyway.

thorne garnet said...

wow, you've out done yourself with those pieces.

Trees said...

Wow - I love these Krista! Have you ever thought of exhibiting? Perhaps you could get together with a few local artists and do something? You are amazing.

Sandra said...

Weeds are flowers too, I love that! I think that about weeds!
Your art is amazing Krista, I love the mix of it, the sweetness of the doll with a gun, pink skulls, sugar and the macabre, it's life and it's beautiful, and I agree with everyone else, exhibit, sell? of course it's upto you! but they are awesome x x x

Ilaria Novelli said...

Hi darling!!
So glad to find these wonderful creations and so honoured of being part of them!! I'm speachless, I love it!!!
The colours and the scenes you created are outstanding and this is the most beautiful present for me!!!
Thank you!!
I love you more than girls with guns!

Ariane Lasalle said...

Hi Krista!

I'm with you Krista , this time of year it's hard to be outfit inspired!
Ah! Girl, i love your art so whimsy and weird, totally in love with it!

Have a great weekend


Mrs. D said...

I love your little shelves and knick knack collection. I should get myself something like that - I have way too many little things dispersed everywhere :)

Vix said...

Weeds are just flowers that grow in the wrong place - I'm sure I heard that on a gardening programme (man, I'm SO rock n roll!)
I have no doubt that you are still as bloody gorgeous as ever, it's the bastard winter getting you down. In the meantime I'll just keep going back to your previous posts so I can admire you in all your glory!
LOVE your art especially 'cos you included a bit of Ila! You are such an artist!
Love ya and speak soon! xxxxx

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

I'm loving your scenario shelves!

bohemian vanity said...

Of course you're always gorgeous!!!
I love your art, look at all those little details, it's wonderful! Made with love, just magical!
Have a fab weekend my dear!
XX Tani

Nat said...

You are one talented artist Krista! You need to have an exhibition to showcase your unique style :-)
Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog and always supporting me!

freckleface said...

I think we are all quite clear on this point, gorgeous as it is possible to be, always! I agree with melanie about how the art she likes best is the type where the artist is having fun and that shines through here. I can just imagine you standing back and looking at each piece as it comes together and squealing because you love it so much. I also love the back and white against all the colour, really nice counterpoint. Winter, bleurgh, i can't even be bothered to wear nice things it's that uninspiring. But not you, you inspire me! Xxxxx

Tamera Wolfe said...

These are just so so COOL!! So many little details to look over and take in!! I'll bet they are even more fantastic in real