Wednesday, March 26, 2014

To hurt is as human as to breathe

How do you deal with pain?  In your heart,  your head,  your body?  Pain is described as physical suffering or discomfort caused by illness or injury.  My heart is aching right now because my Dad is suffering.  Watching cancer slowly take someone you love is life's biggest fuck you.  Never have I felt so helpless and had such pain in my heart.  I know part of life is losing your parents, but I haven't lost one yet and I am terrified of the inevitable.  Do you hear me?  Terrified.

and I'm ok with that.  Just like I want to use all the colors in my crayon box I want to FEEL everything, all the bumps in the road, I just don't want to see people suffer that hurts really bad.

I deal with pain in many ways.  I make stuff.  Like this:)  I may be 43 years old but I still feel very young and naive at times.
 I try and notice random beauty everywhere.
 even store windows
I have fun getting dressed or I don't bother:)
 I can laugh at life
 and myself
 I have good friends in my circle who shower me with love and support.
 My hair rocks
 Wearing Kiss Me Kitty leggings makes me happy as well as anyone looking at my legs!
 Uh yeah :)
 My little Peetee always makes me feel good.
 Putting stuff on Chris while he naps in the sun pleases me greatly!
How do you deal with life when your heart aches?  What makes you feel better?

Monday, March 24, 2014

Everyone in life has a purpose even if it's to set a bad example:)

I think this picture would have been a better choice for the cover of VOGUE.  That's all I'm saying about that!
 I told Cristi I want us to go on that show Shark Tank and get some $$$$$$ to help bring Kiss Me Kitty to the masses or at least get some crazy publicity:)
 Her leggings really do stop traffic and make you dance like a Rockette!
Like my new Chucks?  Nordstrom rack is a good place for buying shoes, I found these for $39, which ain't bad!
 Cristi likes her shoes pointy.
This weekend was filled with sunshine, food and lots of laughs, my favorite kind!
We started with beers at the Bonfire.
 and then pizza at Ken's.
 It was dam good.
 Happy, smiling faces
 Cristi was going on about something important hence the hand gestures ;)
  I guess I was too :)
 I have a surprise to share with your from last week but I can't just yet, ok I'll give you a hint.
Her voice was sweet as cream and she and a smile to match!  Hope you all had a nice weekend!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Look inside yourself and you can see the universe.

Like so many other folks I have found myself ecstatic about the new version of The Cosmos.  Are any of you watching it?  I love learning anything that expands my mind and makes me think about things in a new way.
Like the term, Tree of Life.
Why do people get so upset about evolution?
 Nature is spectacular.

 and so are all of the creatures living here

 and wonderfully weird
So next time life has you down, go outside at night and look up.
It's a massive world out there.
It's nice to be reminded of that.  If you haven't watched it yet do yourself a favor and do it.  I had no idea science could be this beautiful!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Tomorrow? What about today!

These last few days we have been having beautiful weather in Oregon and I can't help but feel like a butterfly emerging from her cocoon.  Our neighborhood starts to come to life again and I love hearing the birds chirping in the morning.  This weekend has packed with lots of fun stuff.  Cristi and I went to an estate sale and had lunch on Saturday and on Sunday we celebrated Chris's Mom's birthday.
BUT FIRST I had to show off my new old dress.  I paid more for it than I usually would at $18 but it's really different compared to anything else I own and the colors, come on.
 Cristi and I do like taking pictures of each other:)
 Cristi looked adorable too!  Both of us rocking our KMK legging!
The estate sale we went too was mainly dolls

I know creepy huh.  I did buy two that I'll share later.  One is a creepy bunny that I'm going to turn into a Donny Darko doll :)  The other, well you will just have to wait.  All that rummaging made us thirsty and hungry.
 Lavender gin martini's, ceviche and fried bread:)
The barista put boobies on my latte after I told him it was a nice ass.
 Ash was being cute for once in her life.

I also finished watching a documentary my Dad asked me to watch called How to Die in Oregon.  It was a pretty incredible film that followed several people, all of whom had terminal illnesses and wanted to have the choice to end their life while they still were able to.  I find great comfort in knowing that my Dad will have control over his death.  I will be right there holding his hand until the very end.