Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Look inside yourself and you can see the universe.

Like so many other folks I have found myself ecstatic about the new version of The Cosmos.  Are any of you watching it?  I love learning anything that expands my mind and makes me think about things in a new way.
Like the term, Tree of Life.
Why do people get so upset about evolution?
 Nature is spectacular.

 and so are all of the creatures living here

 and wonderfully weird
So next time life has you down, go outside at night and look up.
It's a massive world out there.
It's nice to be reminded of that.  If you haven't watched it yet do yourself a favor and do it.  I had no idea science could be this beautiful!


Vix said...

Its hard to believe that so much of that is natural. I haven't heard of that programme but it looks like it would be mesmerising.
Peetee is the most wondrous of all those creatures, even cuter than that fluffy owl!
Love you! xxxxxxx

Helga! said...

I think I may have seen some of that programme...if it's the one I'm thinking of, it's brilliant!!!
O hell yes, nature is divoonly mad!!! We just can't compete!
Yeah, when religious classes came up at school, my Dad said to em that he believed in evolution, but I could go along to any of these classes I I did, but I like evolution best!!!
Love you, and that adorable Peetee!

thorne garnet said...

I missed Sunday episode, boo.

I don't get the objection either. People who believe that the world is 5,000 years old just haven't looked around.

Carina Rosenholm said...

Mother nature is so amazing ....
We live in the woods and it just takes a little peek out the window to se something great ..

Nerd Burger said...

What an amazing thing to see at 6am before I head to work. Such thought provoking pictures and I am loving that cosmos.

freckleface said...

Peeeeeteeeeee is such a cutieeeeee! Nature is wonderful. I take my mum out to the park most days and we take in all the changes. It makes you feel alive! I don't know that programme but it looks spectacular. Xxxxxxx

señora Allnut said...

wonderful pictures, I would love to watch The Cosmos!, I think I would be astonished like a child!! I'm old enough to have seen old series, and I remember how much interesting they were for me as a child!
thanks for sharing!
besos & evolution!

pastcaring said...

I don't think that programme is shown here, but the images are spectacular. The amazing variety on offer in the natural world is phenomenal. Gawd, if anyone is upset about evolution, they aren't really thinking straight, are they? It's not an optional thing to choose to believe in or not, is it? It's evidence-based science! And it's wonderful!
And our place in it all is pretty insignificant really.
Do you think Peetee has some bats in his evolutionary heritage?! xxxxx

Beth Waltz said...

Thank you for the images of the sublime -- and the very personification of love in a fur coat, Peetee. He belongs there in the list of wonders. Pity those who fear the greatness of the cosmos/evolution and the sweetness of pet love. (I see the fingerprints of my Creator in both.)

Sandra said...

I would love that programme, we don't have it here - nature is breathtaking, as is our world and beyond, of course all inhabitants have been evolving forever (I could go on about evolution, but I will spare you! I'm a little opinionated!) I love the images, we are lucky a lot of our camping holidays have been under a good night sky with shooting stars and galaxies, utterly mesmerising and beautiful x x x

Forest City Fashionista said...

I haven't watched any episodes of that yet, but I think it is available here. I love the selection of photos you've chosen for this post - isn't nature just the coolest thing ;)

I like how you found sky photos in your favourite colours too. As an atheist/agnostic leaning person, I've always believed in evolution. There is so much evidence to support it, I find it hard to understand how people can so vehemently dismiss it.

Tamera Wolfe said...

We live in an amazing world!!

bohemian vanity said...

Nature is just wonderful isn't it?
Walking throught the world with the eyes wide open, thats what everyone should do and realise! Life is a gift!
All those images are just wonderful!
Thanks for sharing Krista!
XX Tani