Monday, February 24, 2014

Death smiles at all of us, SMILE BACK!

Do you ever feel like you are living in the best of days~ like right now?  Last week I was riding a serious and much needed high from my visit to San Diego.  My family has a way of charging my spirit and spending time with them is food for my soul.  That's why it's so nice to also find the same love in my tight circle of friends in Portland and abroad.  I expect to be leaning hard on all of you this year.
The pillow above was made by Ilaria and is so fitting right now.  I went to the doctor with my Dad last week for this 3 month check up.  The good news is the cancer in his head and neck has not come back, but the bad news is that he has a new large tumor on his pancreas.  My poor Dad, what can you say really? I decided I needed more color in my house to cheer me up.
 Go bold or go home!
 I love it when people say,  your gonna to have to repaint that when you move.  I decorate my house for me and I live in it now :)
The downstairs bathroom and we replaced everything!
I also needed a bit of retail therapy.  I hung out with Cristi on Friday and my friend Cathy on Saturday.  Friday we popped into Hollywood Vintage.   Gorgeous collection of clothes!
I didn't buy any of this, it was all too expensive, but I loved looking! The dress below was $99.

 These were each $50. I really loved both!
 It was a vintage /costume rental shop.

 After that we had to get some Pip's mini donuts.
 I ate like 15,  I KNOW!  At one point I looked over at Cristi and she had one in each hand.  See what I mean about life being pretty good.  Sure eating donuts and shopping will not make my Dad's cancer go away but it helped me to feel better and I'm going to need to be strong for both of us.
 and find time to laugh at the clowns
 and stare at my KMK leggings
 Play dress up

  Eat yummy Salvadorian food!

 and celebrate Birthdays (that is Chris's younger brother)
No matter what lies ahead I'm bringing my smile and my sense of humor.


Melanie said...

Krista, I am so sincerely sorry to hear about your dad.
I love your room colours, our bathroom in the house we used to live in was a similar blue and our banisters in the same house were the same purple as your hall. I also had pink kitchen cabinets :)

Kari S said...

Fucking hell I love your house, that color is seriously AMAZING! Ahem sorry about the cussing but like I said when I REALLY like something. The vintage store those are some seriously gorgeous clothes, the drop waist might actually be worth $50.00 it looks really old? But the rest....ahhh not here, to much vintage. It is only a matter of time before I find some stuff and think, ohhhh hell yeah I know who this belongs too! I'm surprised I haven't already..........I am so sorry about your dad. It feels like that is what is truly awful about cancer. You fix it in one place and it shows up somewhere else. I know i'm only a internet friend but I hope you know if you needed someone. Like a lightening bolt, that show fast I'd be there.

Kari S said...

PS Chris's brother is so adorable! Happy birthday to him and wishes for many many more!

Beth Waltz said...

Colors are the only non-caloric energy providing substances known: feel free to indulge!

As you cope with your father's situation, may I offer YouTube inspiration from two of my favorite 'tough broads" - The Two Fat Ladies of BBC fame.

The late, great Jennifer Paterson specified her bedizened motorcycle helmet be carried before her coffin. Grin at Death!

Like you, women of style, wit and peculiar wise insights.

Vix said...

Being kind to yourself and being with friends and having fun is both good for you and will help in dealing with your Dad's illness.We love you and are here for you whenever you need us and in the meantime paint and decorate your house in fabulously bright colours, stroke, fondle and wear gorgeous frocks and stuff yourself with amazing food!
Chris's brother is adorable, i want to go for dinner with him - please!!!
Those frocks! I can barely contain my lust!
Love you, speak this week! xxxxxxxxxxx

Carina Rosenholm said...

So sorry to hear about your dad , its so painful to se the loved ones sick .
im really glad that you have your friends to help you through rugh times . Love love the colours in your home !

freckleface said...

Colour, laughter, friends. Without that holy trinity, life wouldn't be worth living! Your poor Dad, poor you, but thank god for your amazing spirit and will to mke the best of things. Your home is so wonderful, i love all that colour, all those wondrous frocks - that fabulous maxi and that gorgeous floral mini. And don't get me started on the food. I wanna eat 15 donuts!!!! Xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

You should do exactly what you're doing to make you smile and to feed your soul in good times and difficult ones. I love the colour in your home and the costume shop looks like a lot of fun. You look lovely in your outfit and have made me smile.

two squirrels said...

Oh sweet, your poor daddy........cancer is so evil......I am sorry this heartache is playing out in your life.
Remembering people love you and think the world of you will help you be strong.
Sending a very big hug pretty lady.....much love V

Helga! said...

FECK, I'm just GUTTED about this new tumour. Well, he's seen two off, no reason why he can't see this bastard off. You are such a champion. Go bold or go home indeed!!! Colour cheers everyone up; it's THERAPY.
Ha, people say the same thing to us about our colour scheme. PAH!
YAY to a great day out with Cristi, stuffing your gob and shopping up a storm. Shame that cute frock was 99 bucks! Outrageous!!!! I'd love to have a nosey about in that shop.
And eat El Salvadorean food with Chris and his family! YOWZA!
Feckign rock the hell ON, biatch! Much, much love XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Lucy Nation said...

Krista I just love your rainbow world! Your house is right up my street. I really don't see the point in owning your own home and living for the time you're gonna sell it. It's YOUR home for feck's sake - colour in your life for the now! Such bittersweet news about your dad. You need to do whatever you need to do to get you through this situation xxx

thorne garnet said...

you want to hear something funny? When I had cancer I painted my bedroom the same color purple. I'll be damned if I was going to recover in a room with white walls.

All you can do is love your Dad. Cancer sucks.

pastcaring said...

Oh Krista, that's so shitty for your poor dad, I'm really sorry to hear this news. But as you so rightly say, living the life we have right now, enjoying time with the people we love, laughing, having colour and objects around us which we treasure, these are all good ways to deal with the tough stuff.
That costume shop looks like a fantastic place to play, even if it was too pricey to buy. That maxi is a beauty, and of course you always rock your minis and boots and KMKs. Mmm, delicious food for Chris' brother's birthday, and YOU are the most delicious thing of all!

Hang in there, you are surrounded with friends who adore you, love. xxx

Sandra said...

Oh Krista, I'm so sorry to hear this, there are setbacks and this is one, when my family have experienced cancer I wouldn't let cancer wreck my head (which was really blooming hard), I just stayed hopeful, and I will stay hopeful for your Dad - and looking after you is really important, have colour, eat doughnuts and wear fabulous fancy frocks (15 doughnuts is a triumph btw! 15! excellent!) x x x

Nat said...

So, so sorry about your dad - I keep you both in my thoughts and heart.
I do love the little insights into your fabulous home and so pleased that you have been living in the moment and surrounding yourself with friendship and love. The best thing you can do for your dad right now is keep that positive spirit and be happy... it will make him happy too

Bobbi said...

Hugs to your dad and you!
I love the purple! It's giving me ideas for my living room. That turtle dress is adorable and would look so cute on you - too bad it's not affordable.
Happy birthday to little bro!

Forest City Fashionista said...

Yes, definitely hold on to your smile and sense of humour, as well as to your friends and family - it's what will get you through this life. I am so sorry to hear about your Dad. He's had a tough go so far, and I hope he's able to get through this setback too.

The colours in your house are soooo pretty. I've heard the "you're going to have to repaint when you move" too. Fuck it, I'm living here now!

I would love one of the candy coloured crinolines from the vintage store. Those dresses are priced rather high for what they are - fun colours though.

Donuts, friends, pretty dresses, bright colours and delicious dinners with family are all good things to be treasured. Hang in there Krista X

Tamera Wolfe said...

Keeping your Dad in my prayers!!
I freakin' LOVE your house because it reflects YOU--not something outta a trendy magazine!!!

uuuummmm DONUTS!!

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Hoping the best for your dad <3 Enjoy your house, shopping, donuts, friends, family!!!! Those dresses look so adorable aaaaghhh! WANT

Tammy McGill said...

I'm sorry to hear about your dad. I'm glad you still have a lot of reasons to smile though. The paint turned out so nice, I like both colors. I dont understand that comment about having to paint again when you move either. I would do the same if I owned my place. i

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

Man, the colors in your house make me wanna go in there an lick the walls like in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.

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