Monday, March 17, 2014

Tomorrow? What about today!

These last few days we have been having beautiful weather in Oregon and I can't help but feel like a butterfly emerging from her cocoon.  Our neighborhood starts to come to life again and I love hearing the birds chirping in the morning.  This weekend has packed with lots of fun stuff.  Cristi and I went to an estate sale and had lunch on Saturday and on Sunday we celebrated Chris's Mom's birthday.
BUT FIRST I had to show off my new old dress.  I paid more for it than I usually would at $18 but it's really different compared to anything else I own and the colors, come on.
 Cristi and I do like taking pictures of each other:)
 Cristi looked adorable too!  Both of us rocking our KMK legging!
The estate sale we went too was mainly dolls

I know creepy huh.  I did buy two that I'll share later.  One is a creepy bunny that I'm going to turn into a Donny Darko doll :)  The other, well you will just have to wait.  All that rummaging made us thirsty and hungry.
 Lavender gin martini's, ceviche and fried bread:)
The barista put boobies on my latte after I told him it was a nice ass.
 Ash was being cute for once in her life.

I also finished watching a documentary my Dad asked me to watch called How to Die in Oregon.  It was a pretty incredible film that followed several people, all of whom had terminal illnesses and wanted to have the choice to end their life while they still were able to.  I find great comfort in knowing that my Dad will have control over his death.  I will be right there holding his hand until the very end.


Kari S said...

AHHHH your hair when you do a circle, stunning! Like a rainbow. Shit I shoulda gone to that estate sale, just to stinking tired from traveling.
Every blog I read this morning is, you know lower prices on clothing which is typically me but I bought a brand new pair of Docs this weekend and it wasn't cheap annnnnnnd I feel kind of bad now BUT it was made with a Bosch print and how could I ever not buy them??! What a treasure! It was so beautiful this weekend. I almost kissed a couple easter lilies. All the flowers in Scottsdale where groomed to the nth degree and just kind of fake (like Scottsdale!) then I come home to these gorgeous hand planted gawky spring flowers and they are so endearing, just like Portland. I'm glad your dad and you are working this out together. Still your both in my thoughts.

mondoagogo said...

That bottom pic of your cat cracks me UP! I used to have a top like Cristi's tights (bits of it are still in my fabric stash actually) And I agree with Kari about your hair, so pretty :)

freckleface said...

You're definitely a butterfly Krista! A beautiful, colourful one. I have that feeling too, with this spring weather we have been having. I am really ready to break out from the grips of winter. Ash is adorable! Obviously feeling playful too. I believe in being able to have control over your death if you are diagnosed with some horrible illness. A friend of mine tried when she had cancer, but she didn't get her boyf on board first, so it all went wrong and caused a lot of heartache and resentment on both sides. What is amazing about you two is thAt you are able to talk and support each other through this horrendous dilemma, so you are united. Xxxxxx

Vix said...

Those photos Cristi took are amazing, you do look like a beautiful exotic butterfly in flight. The Spring-like weather here's getting me all excited for so many projects I don't know which one to start next!
Those dolls are hideously creepy, thank goodness for the booze, food and hot girl photos to take my mind off them.
How civilised to be able to plan your Dad's end together. So much dignity in that, which is something everyone would want.
Love you & speak soon! xxxxxxx

Helga! said...

Bahahahaaaaaaaa, Ash looks wonderfully mental on her back!!! I so love kitty craziness!
Indeed, you and Cristi are a pair of hotties!!! Your new frock is divoon, and I love seeing you twirling in it! Spring is not just springing, but bouncing!!!
Ugh, dolls. Did you ever see a tacky 80's English horror film called "Dolls"? It's quite hilarious,a "so bad it's good" kinda thing.
Can't stand them myself!
I've heard about that doco, and reckon it's only fair and right to have control over ones own death.
You are a love.

Beth Waltz said...

What a wonderful dress! It belongs on you, twirling -- or hanging on the dressing room wall of someone who enjoys it as found art. (Perhaps it inspired Ash to do whatever it is she's doing?)

When you mentioned your father's situation, one wondered if the Oregon end-of-life option might be discussed. It's good that you and your dad can explore it together.

Ariane Lasalle said...

You girls look lovely with your leggings - Your cat Krista is adorable i can't imagine he's a little rascal!
There is a big debate here about dying with dignity and having control over ones death -
We are with you and your Dad Krista, you are a special human being and your Dad is so, so courageous -


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous post starting with your fist lot of pics in our new to it dress, it's perfect for you and oh my goodness those leggings I adore them.

What a laugh about the estate sale and it being mainly dolls but I see a few cuties in there.

Ash is stunning, I totally laughed out loud at the Ash's last pic utterly hilarious. The drinks and feast looks to die for yummo.

Stay beautiful. X

pastcaring said...

That is a fabulous frock, perfect for twirlng (and giving us a little glimpse of your gorgeous bum, haha!) - you are all flying hair and swirling skirt and butterfly beauty!
Always a joy to see you and Cristi rocking the KMKs, some food porn, and darling Ash, who is always cute, how can you not see it?!
It's such a good thing that you and your dad can talk honestly about how he wants to die and deal with it in advance, I would want that too.
Loving the onset of Spring, and loving you, my dear! xxxx

PinkCheetahVintage said...

You both look so cute. I love your 'new' dress and the first pic is amazing. The weekend sounds so fun--drinks & food look yum as usual. I'm glad you and your dad have this time now.

thorne garnet said...

be still my heart, an estate sale full of dolls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love the action shots. Of you and Ash

Melanie said...

You embody Spring. Yeah!!! I love the doll creep show which will surely get better after you've had your way your new babes. Right on that you and your dad will be together.

Carina Rosenholm said...

You two look amazing ! And Asch is such a beaty...
Food and drinks - great .
Your dad is a great and strong one !
hugs !

Ivy Black said...

What a beautiful butterfly you are! Hurrah for spring I say...bring it on.
Oooh...dolls...there are at least ten of the little blighters I'd have gone home with. Can't wait to see what you create.
Big love to your dad..what an inspiration.

Sandra said...

Twirling swirling dresses! aren't they so much fun? it's a gorgeous one and gorgeous on you, you and Cristi are awesome (I am mesmerised by Cristi's legging's, so fab!)
Lavender gin martini and delish food! hell yeah! and boobie coffee is hilarious! Ash is a cutie! they do like posing, I'm sure of it!
Your Dad and you continue to be amazing x x x

Forest City Fashionista said...

Looove those twirling photos - you're a kalidescope of candy colours! That is a shitload of baby dolls - Yeeks! I don't think I would have found anything in that pile that I would want to take home, but I'm interested in seeing your Donnie Darko doll when it's finished.

I think that is so cool of your Dad to ask you to watch that documentary. He's obviously tryng to keep you informed and involved in his choices, even though they are still very much his choices.

Nat said...

I am pleased that your dad will be in control of his own destiny. It is great that he is including you too. It is never going to be a good time, but at least he will have the dignity of choice.
On a lighter note, your new dress is gorgeous as are you! I love how you are living in the moment - it is so important to do so.
Ash is just fabulous :-)