Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Every animal knows more than you do

Half way through the work week and I am already day dreaming of how I'll spend this weekend.  Tomorrow we have a visitor for a few days and Peetee is in for a treat, it's Shasta Chris's Mom's dog.  Peetee and her are best of buddies.  I have a spa day planned for them, a mobile groomer is coming over to pamper them both on Friday.  I know crazy dog lady right here!  Can you blame me?

I like my cats all right too.

 Even though they are killers.
 They both are very pretty.
Here I am sporting a kimono.  Finally I found a short one.  This is one of 3 yellow dresses I own.  I wanted something totally different today and I think I got that.

I had a few trees removed from our yard yesterday as they were infested with beetles.  EW!
 That there is a real Lumberjack and it was pretty cool watching his bad ass chop that shit down.
I will plant 3 new trees to replace the two I removed.  I snuck out yesterday at lunch to the Goodwill and boy was I happy I did.  Look what I found!
I'm pretty sure this is a vintage dress from India.  Its rainbow and cotton and well just gorgeous! $6
 This one is also from India and was $3, I bet the same gal owned them.
I also had to have this insane leotard thingy.  Can't you just see me gardening or washing the car in it!



PinkCheetahVintage said...

I am in love with your kimono!! I just got a similar short one that is pink, but looks a lot like yours and I am so in love with it!! I prefer the short one for some reason and the layering options seem endless <3

Vix said...

That fab Indian dress looks like an Anarkali - it looks incredible on you! loving that gorgeous kimono and the yellow frock and just about everything else, too. The insane leopard thingy is very festival-ish, you need to wear that next time you help Cristi out!
Stiff competition with the dog in a hat, Peetee and the cats but I think you've just about nailed it!
Speak sooooonnn! Love you! xxxx

Frocktasia said...

You did ever so well at Goodwill. The two Indian frocks are divine and I can totally see you gardening in that fabulous festival faerie frock.
Mark and I were recently sent a couple of lovely kimono's from our friends in Japan and we had a little guerrilla photo session with them in The Highlands last Saturday evening. The shorter versions are much more versatile and yours is a stunner.
And no, I certainly don't blame you for being a crazy dog lady. Peetee is so adorable...x

Carina Rosenholm said...

That indian dress looks amaxing on you - what a great find !
Yeah - animals needs pampering and we love em all !
I have been out hunting practising whit my little black darling Svea tonight again , in july its time for some competion ...
love and hugs !

Forest City Fashionista said...

AAAACK! Those Goodwill dresses are insanely awesome. I can definitely see you flouncing about in the garden in the leotard number (Garden Fairy!!)

Peetee deserves some pampering after his surgery - what a cool idea for the pups.

pastcaring said...

Aww, Peetee's getting pampered! It's nothing less than he deserves, poor boy - how's he doing?
Look at you, you look fabulous in yellow, I adore that maxi and the kimono. Great new Indian frocks too, the second one is especially cute. Yes, definitely wash the car in that bonkers little floaty leotard number!
Ash and Zoe are utterly beautiful, despite their murderous tendencies! So you're finally feeling the feline love a little, Krista?!
Not long now, the weekend's nearly here!v xxx

thorne garnet said...

score on those dresses.

Peetee's looks well and cats are just being cats

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

I can totally see you fluttering around the garden in that last number. People might mistake you for the goodluckgardenfairy.

Peetee is looking very handsome.


Pull Your Socks Up! said...

OK so now I'm in love with Shasta. Sheeesh could she be any fricken cuter???? She and Peetee are gonna be soooooo spoilt this weekend the lucky darlings. I adore ALL of your new purchases! Don't you just love it when someone decides to give away all their whatever-themed clothing? I'm waiting for someone local to do an African clothing drop - it's been a while and I'm getting antsy. Leotard-thingy is fab darling!! xoxoxoxooxoxxxx

peaches mcginty said...

Doggy pamper Friday sounds lovely! isn't that how all Fridays should be? I would like someone to tackle my feet, I don't think there is a person qualified/brave enough haha! your yellow/kimono combo is just gorgeous!!! and your chazza finds! oh my goodness! I adore them all, what luck! x x x

Miss Magpie said...

Oh dear I miss-read your blog as saying 'mobile grocer' and was sitting here thinking why would you order a mobile grocer to visit your dogs?? Doh!

I absolutely love your new green dress.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see pictures of doggy spa day. Sounds like so much fun. They'll be all frisky and clean together.
You found some really cool stuff on your lunch break. Makes going back to work a little better, eh?
Love the embroidered one especially!

freckleface said...

Pooch Party! Peetee is in for a treateee! Well, why not. Life's too short to be normal all the time. Right, down to business! I love the kimono and the long yellow dress. The Indian outfit is excellent and get you with your lumberjacks in the back yard! Whatever the question, weekends are the answer and I want to see you doing some 1980s dance moves in that insane leotard. p.s. first prize for facial expression! xxxxx

freckleface said...
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Beth Waltz said...

Krista, this post is so joyful I may print it out and take it with me to the gray place where I work.

The yellow dress topped with a short kimono is THE outfit to be worn for an especially nice dinner out on a terrace. The Goodwill goodies? I'm thinking wine and cheese at an upscale gallery.

Better ask Desiree about the leotard thingy. Wine bar, maybe?
No, of course, hostessing a pooch party at the pool, a little plastic pool for the pups!

Tammy McGill said...

Seeing you in that leotard made me smile. Its so cute on you. And it makes me want to make a big poofy tutu for you

cherre henderson said...

The animal pics are so cute! Was that a chinchilla in there? so sweet! Can't wait to see the spa pics of the dogs! :-)

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

Your pup is so pimp is his hat and you are toooo cute in your leotard!

Melanie said...

Doggy spa day? How great is that? I'm so glad that Peetee is up for it. You kimono is madly wonderful. I love the bow sash. Looks great with your yellow. And talk about thrift scores. Can't wait to see you gardening in the tututard.