Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Goodbye Sunshine

It's hard to believe my trip to San Diego is already a memory.  Chris and I had an absolute blast with my family and friends.  In a strange way I feel like I appreciate everything more when I'm down there because I know my time is so limited.  Enough already let's get to the pictures.
Of course I had to pose in front of this killer graffiti wall.  I found a unique thrift store that combines music and clothes.  Everything is 4 for $20 and I found 3 killer vintage dresses and a hat!

Winter in San Diego.
My Mom is a pretty talented pastel artist.
Her stash.
 Pulled pork sandwich.
 My sweet friend Mary Ann and her family took us to the Crab Hut.
 Her cute boys.
 Some of our grub.

 I also got to see Shannon and meet her new baby.
 They are pretty amazing parents.
 I still can't believe they have a kid!
 Chris even held her!
Then it was off to my sisters.  This is my youngest nephew, with a smile to melt your heart.
 and his older brother is just as kind and loving.
My gorgeous sister made a yummy spread and hosted our family gathering.
 I had a blast playing with the boys.

 and catching up with my nieces and oldest sister.
 That's Freckles, their dog.

 My hunky nephew and his bad ass ride!
 Of course I made him take me for a ride!
 I'm so proud of him.
 Home run!
 We laughed a lot.
 and hugged even more.
 These last shots were taken by my Step Dad.
 Here is the gang.
 I'm very lucky to call them
MY FAMILY and I miss them already.


Vix said...

You're back and I can't wait to hear all about it!!! Do we have a date for tomorrow?
You look so gorgeous in these pictures and that black dress is so sexy on! The 4 for $20 store looks like my kind of heaven.
You head to toe in orange on a scooter is the best photo ever. There's so much beauty and love in this post my head might explode!
Love you! xxxxxxx

Melanie said...

You look like you had such a wonderful time.
That thrift shop looks incredible! I bet you could lose yourself in there for an age!
Those plants are glorious and your mum's artwork is beautiful! And oh my word, how cute is the little boy in the red and black jacket!
Your nephew looks such a sweetheart, that smile is going to break some hearts! And the dog is a beauty xx

Kathi said...

I'm glad to see you had a great time! I can't wait to hear all about your trip. Welcome back to the rain!

Carina Rosenholm said...

Im so glad that you gad a blast with your gorgeous family ! There is a lots of love in these photos!
love your orange dress and that store seems pretty awsome .

thorne garnet said...

as if I needed another reason to visit San Diego......a rocking thrift store! Reason's to visit San Diego: one of my nieces and husband just moved there, long time friend lives there, it's got great weather, Mexican food, surfing..........etc!

pastcaring said...

These are such happy photos, Krista! I can tell you had a really joyful time catching up with your lovely family and friends. I don't think I've seen a photo of your oldest sister before, all three of you are so gorgeous, and the younger generation aren't too shabby either!

I said "Wheeee!" when I saw the pic of you whizzing down the road on the scooter, I said "oooh!" when I clocked that thrift store, and I said "mmmmm!" at all the delicious food porn!

Welcome home, so happy you had a fabulous time. xxx

Helga! said...

Bwahahahaaaaa, Chris looks like he's about to throw that baby!!!
O, darling, it's all so bloody wonderful! Sunshine wasn't the only warmth in San Diego!!! Our friend Mark is from there originally (who we were with last time), so hopefully I'll get there sometime.
The Crab Hut looks know ALL the best places to eat!!! I swear, you could run a great eating tour!!!
So happy you had a great time, and that the love was flowing freely!
Love YOU!

Sandra said...

These are beautiful pics! just gorgeous! it looks like you all had the best time ever, your family are all gorgeous!! the thrift store looks blooming brilliant, I can't wait to see your dresses, and your youngest nephew's smile is just adorable, all your nieces and nephews are just so cute x x x

Janey G said...

how wonderful! love the scootering shots x

Forest City Fashionista said...

Looking at these joy-filled photos makes me wish I had nieces and nephews to hang out with. They must think you are the coolest Aunt ever (which you are!). Love the photo of you whizzing down the street on the scooter.

I would be afraid to go to that store --too much temptation! The food looks sooooo good (pulled pork = yummmm). So glad you had a wonderful time, and got to soak up some sun too. We need to set up a Skype date.

Kari S said...

The sun in your pictures is like a tangible thing. Like I could almost touch it....I miss sun...:) I WANT TO GO TO THAT THRIFT STORE! Like right now! Your family is adorable, I hope your nephew knows what an amazing thing he did getting that car! That kind of forethought at his age and he's going to do great things for sure!

Cristi said...

Love seeing a few more of the pics here...especially that cool chic at the beginning...were you there to do a signing with your band!?;) The group shot is also my fav! The look on your Mom's face says it all, so much love there-you can tell she and your S.Dad are so happy to have the family all together!:)
Funny, that store reminds me of Buffalo Exchange, only better.
I'm really glad you had such a wonderful visit! But dang, all that sun and blue sky looks pretty nice right now...thought you were going to bring some back for us!;)

Tammy McGill said...

Aw it looks so beautiful and warm there, I'm so jealous. Glad u had fun :) I like how your hair sticks out with your all black outfit.

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

Yay! Looks like an awesome time! And I see you wore black as promised! And a 4 for $20 shop? Brilliant!

Trees said...

Everyone else has said it - but so will I! The 4 for $20 shop sounds amazing, the weather is stunning and you are so happy with your family and friends :D Looks like a wonderful time.

Jean at said...

This is such a loving post!! They must adore having an auntie with pink hair. :-) You would be MY favorite for sure. The thrifting looks amazing!!! Trust you're back home safe and sound. XXOO

freckleface said...

If you hadn't written any words, you could still see all the joy coming out of those photos. Your family looks so wonderful and you look so happy and comfortable in their company. Bet you are a TOP aunt. I remember whizzing along on a scooter when my nephews were tiny, happy times eh? 4 pieces for $20, that's crazy good fortune. Can't wait to see them. Love that wildly colourful dress with the little puff sleeves and your sexy black number. Doesn't San Diego look wonderful in winter, sigh. So that's where you come from, very nice. Have a lovely weekend Kristalicious! xxxxx

Anonymous said...

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