Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer turns everything up

Everything is better in the summer, except snow that's just ridiculous.  I've had a mix of merriment fill my evenings once my workday is done.  Lately my time is spent making all sorts of pretty things usually sitting peacefully on my deck listening to music hanging out with humming birds, squirrels, bees, butterflies, dragon flies and of course my critters.
 This is my latest creation.  I love these silk tassels so comfy to wear and they have a slight sheen to them in the sun.

I also made this one.

I have found some beautiful embroidered work out of Thailand and this piece I glued to the back of an old pink jacket.
I found this bag at Red Light, I think it was $6.
 This skirt was also a thrift score at $4.
Ash still drives me crazy but at least she's cute:)

Peetee has really taken to his new diet and this weekend he will be spoiled with a trip to the beach for a few days.
Chris and I are going to Cannon Beach to pick out a spot to spread my Dad's ashes when my sister comes up next month.
I still get regular updates about Dylan, my Dad's old dog.
He has turned into a country boy, hangs out with horses and even these deer!  Peetee and I are going to go see him soon.

And just cause I love a good belly laugh, check out these snaps my niece just sent me.  Can you spot me?  My sister?
 See I've always had the "HAIR"  These are from my step sisters wedding circa 1990.
Remember the days of Aqua Net?

Monday, July 21, 2014

She shoots her colors all around, like a sunset going down...

Stopped at a red light, I glanced to the car next to me and saw a guy eating a bowl of cereal.  The car behind that had a gal applying mascara.  Is it just me or are these all tasks that should be completed at home and NOT in a car you are attempting to drive.  People.  Sometimes I love them most of the time they cause me to shake my head in disbelief.  Maybe I have been working from home for too long :)
Friday was spent with Cristi and we had lunch and shopped and I got to wear this fabulous dress and see Cristi laugh with wild abandon!
One of my favorite thrift stores in Portland is the Village Merchant.  Bargain prices and the most insane collection of interesting stuff!

 Cristi bought a set of these picnic trays for $21.

I found this box set and inside a beautifully illustrated book.

 Two new hats each $5.
 This to hang over my Chinese chair.
I thought my dress went perfectly with my crafted necklace.
 The belt I made with some Hmong fabric.

I also made Cristi a new necklace, she's into that show Once upon a Time.
 She's rocking a dress she made for herself a few years back.

 We ate...

and had so much fun we did it again Saturday night with the boys!
 I wore another beautiful cotton Mexican frock!

 Cristi wore a beautiful KMK dress.

 I met Bruno a 160 lb St. Bernard.

and finished the weekend by making this necklace.  I have been going to the same Farmers Market now for 7 years.  On Saturday, at one of my favorite stands, a gal who works there came up to me and said that every time she see's me she starts singing that Rolling Stones song, She's a Rainbow.
It was one of the sweetest things anyone has ever said to me.  I made this for her and can't wait to give it to her along with a big hug for making me feel so loved and appreciated.  
Thank you stranger, I LOVE YOU!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sweet memories

Last weekend I was lucky enough to be invited over to Chris's Mom's cousins house to take a look at 100 years worth of memories.  Her Mom recently died and she was getting ready for an estate sale.  Her family was one of the first homesteaders here in Oregon which means they received land for free from the government.  They even have a street named after them, WALKER.  The most beautiful treasury was this gentleman's chair hand carved and full of mother of pearl.  It has history too because it used to be in the old Portland Hotel that was demolished in 1950.  They had two on very floor outside the elevator.
Since she was not keeping this I was able to purchase it from her and
 now it happily sits in my living room.  Its over 100 years old and in great shape for its age.
 But it used to live here.
I got to listen to family stories which are always more interesting when they are not your own.
 and find things like this, the first view finder dating back to the late 1890's.

 The photos were amazing and from various countries.

I had never seen such a fancy shitter!

Or a glass globe from the 30's that still lights up.
Beautiful armoire that was her fathers, who was an impeccable dresser.
The red wallpaper below is what covered the walls of her fathers home in the 1900's.
I got to take this home and this sweet nursing chair.
It belonged to her Aunt and this is also about 100 years old.  It rocks and perfect for playing video games in:)  The estate sale is in September so if any of you are local I'll post details before so you can check it out if you want too.
 I had to share this beautiful dress I got from the Kinky Melon stock, or VIX as we know her.
 I love it as I don't own too many white dresses.  A favorite thing to do when Vix and I Skype is too check out what new treasures she has added to the shop.
They included this awesome combo for Chris.
 a killer vest for me
 This funky bag
 a toy for Ash and me

I have been loving anything ethnic! I made this choker from some bits I got from a shop in Thailand.
 I love it!
 Just like I love the sun which has been beating down on us.
 The light colors really help you stay cooler.
Although I'm pretty cool:)

This week has kinda kicked my ass and since this post is all over the place I'll end it with something even more random.  PEETEE!
Peetee is making a nice slow recovery but does not seem like the same dog.  I have started him on a new diet of dehydrated raw food and goats milk.  Have any of you ever tried this with your animals?  I am told this combo will work wonders!

I hope everyone is doing well!  Enjoy the weekend too!