Monday, June 9, 2014

Life is made in the mistakes

Productive, that is how I would describe my weekend.  Saturday, Chris and I headed back to my Dad's to continue to clear out his house and tidy up his yard.  Some of his neighbors came out to help, these folks are like family to me now.  I also talked with Vix who walked me through how she made this bolero out of a scarf.  I promised her I would share how.  You can see her's here.  Thanks Vix, I love it!
 I started by folding my scarf in half.
Then you pin the sides but only half way up on both ends leaving the bottom open.
 and TADA!

The back

I have paired it with a cotton embroidered dress that was all of $3 and a gorgeous hat that was a gift from Vix.  

Since I am not having as much time for outfit pictures here are a few glimpses of what I wore last week.
 This dress was a goodwill score for $8.

 Peetee!!!!  My boy continues to get better:)
Can you see my adorable matryoshka ear rings?  A gift from Shelley at Forest City Fashionista, who I also talked with this weekend, what a cool chick she is!  I can't wait to chat again!

 The last meal I made for my Dad was bacon and eggs, this picture is by a favorite artist of mine Junko Mizuno and reminds me of that day.

 I found this pretty bowl at my Dad's too and I just had to keep it.  I miss him.  I kept listening to the many voice mails he left me over and over again crying.  I don't have to delete those right?
 These sweet pea flowers are a scent I look forward to this time of year.
I also look forward to hanging out with so many people that I have put on a back burner these last 6 months.  In a weird way I feel like I have let my friends down by just not being there, mentally or physically.

Things are starting to look a little brighter over here and I hope that you find yourself on the receiving end of something wonderful.

I am working on getting my JOY back.


Vix said...

I can see that you're getting your joy back, you look beautiful and your outfits are a sight to behold! Little Peetee looks far more like his usual cheeky self!
Love the gingham dress, the Russian shawl turned out fabulously and you're rocking the Welsh Tweed cap.
Your dad had a wonderful eye for colour, that bowl is gorgeous - you've obviously inherited his taste.
How lovely that you've got your Dad's voicemail messages to treasure, its Mum's voice I have so much difficulty in remembering.
Love you! xxxxxxxx

Natalia Lialina said...

Krista, you look adorable in all of your colorful gorgeous outfits! How genius is Vix's idea of a bolero/kimono thingy made of Russian platok. Love, love, love your black and white outfit with those bright florals!

So wonderful that you can listen to your Dad's voice... A good friend of ours passed away a few years ago. It was so hard. I found her record she made for me (she was an astrologer). It was like being with her again. She visits my dreams sometimes - they feel so completely real.

Petee's face made me smile!

Wishing you all the joy in the world. It's always there for you, always. Much love xxxxxx

Miss Magpie said...

This post is so full of joy I'd say you are making a damn good job of getting it back.
I love the green gingham dress. x

Connie said...

Sweet peas? Oh I must get myself to the farmers' market! So that's how you make a shawl not fall off. That Vix! So happy Peetee is up and at 'em. And keep those voice mails.

Nat said...

So many beautiful things in one post, Krista... the most beautiful being you :-)
Treasure those voicemails... such a special reminder of your dad.
I will always think of you when I see and smell sweetpeas now...

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

I would be keeping those voicemails forever.

Swee peas bring back memories at my Grandma's house and fabulous garden. {sigh} Oh to be a kid again.

You are looking bright and happy so you must be feeling a bit more like yourself.


pastcaring said...

No, you don't have to delete the voice mails, you can keep them forever. Of course you miss you dad, how could you not? But I see a brightness in you, Krista, a coming back to life. It's perfectly possible for sadness and brightness and joy to co-exist, I think. Accept each feeling as it comes, it's all fine.
I love the pic of you looking up wearing the tapestry cap from Vix, you look beautiful. The green gingham frock is gorgeous, and the bright multicoloured extravaganza of a dress is divine!
Pee tee looks happier too - Peetee and sweetpeas, the perfect combination.
That's a wonderful bowl of your dad's - he really had an eye for bold, colourful pieces. Just like you!
Sending you much love, darling, and wishing you much joy. xxxxx

Kari S said...

Yay for joy!! Dude seriously if your friends felt like that they wouldn't be your friends. And I know you well enough on here to know your friends are awesome so seriously you might as well get that out of your head. Love the bolero, super cuuuutee! Perfect for the weather right now, yes. Have a good week girlie girl.:)

Anonymous said...

What a cool hat gift from Vix! The color is a great compliment with your hair.
Your garden is looking fantastic too!

thorne garnet said...

you can keep the voice mail as long as you want.

I love the shawl to shrug (?) thing. I may have to try that, in my free time (hahaha)

Helga said...

Fark, I'm just about barfing with envy over that green gingham frock!!!
Peetee! He's looking positively sparkley, the little darling!
The bolero out of a scarf idea is fantastic!
No, you don't have to delete voicemails!! You don't have to do anything you don't want to, or are not ready for! I couldn't look at photos for years......I can now, but I still get upset, 14 years on.It's just the way it is.
You freakin' rock, baby!

Carina Rosenholm said...

Im with Helga ! That green gingham dress is amazing and i hope you twirl in it !
keep your dads voice mail for comfort !
And your little darlings recovery makes me happy .
sweden loves you !

Bobbi said...

Cute scarf bolero! I may borrow that idea.
I'm glad to hear that Peetee is feeling better. He's such a sweetie!
I would never delete those voicemails.
Your kitchen area is amazing and cheerful.
Hugs! Have a lovely week!

peaches mcginty said...

I would keep the voice-mails forever, I miss the sounds of voices, it must be quite special to have his voice there - the shrug is fab!!! I have a scarf upstairs I would love to wear as a kimono/shrug, I may have some free time soon - Peetee looks so much better too, he's a little star! and your gingham dress made me giddy with joy, it's fabulous! x x x

Vintage Bird Girl said...

My heart skipped a beat at the sight of that green gingham frock. We must have a full shot of that one!!! No doubt there will be joy filled days once again. Life throws everything at us doesn't it! Xx

Tammy McGill said...

I don't think you let anyone down. Everyone knows what a difficult time that is and I think we're all happy to see you smiling again.

What a cool idea with the scarf. The green dress is so cute on you too. <3

Cristi said...

All your friends know you've been through a tough time and of course understand. We all look forward to more happy times together. That is the way life goes sometime and only makes the good times sweeter.
My favorite pic is you and Peetee, love that you both look like your smiling and that blue sky tops of the perfection!
So nice of Vix to send you such a great hat, looks awesome and will go with so much of your stuff. And, what a excellent tip how to wear a scarf, love it!:)

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Trust me, everyone understands you've been busy. It was a very important time that demanded your full attention. You look lovely and the bolero/scarf is awesome!

freckleface said...

It's great to hear you are starting to come back to yourself Krista. It takes a while doesn't it? I lost a lot of friends when I was so absorbed in looking after my Mum, but the true ones understand and don't expect more than you can give at any time. Look at Peeeettteeeee! That boy is so cute, I just want to squeeze him! That Russian shawl is a beauty. Goes perfectly with that Hungarian handbag, love anything folksy. Ah yes, the voice, it's so key to a person. We have one tape of my dad but it doesn't really sound like him. He was describing a long boring driving journey and it doesn't have his usual humour in it. You most definitely should keep that forever. Hopefully in time, it won't make you cry. xxxxxxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

You keep those voicemails as LONG as you want to! Pfft - don't you fuss about letting your friends down - those that love you will understand that your attention was needed elsewhere. Glad to see you, and Peetee, looking perkier.

That is the coolest $3 dress I've ever seen ( I think it would look fab with the zebra converse, hmmm?)That is such a cute Welsh tapestry cap - the colours look great with your hair.

You're a pretty awesome Sweetpea yourself ;)

Jean at said...

Had to stop by and say hello. Your shawl thingy is perfect, as is Vix's. I plan on making one!! I'm sending love as you put one Converse-clad foot in front of the other. I still have a pair for you here, waiting patiently for their new home.

I heard you when you said 6 months...I'm taking notes as I surrender to the unknown.

Love you!! You really do radiate and bring joy. XXOO

Beth Waltz said...

It's heartening to see you and Peetee out in the sun, enjoying the flowers! Soak up those healing rays while giving yourselves time to heal.

The bowl is a lovely way to remember your Dad. Some colors 'belong' to people we know. I'm thinking of the planter Vix decorated in 'your' colors -- and the lovely ladies I see who wear 'Krista pink' hair!

Anne said...

You look so beautiful. I love the pictures of your pretty toes and billowing skirt and the sweet peas in a Smucker's jar made me smile big time. Your dad sure is smiling at you.

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

Dang, I wish our Goodwill sold vintage!! I'm loving that green gingham. Your art collection is superb. I wish I could come hang out with you!!!

Trees said...

Peetee looks so much better and so do you my lovely! I'm so glad to see you again so joyful. I do love that picture, I think its wonderful to have something like that to remind you of the last meal you made for your Dad. Also someday when I come to visit, you're going to have to take me to some of the thrift stores you visit - because even though I can't see all of that green dress I know its INCREDIBLE!