Monday, June 30, 2014

A little love goes a long way

Today is so beautiful here in Portland.  The sun is shining on me and out of  me.  I am so happy and grateful for everything!  I have started taking Fridays off from work, three day weekends from now on! Guess who Cristi and  I shared donuts with last Friday?  Betty Lou! 
See our beautiful mermaid crowns?  These were made for us by Betty Lou and her Mom and I feel gorgeous and magical in mine.  When she overheard that my Dad died she told her Mommy we have to make my mermaid something.
How lucky am I to be on the receiving end of so much love?  Life, although ass kicking and heartbreaking at times, is also the most wonderful gift that I want to enjoy and share with others.
 We brought her a lil fairy because she is that precious.

After that good dose of mutual adoration, we headed out for a little thrifting and TACOS.
  Cristi scored the jacket and dress!
We ate here.  I love tacos and these were off the hook.  Uno Mas rules!

After that how about a meatball sandwich?

 The slogan scared me.
  The mini meatball not so much:)
I also finished up the backyard and I am so pleased with the results.  Now everything just has to  grow.  Stay tuned for those....

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Friends and Foilage

This is the year I finally plant all the trees I've been saying I would since we moved into this house in 2008.  Trees take a long time to grow and I feel like I have already wasted valuable grow time.  I am lucky that Cristi not only can make killer clothes BUT she knows more about plants than any person I have ever met.  We decided on lunch with the boys and a trip to the nursery after. The gnome below is another momento from my dad's house.
We ate here at a McMenamins.  They are all over Oregon and  each one is unique.
They also have one of the few circular barns left in the entire USA.  A popular place for weddings too.
and drinking BEER.

 with the boys, actually they had water we had beer.
and then we got a little silly

and after headed to the nursery where I purchased these.  Not these exactly I'm showing you full grow pictures of what I got.  The biggest and baddest was this one called a Japanese Stewartia, known for its beautiful bark.
and pretty white flowers.
I also got a red fox katsura.
also a purple smoke bush

and a bit of this butterfly Japanese maple
This Saturday they will all get planted along with finishing up another winding stone pathway in the yard.
I love doing stuff in the yard and I hope one day I can build a lil tree house on stilts.
How cool would this be?!?!?!
 Pretty soon I will want to move outside:)
 Just showing off a favorite summer coverup.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Simple pleasures are life's treasures

I took so many pictures this weekend I crashed my computer trying to import them all:)  I can't help it, I am definitely a visual person and when I saw this print I knew I would buy it no matter the size.
I  have been hitting the mother load lately when thrifting.  The above is a hi-low skirt that looks like stained glass and was $4. I have wanted a Mexican poncho like this one for a while but would not pay over $20, this was $5.
I also found this vintage cotton underdress made by I Magnin, a department store started in 1876 in San Francisco, today it is known as Macy's.
They were known for importing beautiful fabrics and lace.  This one was made in Italy.

I also found another Kimono, its cotton and beautiful and was $6

Now onto that spa day for the doggies, I was half kidding, no dog would find that relaxing and Peetee could not participate since as soon as I handed him over he cried out in pain, looks like only I can give my boy a bath but Shasta was in for it. WAKE UP PUPS!
 You have no idea.
She was so furry and need a trim BAD!
  Your chariot my lady:)
 An hour later.
 Peetee thought she looked hot and they laid around a lot because he still can't play with other dogs.
While they did that I made this.   Inspired by the fabulous work of Jon ,Vix's sweet partner.  Check out his stencils on vinyl here.
 This stuff is a buck.
My friend Cathy got me this sweet sugar skull stencil! 
 A bit sloppy but I still really like how it turned out.
I also added a few things to my purple entryway. This wreath was my Dad's.
 A tin souvenir plate from New Orleans.  I went there once for a week before Katrina and it was a wonderfully eerie city.
 Hand painted with love in 1978, hung with even more in 2014.
And this was just last Friday, the weekend was pretty fantastic.  More pictures to follow.

It felt so good to use my hands this weekend, making stuff, gardening and playing in the sunshine with friends.  What's your favorite thing to do in sunshine?