Monday, March 3, 2014

Why Thank You Officer:)

Friday Cristi and I headed over to my Dad's for brunch, which turned out to be lunch.  We were in a bit of a hurry and you know how two girls can be in a car for over an hour together, a bit chatty :)  This is why I didn't notice the police car pass me until it was too late.  70 in a 55 and a dog on my lap.  I thought for sure I was screwed.  Did you know that in Oregon driving with a dog in your lap is a $260 fine?  I handed over all my papers and said sorry I know I was speeding and put Peetee in Cristi's lap.  Imagine my surprise when he came back and let me go with a warning.  Thank you officer your kindness is much appreciated and I have learned a lesson.
 I wore something bright because we were celebrating.

My Dad got the best news ever, they stuck a camera down inside him and what they thought was a tumor on his pancreas was NOTHING AT ALL!  My Dad is doing great right now and I feel such relief for him.  We had to have mimosas with lunch:) Cristi had a Reuben.
 I had a ham and cheddar with roasted apples and chilies on it.  Best sammy ever!
 Chris's mom even joined us to celebrate my Dad~ aka the warrior :)
 After lunch Cristi said she brought something over because she wanted us to take a picture with it, a Helga inspired shoot:) Can you guess where our inspiration came from?
 That's right Cristi had the same copy of Playboy.
Peetee was embarrassed by the amount of fur on these girls.

 Ash was totally into all the pussycats:)
Chris and I checked out a new coffee shop called Dapper & Wise.  I hope people in the burbs can put down their Starbucks long enough to give this place a try.
 My latte was smooth and rich.
 Later it was time for some ramen and sushi.

 and I had to show off my latest needlepoint score.  I really do love her!
 I also painted this frame finally.
 and after seeing Vix add pom poms to everything I had to add some to this too!
 I know this was a long post filled with a bunch of stuff, but come on ya know that is just what we all need to get through a Monday.   I watched the Oscars last night and now I must go see 12 Years a Slave and Dallas Buyers Club.  Wasn't Lupita a vision is that blue dress?


Kari S said...

OMFG!!! That was freakin hilarious! Especially Peetee covering his eye's. BAHAHA!!!
I'm so happy about your dad! Thats incredible news. You eat all the best food. I swear to God every time I come here I wanna say, "Ohhh I want to go there!" My friend (been here four years) feels like the best sushi place is the one truly about five steps away where I live. Its on SE Gladstone and errr 28th or is that 26th...I can't remember the name but its by C bar. Ring any bells? It is pretty freakin good but yours looks aweeesomeee! Sorry my comments are always so disjointed but I want to comment on ALL the things dang it! Anyway have a good week.:)

Kari S said...

Shoot forgot! I just found out you can get a ticket here for turning around on the road. WTH is that about??! I think I maybe get it considering some of the roads they got running around here.

Vix said...

Oh my life that is the best news! Man, your dad must be thrilled to bits, I feel like having a drink to celebrate!
That photo shoot is fricking hilarious, poor Peetee all bashful and bad ass Ash licking her lips. Where's your coat??? Is it warm over there? Get me on the next flight outta here!
I'm not surprised you charmed the cops, they were dazzled by you pair of hotties.
Love your art and your fancy food and yes, that blue dress and her cute buzz cut were stunning. Liz saw a naughty (don't tell Chris) bootleg of 12 Years a Slave and said it was very harrowing but excellent - even though Brad wasn't in it for very long!
Love you and speak soooooon! xxxxxx

Carina Rosenholm said...

Such great news ! Hurray !
love the pics of you two reading Playboy - bff's having fun .

pastcaring said...

That is really wonderful news about you dad, I'm so pleased!
Food porn, and your actual porn, what a lot to enjoy here, Krista! Love your and Cristi's expressions, but Peetee wins the prize for best shocked pose! Ash looks like she's thinking "yeah, yeah, I'm still the best-looking pussy round here..."
The coffee shop looks cool, I like to try and support independent cafes as much as possible. Love love love your frock and the needlepoint art, and seeing you enjoying some glorious sunshine! xxxx

Tamera Wolfe said...

How AWESOME about your Dad!!!! YAY!!!
LOL at the speeding......she can't drive 55!!

Poor Peetee being scandalized by nekkid ladies!!! Some of those 70's ladies probably had more hair then he has!!!

Loving your new artwork!

Miss Magpie said...

Those Playboy pictures are hilarious!

Ariane Lasalle said...

So funny the Playboy pics!
You put a big smile on my face best pics ever, love your expressions, priceless -
I read the post after this one
Sorry for your Dad



PinkCheetahVintage said...

Good news about your dad!!!! And not getting a ticket! And all that yummy food! And that badass Helga Playboy photo-shoot!

thorne garnet said...

What wonderful news, about your Dad and not getting a ticket. My friend The Queen Of Dogland has a doggy car seat for her Jack Russels. They love riding around in it

Naught girls! Your photo shoot is a hoot! I can't believe you found the same issue as Helga's

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

holy poop balls that big ol' pink ring is amazing and I love Peetee's modesty! You know, I've never had a Rueben before. Like, ever ever never ever? I don't know why...

Melanie said...

Such great news about your dad! I'm so happy for you all, especially your dad xxx
Hehe, bashful Peetee!