Monday, June 16, 2014

Love is thicker than blood

Today I feel content and grateful, that's what a wonderful weekend will do to you.  Friday I took off  work, got a haircut, hung out with Cristi and hooked up with some other friends for dinner.  An entire day of playing!
 She's silly :)
 Michelle is my stylist at MAGDOLLS and she is wonderfully talented!
 Not too much just a few inches.
After we did some window shopping.

Hopefully I talked Cristi out of this purchase.  I love the jacket it's gorgeous but it's too big for her and over a $100.  That is the face she gave me when I told her, nope put it back :)  Tough love baby!
I had to sneak this funny picture in from last week when I had lunch with Kathi and Brianna.  We went to the Sock Shop afterwards and they got these.  Brianna also drove us there and that was pretty AWESOME! (and a lil scary at times)  shhhh
I had dinner with my other friend Cathy and her pal Margo who was visiting from California.

On Saturday I spent the day at my Dad's and emptied out the rest of his home.  It will go on the market this month.  It was weird and as I look at this picture I feel my heart get heavy.
 I found these.
 My Dad loved tea.
On the way home I stopped by my friend Tammy's so I could meet her Dad who was visiting her for Father's day.
Fiona her daughter and I made some funny sentences.
 and faces :)
 and on Sunday, Father's Day I had Chris's step Dad and family over to celebrate.  I thought this outfit was appropriate.
 Almost there....

 After the BBQ I headed over to Cathy's to say bye to Margo.
All three of us have lost our Dads so it was nice to just sit around sipping tea and share some stories about them.
Life goes on, we move on but our Dads will always own a tiny piece of our hearts.


Vix said...

Those celebratory days are really hard and extra hard as your Dad's only just gone. Well done for staying cheerful and fabulous.
Your hair looks gorgeous and so does that shop but you're right, save your money, Cristi something will come along just as fab and the right size!
Looks like one heck of a busy and friend filled weekend.
Speak soon! Love you! xxxxx

Vix said...
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Carina Rosenholm said...

Wish you could be here with us ! You fit right in and we would have some great times !
looks like you had a great weekend - friends are the best .
Love and hugs ...

Miss Magpie said...

It's good to hear you got through the day so well, you look lovely and how amazing is that mushroom teapot????

La Dama said...

I am so sorry about your Papi.I just feek that he is strongly around you and your family.I cant believe how long your hair has gotten.loving that lovely Mexican oil cloth square dress.


Lally said...

What a beautiful post, so wonderful that you have so many good friends around you. That vintage shop looks incredible! Lally XX

Beth Waltz said...

Your hair is poetry in motion, swinging to a sweet heart beat...

Someday you must give us a broader view of Magdolls! Verry interesting!

Jean at said...

Wow, pink hair is perfect with black and white ensembles!! So glad you could spend time with wonderful friends. You're taking care of yourself, hurray!! I miss Portland and can't wait to come back and really connect.


pastcaring said...

Yes, life is always better with friends! I am so glad you had a good weekend, it could have been really sad and difficult to have Fathers Day so close to your Dad's death, but it sounds like you remembered him but kept yourself afloat.
Your hair looks amazing, it's fabulous to see you in the company of so many gorgeous women, poor Cristi's sad face is adorable, and your whole weekend was obviously full of good fun, food and company - that's the way to do it!
Love you! xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I haven't been about much lately or read/commented on much either I forgot how much I love your posts and style and I got a little chocked at this:Life goes on, we move on but our Dads will always own a tiny piece of our hearts. I too have lost my father and I love reminiscing about old times and funny stories. ps the socks look so cool!!

señora Allnut said...

glad you've enjoyed your weekend with friends, chatting and playing and looking so fabulous!!

Shybiker said...

Boy, you've got lots of friends! And lots of style, too.

Anonymous said...

I can just feel the perfect day you had. Somehow when we take a day off from our jobs it has a tendency to feel even better than a Saturday. Makes me think of days when I use to skip school.
That top photo is fantastic. Took me a while to figure out how it was possible!

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Your weekend looks fun! Cristi's sparkle jacket is pretty fly... I can see why she wants it!

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

So happy to see you out having some fun and smiling. I know it can't be easy.

That is too bad about that amazing sparkly Joseph Dreamcoat. It was a bit big though.

You hair. Your hair. It is all about that amazing hair. Just gorgeous.


Cristi said...

It is so weird to see your Dad's house empty now, makes me sad too. Good thing he liked to take so many house pics so we can remember it in all it's glory. I'm glad he made so many people happy with his things. I know that would've made him very happy so that can be comforting and a wonderful way to honor him.

You and Vix are right I'll find the perfect one, so crushed it didn't fit. I wish it wasn't so much so we could have passed it on to one of the Blogging Goddesses and kept it in the family.;)

I also can't wait to return to Magbig what fun we had there! I hope the tacos were better this time, but if not at least you had great company! And, those socks are awesome, as is Kathi for being such a cool mom to buy them!:)

I wish it was our fun day today, I could use a little thrift lift!;)

Kari S said...

I thought about you on Sunday and hoped you where doing well. Looks like you did great! That's the first time I've seen you in black and of course I love it since that is my number one go to color.:) But pink is sooooo you! So many friends, lucky girl! Bill and I realized we need to make friends here. We left most of our friends behind. So this weekend, for whatever reason I was missing friends and home. Cherish them, I know you do. And good Lord your hair is so pretty, I always look for it when I'm out. I just know I'm going to run into you eventually. It's my MO, after all (I'll have to tell you the story of finding an old friend here within one week of moving to Portland. Have a good hopefully sunny rest of the week after today, eeerr week? Wait what did I just say?!

freckleface said...

Yes, those days are tough, that sounds like a good idea to get together with people in the same position and talk about your dads. It's good that they keep a piece of our hearts, they deserve it. Your hair is spectacular! So gorgeous. Well done on finishing your dad's house. You've managed it so well. It took me months to sort out my mum's. I so love Kristi's face in that picture. How cute is she?! Xxxxxxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Hoo boy that was a tough one for you Krista. I'm glad you had some really good company on Dad's Day, hopefully it helped you to get through a difficult weekend. It was a great idea to take Friday off for pretty-fication and vintage shopping. You found some fab teapots at Phil's, the first one has me swooning here! Big hugs love. xoxoxoxo

peaches mcginty said...

What a weekend!! you have been sooo busy and of course with MAGNIFICENT hair and overall awesome-ness, I did a sad face too for Cristi, you are right but oh my gah! it's fabulous! Cristi will definitely find her piece of lovely though! that vintage shop is gorgeous, so much pretty!
It's good you had such wonderful company too on such a hard weekend, a lot of love is always good, take care lovely x x x

Tammy McGill said...

That is such a cute picture of you and Fiona. I'm so glad you could come by. Your dad had some of the coolest stuff. <3