Monday, June 2, 2014

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened!

This weekend Oregon reminded me why I love living here so much.  When the weather is sunny there really is no other place I'd rather be!  Friday went well at my Dad's house.  It was strange going back without him there but the chaos keep the tears away, and so did Cristi's company.  Some stuff went to neighbors but most went to a young couple just starting out.  It made me happy seeing these kids get so excited over my Dad's stuff.
I did keep these though, I can see where I got my love of color.
 I also did something I have never done before, bought a beautiful bright pink designer bag.
 I know I know but I got it at Nordstrom Rack so it was a deal and it really is so very beautiful.
I could care less of the make I just adore the color and look of it.

 I'm wearing it with a romper I found at Goodwill for $4.
Cristi made some new kitty leggings.
Pretty cute huh.
 We went and got pizza with the boys.
 Cristi tweeting that shit out!
 Giving thanks.
 Playing in the House of Vintage.

 I finished Sunday by making what is in season right now, salmon and asparagus.  
 We ate outside of course.
 I planted this flower bed the day after my dad died...
 I added the flamingo as a tribute and as a reminder to stop and smell the flowers.
What helps remind you of what matters most?


pastcaring said...

Oh yes, that flamingo in the flower bed is a perfect symbol; a tribute to your dad, a reminder that colour and fun are necessary in life, that flowers bloom and bring delight, that we need to nurture the things and people we care about, that life goes on.
I'm glad it wasn't too difficult to sort out your dad's house, those crazy owls are the ideal things for you to keep. Yet again, Cristi wins Friend of the Year, she is just such a great girl.
I love that first pic of you, all wide-eyed and gorgeous, and the playsuit is very you, so cute. And how could you resist that pink bag?! Is it Kate Spade? Nice!
Such a great post, Krista - full of all the real stuff of life. There is sadness and loss, yes, but mixed with love and friends and good food and sunshine and fun. Love you! xxxxx

Beth Waltz said...

Small gifts from friends are scattered about my little home, reminding me that the years have blessed me with their invaluable presence.

I cherish a ceramic kitty turd that once graced a birthday cake -- chocolate, baked in a litter box-sized foil pan, and served with a new pooper scooper -- given by a now-deceased co-worker.
It occupies a place of honor in the china cabinet next to the crystal doodads.

Aha! Those flowers appear to be nasturtiums! They're delicious!

No fear of fashion said...

This is my first time at your blog. You look like a fun person who loves colour. My kinda girl. And a little mad (if I may say so. Something I value highly.)
Sorry to see that your dad died. And I don't think you need anything to remind you of him. Your memories will pop up at the strangest moments. I know. I lost my dad too. (Which in my case is to be expected, being pretty old.)
I adore the bag. Would buy it in an instance. That is the colour I am looking for.

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

Nice to hear you're getting out. I'm sure you will be raw for quite some time to come yet.

The bag is gorgeous. It matches you hair : )


Kari S said...

You two are so freakin cute! That is the first Kate Spade bag, I've dearly loved! It looks vintage, go Kate! Glad your dad's house wasn't to bad for you. Sometime's we expect something to be awful and life surprise's us with a not so bad experience.

freckleface said...

Well done on sorting out your Dad's place. I did the same as you and gave most of the furniture away to various different people. It feels good to know that it helps people. Those owls are amazing, very you. That bag has Krista written all over it and you deserve a treat right now. Love the romper suit and the flamingo in the flower bed. Really lovely idea. Isn't Cristi just the best? She has a heart of gold. Your friendship is very touching. Xxxxx

Vix said...

Love the flamingo in the flower bed, something that'll make you smile for years to come.
How cool that your Dad's stuff has gone to help a young couple just starting out. That's such a sweet thing to do. I'm glad you kept those bad ass owls though, they'll fit in a treat with your mad collections.
You totally need a big bastard of a pink bag and you'll use it loads. Loving the cute playsuit and Cristi's cat-tastic outfit.
There was a feature on Portland's food trucks in the Guardian on Saturday, what with them, the House of Vintage and you I want to fly over all the more!
Love you! xxxxxxxxxx

Helga said...

Loving the flamingo, just the perfect addition to your garden, and with good reason!
You are adorable in your romper, and you don't have to explain your bag to anyone!! It's just lovely, and if you wanted it, so what?! You deserve a treat!
Gawd, I could really go that salmon and asparagus! I was just looking at a lovely idea for'll be a while before I see it up for grabs though!
I'm real happy finishing up at your Dad's went smoothly, and some young 'uns got some terrific goodies. And yes, that's exactly where you got your love of colour from!

thorne garnet said...

those owls are have so much attitude, love them. There's nothing wrong this buying yourself a present, it was at The Rack after all. (wish there was one near me) That Cristi just keeps coming up with cuter and cuter leggings every post!

Forest City Fashionista said...

Those owls are perfectly you, and I think it's so touching that you and your Dad both loved bright colours. The pink flamingo is a lovely tribute and will remind you of him as your garden blooms.

When I saw the first couple of photos, I thought "Is she wearing a ROMPER?" and sure enough, you are. It looks so cute on you, and the bag is definitely Krista pink. Salmon and asparagus is one of my favourite meals too.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Your Dad would have loved your new garden bed with its lanky flamingo having a dig around. His owls will certainly take pride of place in your lovely, colourful home, aren't they so cute with all the birds sitting on their heads? What an absolutely glorious weekend - you in your FABULOUS new romper and hot, hot pink bag and Cristi's fab new leggings! I love the alter and mmmmmmmmmm yummy salmon - I'm so happy your appetite is returning sweetie. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Nerd Burger said...

I am so glad you got through it ok. It is lovely to think that your dad has helped that young couple start a life together. Still helping the world even in death. Such a rad guy.

Nat said...

Your flowerbed tribute to your dad is just gorgeous.. what a stunning idea! It seems you made a fabulous weekend out of what could have been a very hard one - never easy going through the stuff of someone we have lost. So glad that you have such an awesome friend to get you through such things...
Loving the new pink bag and you in that cute romper :-)

peaches mcginty said...

A pink bag is a wonderful thing, it just is (I have a big ass one and it just makes me happy!) enjoy parading it around - your Dad's owls are brilliant and I love you put the fabulous flamingo in the garden bed, a beautiful reminder of what is important in life, like your wonderful friendship with Christi - I'm a big believer in appreciating what we have x x x

Miss Magpie said...

Grr don't you dare justify buying yourself that magnificent bag, it is allowed you know!!!

I so need a flamingo in my veggie patch.

Tammy McGill said...

I'm so happy the sun has been out too and I am just as white. Except this weekend I forgot the sunscreen and I burned badly. Your little romper is so cute, I wish I could wear those but they just look odd on me. I miss you chick, let's hang out soon ;)

Carina Rosenholm said...

Love the owls you keept from your dads ! If you love the bag you should indeed have it ! So pretty !
Hugs !

Cristi said...

I'm so glad you got that bag-it's perfect and you deserve it! And, you will use the it all the time, so justified, especially considering how much you normally save when you thrift shop.;)
Dang, I don't even feel good enough for those left overs right now-argh. But, I'll be better soon and we need to head to PIPS! I can tweet that doughnut shit out!;p

Natalia Lialina said...

That portrait of you is BEAUTIFUL! Look at your pretty eyes and smile!!!

Happy Pink Purse day! I love visiting NR - always great finds (I especially love it for shoes).

Such a beautiful pair of owls, perfect from your dad! You both are very colorful souls! Hugs to you, my dear! xxxxxx

Joanna DeVoe said...

Big heart! Wonderfully wild style! Fab new bag... -xo

Sue said...

When my dad passed away I planted a Daphne shrub, as both of us loved it. So every year when it flowers and smells fabulous it reminds me of him. He has been gone for 8 years now and I still think of him all the time. Gone but never forgotten just very glad I had years of good times with him. Your garden you planted is perfect!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet idea to plant a garden to keep the memories of your dad growing along with nature. I love the lighting in the photo with the flamingo too.
Thank you Krista for the card, it was a nice little surprise on an otherwise ordinary day.
Keep the sunshine!

Anonymous said...

Krista, You have been amazing througout and i know that your dad is watching and smiling upon you now and always.Great idea for the young couple to have your dads things,it will help them out soooo much and who knows, there may be more mad wild beautiful colours going on in their lifes Lynnie UK XX

Amber Dennett said...

Your style is so colourful!

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

Those owls are SO gorgeous!!! I NEED SOME!! I need to find me a legging making friend, hardcore and I also need that Afghani tribal top!! SPAZ!!

señora Allnut said...

love your flamingo on your pretty garden, love your new bag (you're going to enjoy it so much!!), and love your cute romper and fabulous attitude!, oh yes, and it's great that you can eat your meal outside!!

Trees said...

This is such a great post - I love that you were able to donate your dad's stuff to a couple that needed it, they must have been super happy. Your romper is cute and that bag is AMAZING - its like it was made for you. Also those kitty leggings rock - especially with the kitty shoes ;D

Shybiker said...

You had me at the pink handbag but the romper makes me melt.