Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Friends and Foilage

This is the year I finally plant all the trees I've been saying I would since we moved into this house in 2008.  Trees take a long time to grow and I feel like I have already wasted valuable grow time.  I am lucky that Cristi not only can make killer clothes BUT she knows more about plants than any person I have ever met.  We decided on lunch with the boys and a trip to the nursery after. The gnome below is another momento from my dad's house.
We ate here at a McMenamins.  They are all over Oregon and  each one is unique.
They also have one of the few circular barns left in the entire USA.  A popular place for weddings too.
and drinking BEER.

 with the boys, actually they had water we had beer.
and then we got a little silly

and after headed to the nursery where I purchased these.  Not these exactly I'm showing you full grow pictures of what I got.  The biggest and baddest was this one called a Japanese Stewartia, known for its beautiful bark.
and pretty white flowers.
I also got a red fox katsura.
also a purple smoke bush

and a bit of this butterfly Japanese maple
This Saturday they will all get planted along with finishing up another winding stone pathway in the yard.
I love doing stuff in the yard and I hope one day I can build a lil tree house on stilts.
How cool would this be?!?!?!
 Pretty soon I will want to move outside:)
 Just showing off a favorite summer coverup.


pastcaring said...

Pink Angel! Look at those sleeves, they're fantastic!
Your garden looks lovely, and the trees you chose are just beautiful. And oh, that little cabin on stilts is amazing! It's always a joy to see you and Cristi getting silly (what are friends for?) and the boys looking serious!
Yeah - jump for joy, baby! xxxxx

Natalia Lialina said...

Your garden will be colorful and beautiful just like you! Love the bark of that tree. I have a box in my collection made of it - one of my very favorite little boxes...

You and Cristi are so bright and gorgeous and happy here. Summertime indeed! :) Your dress is really perfect for hot days - light, breezy and fun, and so very you. You look like a gorgeous rose in full bloom. :) I love Cristi's hat - I need one like this as well. :)

Have a wonderful summer, dear!! xxxxxx

Kari S said...

Ah I want that treehouse, how cool is that??!! I love all your bright happy picture's with SUN INCLUDED!! It was a great weekend! Your pictures in the last two blog posts, so beautiful (like you!:)).

Carina Rosenholm said...

Love your plants ! Some different than what i can grow here up norht, the tree house is so cool and so are you !
love and hugs !

Forest City Fashionista said...

You and Cristi are so adorable together! Did you dye that floaty angel top or did it come that colour? I have the SAME ONE (mine's a bit shorter, but has the ribbon detail and everything), but in a cream colour, which is not so flattering on me.

You bought some very cool trees - much more unusual than what we have here. I can definitely picture you living in a tree house like that.

Anne said...

Oh my goodness, I love love love Cristi's hat! And that bag with the pom pons!! You picked some beautiful plants. I am so scared of buying plants, because I seem to kill everything. I have had really good luck with decorative grasses and my one Japanese maple. Good luck with yours!

Melanie said...

Wow, you and Cristi look amazing in all your groove factor 10 and colour, meanwhile, the men are looking very manly and sober. I think that pod would be an excellent guest house - for myself! Hurry up and grow, you trees. It must feel good to have these planted now.

Beth Waltz said...

What fascinating specimen trees you've adopted! Please show us a pix of the finished planting.

Good to see Peetee up and out and about. No doubt he and the felines will enjoy supervising the tree installation -- and exploring the holes and freshly dug dirt.

peaches mcginty said...

Beer for the gorgeous gals! oh yeah! and well behaved men drinking water, utter bliss! your all pink ensemble is just gorgeous and Cristi is yellow-tastic, and her blue dipped hair is fabulous! the trees and plants are so beautiful, I think part of the joy of having them is watching them grow and flourish (our rabbits demolish everything, pah!)x x x

Anonymous said...

Your posts are so uplifting! Love that purple smoke bush. I need one of those in my yard.

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

Oh that Vietnamese bag is delicious! I heart that pinkie pink top on you!

thorne garnet said...

You two got silly? That's hard to believe. The boys don't look too happy about the water. Beautiful plants, you yard is also beautiful

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Damn your legs are fiiiiiiiiiiiine!!!! I'd be moving outside too with a tree house like that and those gorgeous colourful trees beckoning me! I would love to stay abreast of the garden projects you're tackling, the garden is looking so lovely already, love the winding path and it's going to be so exciting to watch those exquisite trees grow and bend with the seasons. My eyes needed to see you today. xoxoxoxoxo

Nat said...

Wow! You are absolutely gorgeous in that fushia angel dress :-) Sunshine itelf...
Can't wait to see if you do build the stilt house - I will be green with envy :-)
Your garden is already the most amazing place.... it is going to be spectacular when all those fabulous trees go in! xxx