Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Blue like a SMURF!

I can't remember the last time I wanted to take outfit pictures in my backyard but today my mojo returned.  It felt good to prance around my yard at 7am before work, almost step in dog shit and just be this beautiful for no reason at all.  I work from home so on days when I look this good sometimes the only person to see me is Chris and the critters.  I do this for me people:)
 The jacket and the dress are both second hand and I paid less than $10 for both :)
My hair is growing faster than ever, not sure why but I'm glad it looks and feels healthy.
I have also challenged myself to not buy online for the entire month of February.  I am proud to report that as of today it looks like this goal is in the bag, not in the cart:)
 I think I might alternate months for the goal and continue with it for 2014.
 I also found this bag this weekend.  Hand painted and all of $5.

 I went to New Orleans once before Katrina, it was a funky place and I remember it fondly.
Friday Cristi and I head out to my Dad's to take him to brunch.  He is having a series of tests done today on his pancreas, next week we will have a better idea of what is going on.
 Thanks so much for all your well wishes.  You are a loving bunch and I want to hug you all.
I hope today has something special in store for you, or better yet I hope you show someone how much they mean to you.

p.s.  Tracy, my lil sis, I love and miss you everyday.  You are beautiful!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Death smiles at all of us, SMILE BACK!

Do you ever feel like you are living in the best of days~ like right now?  Last week I was riding a serious and much needed high from my visit to San Diego.  My family has a way of charging my spirit and spending time with them is food for my soul.  That's why it's so nice to also find the same love in my tight circle of friends in Portland and abroad.  I expect to be leaning hard on all of you this year.
The pillow above was made by Ilaria and is so fitting right now.  I went to the doctor with my Dad last week for this 3 month check up.  The good news is the cancer in his head and neck has not come back, but the bad news is that he has a new large tumor on his pancreas.  My poor Dad, what can you say really? I decided I needed more color in my house to cheer me up.
 Go bold or go home!
 I love it when people say,  your gonna to have to repaint that when you move.  I decorate my house for me and I live in it now :)
The downstairs bathroom and we replaced everything!
I also needed a bit of retail therapy.  I hung out with Cristi on Friday and my friend Cathy on Saturday.  Friday we popped into Hollywood Vintage.   Gorgeous collection of clothes!
I didn't buy any of this, it was all too expensive, but I loved looking! The dress below was $99.

 These were each $50. I really loved both!
 It was a vintage /costume rental shop.

 After that we had to get some Pip's mini donuts.
 I ate like 15,  I KNOW!  At one point I looked over at Cristi and she had one in each hand.  See what I mean about life being pretty good.  Sure eating donuts and shopping will not make my Dad's cancer go away but it helped me to feel better and I'm going to need to be strong for both of us.
 and find time to laugh at the clowns
 and stare at my KMK leggings
 Play dress up

  Eat yummy Salvadorian food!

 and celebrate Birthdays (that is Chris's younger brother)
No matter what lies ahead I'm bringing my smile and my sense of humor.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Goodbye Sunshine

It's hard to believe my trip to San Diego is already a memory.  Chris and I had an absolute blast with my family and friends.  In a strange way I feel like I appreciate everything more when I'm down there because I know my time is so limited.  Enough already let's get to the pictures.
Of course I had to pose in front of this killer graffiti wall.  I found a unique thrift store that combines music and clothes.  Everything is 4 for $20 and I found 3 killer vintage dresses and a hat!

Winter in San Diego.
My Mom is a pretty talented pastel artist.
Her stash.
 Pulled pork sandwich.
 My sweet friend Mary Ann and her family took us to the Crab Hut.
 Her cute boys.
 Some of our grub.

 I also got to see Shannon and meet her new baby.
 They are pretty amazing parents.
 I still can't believe they have a kid!
 Chris even held her!
Then it was off to my sisters.  This is my youngest nephew, with a smile to melt your heart.
 and his older brother is just as kind and loving.
My gorgeous sister made a yummy spread and hosted our family gathering.
 I had a blast playing with the boys.

 and catching up with my nieces and oldest sister.
 That's Freckles, their dog.

 My hunky nephew and his bad ass ride!
 Of course I made him take me for a ride!
 I'm so proud of him.
 Home run!
 We laughed a lot.
 and hugged even more.
 These last shots were taken by my Step Dad.
 Here is the gang.
 I'm very lucky to call them
MY FAMILY and I miss them already.