Monday, February 3, 2014

Let them eat cake and drink BEER!

This weekend flew by, you know the ones that are just so fun you want to stay in them forever. Friday I had lunch with Cristi and my Dad, no pictures because we were having too much fun eating and chatting.  It was awesome to hear my Dad tell stories from back in his San Francisco days.   Drag queens, murder mystery parties and plenty of nights out drinking with the boys.  Then on Saturday night it was out to celebrate Gene's bday, that's Cristi's hubby.
But first, Peetee rocking his new scarf made for him by Tamera!  She spoils us big time!  She made me this one.
 We cuddled a lot this weekend.
I wore my Vix dress to dinner on Saturday.  I bought this from her killer stash on our trip to the UK.  I adore it for many reasons but mostly because it reminds me of her.
 Cristi has an old dial tone phone that still works so I had to play.
 We drank plenty.
  The Birthday boy!

 and his babe.
 We went to the Imperial Room.  They are all about beer and cider.

 After we were all nice and buzzed and warm we walked a few blocks to Cibo for pizza.
 It's no Apizza Scholls, but it was beautiful inside and the servers were sweet.
 Me and my babe!
 The boys:)
 It was a night filled with stories, laughter and love.
 I live for nights like these!  Monday doesn't suck so bad today:)  I hope you are all finding some things to make you happy.


Kari S said...

Oh my good Lord all that beer....gettin green. I had one of those super fun nights but where everyone bought you a drink and I started out with hard liquor and so I got like six of them. TWO days later and I can still feel it (I typically only drink beer)!
Anywho, looks like you guys had fun this weekend too! Wasn't it gorgeous? Love your dress too, your such a petite lil cutie! I hope its ok to say that.:)

pastcaring said...

So much beer! Those nights are the best, good friends, a nice fuzzy warm glow from the booze and the love, delicious food, a relaxed vibe... Yeah, I wish I could have been there with you!
Always lovely to see your Chris, and Cristi and Gene are such a great couple.
Gorgeous frocks too; I love wearing things which were given to me by friends, makes them extra special because of the associations.
I thought Peetee couldn't get any cuter... But he can! He's got a SCARF! His own bit of blogger love right there!
Hope your dad is doing OK. Sending you a great big squeeze, darling! xxxx

Carina Rosenholm said...

Oh .. all that beer .. yummie and how fun to try all odd sorts . You look smashing in that green fab dress ! A great weekend .

bohemian vanity said...

Looks like a fun night you guys had! Congrats to Gene! And oh my so much beer :) yum
Peetee looks so cute with his new scarf (of course you do too)
And you're right- having fab weekends make mondays suck less!!
xxxx Tani

Helga! said...

I could just vomit with envy!
Your frocks are frickin' heavenly!!!
SO lovely to spend time with your Dad, and I love stories; his have got to be the BEST!!!
I'm no beer drinker, but that Beaudelaire one has such a cool label I;d have to give it a go! I do like cider though, so pop that place on the list for the next time we visit!
Ooo, Peetee is super snuggly in his scarf! Tamera is such a LOVE!

Forest City Fashionista said...

That does sound like a wonderful weekend, especially getting to hear your Dad tell tales from his youth! I'm not much of a beer drinker but some of those look so cool I could be tempted to try them.

Just when you think that Peetee couldn't get any cuter, then POW! - there he is in a scarf - "melt...."

Janey G said...

gawd you rock that dress! what a fabulous evening! x

Tamera Wolfe said...

Wow to all that beer!!
I love both of your dresses--the style and color is just KRISTA!!!

And everything is better with cute Peetee!!

Peetee's East Coast homies send their love and licks!!

thorne garnet said...


Trees said...

I love that you and Peetee have matching scarves! Adorable!! Also this looks like the best weekend - fun with friends, that's what life is all about right? I love the labels on the beer! I don't drink, but there is a craft beer place around the corner I have been to a few times with friends and some of the labels are incredible! They should be framed as works of art.

Ivy Black said...

BBER! I could just sink a pint with you now...even though it's 7.30am. I love all those labels. A good label always makes a difference!
Look at you two in your are both adorable.

Sandra said...

Mt Mr would have passed out in utter joy with that beer/cider selection, you can't beat a good stout too, I think they are quite good for you!! definitely an excellent weekend, I would have loved to hear your Dad's stories! your frocks are gorgeous and I love the hair flick pic! Peetee in a scarf is just adorable, he's posing like a master in it! x x x

Helen Wong said...

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Vix said...

That's better, I couldn't get any photos to load last night and it was most frustrating!
What a fab weekend, your Dad on top form, beer, birthday celebrations, cute critters in the form of Peetee, fab frocks and great company. All that was missing was me!
I remember the day we altered that dress, you painting your nails in your knickers, chatting away while I sewed away...happy days!
Those aren't beers, they're art on a bottle.
Yes, I'm free, let me know when!
love you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tammy McGill said...

I love that pic of you on the phone with the intense hair flip hahaha

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

I love your "OMG!" pose on the phone. And would you mind kindly robbing a little bit of that beer for me? All I'm asking for is like... ten or twelve... hundred bottles.

Ariane Lasalle said...

Ah! those scarfs! isn't that cute!
Your night sounded likes lots of fun!
Nice this time of year to have fun nights like you had -

Take care


Penny-Rose said...

Ah special times with friends, good food and drink. Love both the scarfs. The photos of you answering the phone are amazing - look at your hair!!!! Hope you are taking care of yourself, :-)

freckleface said...

That weekend sounds like a real tonic. How fabulous that you got to hear some of your dad's stories, sometimes it takes a third party to get to hear them, doesn't it. Not one but two exquisite dresses. That fourth photo of you and Peetee is my favourite ever, you just both look so cute. That Vix dress is wonderful, you look like a medieval maiden. Love the Baudelaire label and would happily drink a few with you! Xxxx

Nuckin Futs Knitting Nerd said...

Awww, Peetee looks so cute in his scarf!!