Monday, February 10, 2014

Ok that was fun but I'm over it now:)

The thing about the cold and snow is that it is only pretty from inside someplace warm and only appreciated in short spurts.  Today will be the day that all the snow melts and I am ready to get back to my restless ways.  Perfect timing too we leave for San Diego in a few days.  Since I can still count the number of times I have actually seen it snow, this makes 5 and I still am completely fascinated by it.  Sorry to all my friends who have been buried and beaten by winter this year.
  I just wanted to play in it, Peetee hates it because he's so little and has very little fur.
 Chris with his gear on.
 Peetee was catching snow on his tongue.
 This is the view from our living room window.
 We wanted to show Ash the snow, what, she seemed curious.

 This is how we keep entertained.
 Look at that grin on Chris!
Our backyard was covered.
 The wind was blowing so hard it looked like this!  I have never seen that before in my life.
I have been begging Chris to give me some driving lessons in the snow in his subaru, my MINI in the snow, yeah right!  So yesterday we ventured out.  As soon as we hit the road my phone started beeping it was a city alert to stay home the roads are icy and dangerous!
 We had someplace to be.
 and this got us there, no problem.
Even though this is how people drive in the snow.  I did really well and I have to say doing donuts in the snow is friggin' FUN!
Of course I had to get a little crafty.  I made this for my friends girls after she gave me that fairy print which was her grandmas.  I felt like she needed it back but wanted to give it to me because I like fairies. Now she can enjoy it in a new way,.
 I made Valentines because I love a lot of people!
and I packed for my trip too.
 This hi low black dress is silk and fits me so fab, believe it or not I will wear an all black outfit one day.
 I will pair it with my skull hat too.
Little Blythe pin from the gorgeous Vix for my birthday.  Wait until you see the cool swag she sent me.
I also gave Peetee a bath with a coco butter lush bath bomb.  He smells so sweet and soft and will be ready to cuddle Grandma and Grandpa.

I want to end this post with a very genuine heartfelt shout out to Michael Sam!  You are helping to open minds and hearts.  I wish him only the best and I hope a kick ass team drafts him!
Will you marry my Dad? :)


daiseedeb said...

Have a fab time in San Diego, Krista-girl! One of my all time favorite spots. Snow is not news here, but I do love it.

Vix said...

Not long till you get some lovely sunny skies and warm sunshine, my darling.
I'm loving watching you, Peetee and Chris having fun in the snow, all wrapped up and colourful and cosy.
I bet poor Ash hated her belly getting wet, ours are hilarious, hopping around like kangaroos!
Bet the Scooby loved the icy roads. You need some snow chains on the Mini, all the sensible North Europeans swear by them.
Gorgeous creations and that black dress is amazing, I bet you look super sexy in it - can't wait to see a photo of it in action!
Love you and speak soon?????

pastcaring said...

I can imagine that of you have only experienced snow a few times, it's pretty exciting! You look gorgeous and colourful out there in all the white, though poor Peetee is NOT liking it at all, is he? Ash looks Ok though, cats are tough little critters (though she looks twice the size of Peetee actually!) Ours don't mind it too much, in fact Jess flicks her tail in it then chases the snow flurries, mad girl.
Hurray for being creative, and for heading off to warmer places. I love the look of that black silk dress, with bright pink accessories as well as the skull hat, you'll rock it!
What a lovely comment you just left over at mine, I really appreciate it, babe! xxxx

Tamera Wolfe said...

Hoping you have a safe trip and a wonderful time in San Diego. My BFF from high school lives there now.

Haha-snow. Ash looks so so happy (not) with this cold wet stuff all over her outside!!

Peetee is like MrBill--he hates the snow. He's so tiny his lil weenie drags in the deep stuff.
Gracie is fascinated by it--sniffing and jumping in it.

Helga! said...

Hahaha, cats and snow! Our Peepers gallops about in it, she's a bit weird! She'll play in the rain too. None of our other cats have shown anything but disgust!
It IS fun to play in, for sure, but I'd rather stay in and drink and watch it!!! I haven't tried driving in it yet. Just before we came to the States that time, we had snow and got rear ended by someone who wasn't driving to the conditions!!!
Ooo, lovely to see what you will be taking to wear in San Diego! Packing stresses me out, but you and Vix just rock it. Dammit! It'll be lovely and warm down there, and hopefully the tequila will be flowing!

Trees said...

I love these snow pics, but I love Ash the most. I jut LOVE grumpy looking cats - its my favourite thing in the world. Like you I have only seen snow a few times, I had one genuinely snowy winter when I lived in Korea and I was more excited than my students were about the snow. That's a cute shrine you made (is that what you like to call them?) and all those valentines cards - for some VERY lucky people. Have a wonderful trip xoxo

Kari S said...

Your title cracked me up! Thats exactly right! I grew up in Wyoming so this ain't no big thang. But it was fun, then it reminded me why I got out of dodge. Can you imagine this all winter but add in negative temps and a lot of wind? Blah.

Your pics are adorable even Chris grinning evilly at the cat. Do you know what we call that? Paying rent! :D
Have fun in San diego! Oh and is your mini cooper front wheel drive? I bet it is and if it is. You can so drive that car in the snow. I used front wheel drive for 20+ years one of them a 1970 Volkswagen bug. But if I'm really honest. I used it more like a sled than a car. BUT I will say this. Wyoming had snow plows and it makes a huggeeeee difference! I probably wouldn't chance it on Portland streets. If you ever go to Wyoming......? :) Your Mini Cooper could totally rock that snow!

freckleface said...

That's so much fun to see you playing in the snow, and what a helping you got, my goodness, that is PROPER snow! There is something magical about it, i love to watch it falling, but usually from a nice cosy house! Ooh how lovely to be packing for warmer climes. Bet you look utterly gorgeous in that dress with your hair. You are on a crafting roll, looks lovely. Yep, that guy is brave, good for him, he is really admirable, although i hope there will come a time when it is so accepted we don't even need to think about it. Enjoy your trip!! Xxxxx

thorne garnet said...

the snow looks pretty. I have another friend who lives in Portland, he made a unicorn snowman

Carina Rosenholm said...

How diffrent our lifes are , we have moore snow then that 4-5 monts a year . My cat is used to it and are out hunting as usual . Driving in snow - you just have to do it .
Bet you gonna look great in your betiful clothings , cant wait to see it !
Have a great trip lovely one !

bohemian vanity said...

Fun in the snow! I always feel like i'm in a fairytale when everything outside is covered. We didn't have any snow this winter. But you look so cool in your warm, cosy and colorful outfit!!!
Haha Ash doesn't seem very happy to be outside :)
The gift you made is very pretty and so are the cards too! What a lovely friend you are!
Lucky you to go to San Diego! Jealous! It's such a nice place!
Wish you an amazing time with our family my dear!!! xx Tani

Sandra said...

cats in the snow are fun, Peetee looks in the right place, having a cuddle! I don't drive but Mr F is a pretty good driver in the snow and ice, thank goodness! I do like the snow though too, especially with a hot coffee and indoors! enjoy San Diego, your clothes look fab! x x x

Nat said...

Snow was a bit of a novelty for me too, growing up in southern Africa... it does look pretty, but please don't ask me to drive in it!
Love the photos of you, Chris, Peetee and Ash having snow fun together!
Hope you have a wonderful time in San Diego...

Bobbi said...

If you want more snow, come to Illinois! I'll make some hot chocolate.
Your artwork is always so beautiful and thought-provoking, just like you.
Have a wonderful trip!

Ariane Lasalle said...

Hi Krista!

We are so too over snow, cold and winter around here!
Have a good trip to San Diego, you lucky girl!


Ivy Black said...

Cats in the snow crack me up! Mine won't go out in it at all, she looks at me like I'm insane at the notion of it.
Hurrah for some sunshine all round I think and I hope yur trip is fabe, you'll certainly be dressed to stun. Love that hat by the way!! Hurrah for crafting make fab thingsfull of colour and lurve...much like yerself.xxxxx

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

You guys looks like you're have so much wintry fun! It snowed here again last night and was gone before I could even grab my scarf and gloves! BOO!

Forest City Fashionista said...

Yeah, my little Fred isn't going out in the snow - she'd freeze her little tail off! I'm so over this weather, but the days have been getting a bit longer, and the birds a bit louder in the mornings, so I am taking these as good signs.

I love all the colours in your travel wardrobe! Enjoy your trip to San Diego, and we'll arrange a Skype date when you get back. Happy Valentine's Day Krista!

Annie said...

I'm so fed up of the rain and wind that I can't bear the thought of snow too. But I shan't complain too much given how some poor souls have been flooded out over here.
Anyway, you guys look like you're having a load of fun, though I bet you're loving San Diego even more!

The Valentine's are just fabulous by the way :) xxx

Tammy McGill said...

Hahahahahaha I bet ash hated you guys after putting in the snow. I'll have to show u the video but my cat loved it. He was playing in it like a dog and he would meow at me all day because he wanted out. Fiona liked her Valentine BTW, it was cute :)