Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I am your butterfly, be my protection, be my samurai

I feel like a new girl this morning!  I spent the entire holiday weekend home taking care of my Peetee BUT on Sunday I snuck off to go see Die Antwoord with Cristi.  It was an incredible performance!  They put on a killer show and I danced my ass off and a tiny part of me was reborn! Nothing and I mean nothing beats the way being on the floor of a show like this makes you feel.  You are part of a pulse that is bigger than your own and for me it's truly healing.
Doors opened at 8:30 and it was an all age venue but the upstairs was 21 and up so that is where we planned on going.  We arrived at about 9:45 and to our surprise they were just about to go on.  
The show was sold out and there was a line to get up stairs so I said screw it and we headed into the crowd. We hadn't even hit the bar up yet.  Quickly we bought two bottles of water and headed into the sea of people.  Yo-landi was beautiful in person and Ninja was ripped both are in phenomenal shape.  Their energy was incredible and they even had dancers.  I was so impressed with their performance, they really are amazing to see live and if any of you ever get a chance they should not be missed.
At the end of show my hair was sopping wet, my make-up had all sweat off and I was a little hoarse, PERFECT NIGHT!  Here is what we looked like before the madness.
 A little pre funk with some X rated mixed with lime soda:)
 Our outfits, both rocking our Kiss Me Kitty leggings.

I also want to throw a shout out to WILLOW who reads my blog and came up to me after the show, it was so nice to meet you and your beautiful daughter!  Kari I missed you!

Now for some random pictures from last week.  I haven't had time to take proper outfit photos so these will have to do :)  This dress was free to me!
 Love the colors on this dress.

 I also went to Farmers Market on Saturday and bought a half flat of Hood strawberries, they are the most delicious thing I have ever put in my mouth and you can only get them here because they are so fragile they do not ship well.
 I made a tart too.

and Peetee continues to get better.
This Friday Cristi and I head back over to my Dad's to clear out his house.  I haven't been back since he died, it will be strange and thinking about it makes me a bit uneasy but it must be done.

I hope you all had a wonderful few days to yourself.  I feel refreshed, FINALLY!


Vix said...

So glad you had an amazing time. Those photos look incredible. Nothing beats a live gig. love waking up the next morning and still being deaf.
Love what you girls wore, those KMK leggings are just the perfect thing for a sweaty performance when there's beer flying. Your hair rocked.
Great outfit retrospective - double spots? Hell, yes!
Peetee is just the cutest and I want strawberries now!
Love you! xxxxxxx
PS I still feel weird going across the road now.

Kari S said...

Such an incredible show, we might have been close to each other. Do you remember the last time Ninja jumped into the crowd? Well he almost hit the ground and I helped pick him back up, super cool! Unfortunately, Monday I woke up and can't stand on my knee. I'm so freaked out right now, I can't go long periods without exercise and I have no idea what's wrong with my knee. Its swollen and I have a hard time making it work but it doesn't hurt. It's the weirdest thing ever and I'm REALLY worried. Sigh, anyway...wish I had seen you there!

PinkCheetahVintage said...

I would love to see them in concert!!! It looks killer---and so do you two! I need some of that X-rated stat!

Melanie said...

Wow - nothing like losing yourself in sound, colour, and vibration. I'm so glad you had this spiritual cleanse with Christi - you both are knockouts!
And I'm glad Peetee continues to mend.
Be strong in the house.

Tammy McGill said...

Looks like an awesome show, I'm glad you got to shake your booty and feel good about it. I am loving the black mermaids on Cristi, so cool. Glad to see peetee getting better too <3

Perdita said...

Nice to see Peetee looking better!

Love the photos, they give a real feel for the show.

pastcaring said...

Wow, you and Cristi look amazing in your KMKs! I'm so happy to hear that you had a brilliant time, I think just getting out of your own head for a while is highly therapeutic, and if a loud and sweaty gig is what it takes, then go for it!
Loving the polka dot frock, and all the colourful fabrics/prints. Oh Peetee, gorgeous little boy - he's looking perkier, isn't he?
Yes, it will be strange to be at your dad's house... But Cristi will help, and you'll do it, and survive, cos you are a strong and wonderful woman! Love ya! xxxx

Miss Magpie said...

How bright and chirpy does your wee man look?

I'm glad to hear you had such a great night out, soaking wet hair and no make-up left are definitely the signs of a great gig!

freckleface said...

So glad to hear that are you are doing some fun, healing and uplifting things, good for you. Love you and Cristi dressed up for your show. C totally looks like a shimmery mermaid in her silver outfit and i love you in that headless polka dot shot. Bless him, little Peetee, he looks all legs and eyes. Good luck in the house, it sure is an emotional thing to do. Xxxxxxx

Gracey the Giant said...

I love them! I was so disappointed to miss the show; they are so great.

And you both look wonderful, as does darling Peetee!

Helga said...

I'm stoked you and Cristi got yourselves out for a rollicking good time!!! Woohoo! I'd love to see you grooving on down to Flange. Get us a gig over there, will ya?!
You both looked hot to TROT! And who needs a drink when you're being carried away by the rhythms! I've heard of this D4e thingy, but not the music. Not knowingly anyway. I'm always last to the party.
A riot of colour, a peek at darling Peetee...it's rather blissful here.
Cleaing up at your Dad's won;t be easy, nor pleasant. Bless Cristi for being such a great friend and support!

Willowie said...

Awww...you remembered my name! It was so nice meeting you both. It was an amazing concert....we ♥ Die Antwoord! Sooooo glad Peetee is on the mend.

señora Allnut said...

hurrah for great shows which make you feel so refreshed and fabulous!!!, and both of you look so Gorgeous and really ready for a great party time!!, fabulous leggings (as usual)
And Peetee is looking so cute and so lovely!!
besos & abrazos

Beth Waltz said...

Look at those EARS! Peetee is definitely on the mend and ready to catch up with current events.

Vix is spot on about re-entering a house that was once a family home. Expect a weird feeling and keep moving and talking with Cristi. Bless the woman for helping you with this task!

peaches mcginty said...

Live music is the best! I'm so glad you gorgeous gals had a blast, x rated fusion liqueur! yes please! and it's so good to see Peetee looking better - ripe strawberries are so delicious and the tart looks yum and so do your outfits, the dotty dress is divine x x x

Carina Rosenholm said...

Oh ! im so happy to read about your great "outing" live music, friends and glorious outfits ! Love those black glitter sneakers of yours . So happy to hear that your little "baby" is on the right track again to !
Sometimes when you clear ot stuff from an old friend ore parent it can be really bittersweet , happy memories can be found as well !

love and hugs !

Forest City Fashionista said...

Sounds like the concert was just what you needed to get your mojo back! Dancing up a storm with your bestie is great therapy. So glad to see Peetee on the mend, and I'm sure that must make you feel better too. The house cleaning out will not be easy, but as you said, it has to be done, and at least you have Cristi to help you out; it would be awful if you had to do it alone. XO

Nerd Burger said...

I am so jealous. I love Di antword. Soo rad.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I'd give my left tit to see Ninji and Yolandi, they look super-fit don't they? You're so lucky to have seen them and I'm very, very happy to hear you worked up a fantastic sweat dancing your arse off!!!!!! You and Cristi looked utterly amazing!!!!!! Peetee is looking so much better and oh my I think I'm salivating over those succulent strawbs!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

Cristi said...

OMG!!! What a super fun show! So glad we were in the thick of it, dancing our asses off, and grooving in the wave of crazy energy. Just what we needed before the big clear out, and drive out some of that sadness! I only wished we could have met them too...next time we will!
And, lets finish of that bottle soon!:)

Cristi said...

OMG!!! What a super fun show! So glad we were in the thick of it, dancing our asses off, and grooving in the wave of crazy energy. Just what we needed before the big clear out, and drive out some of that sadness! I only wished we could have met them too...next time we will!
And, lets finish of that bottle soon!:)

Trees said...

Peetee looks so much better! I'm so happy, also it sounds like you had a wonderful night out my lovely. You really deserve it too. Also I love that rainbow of wonderful clothes you shared with us, even if its not a full outfit post :)