Thursday, July 3, 2014

Live your very own fairy tale

Heading into a nice long holiday weekend always makes me excited.  Things have been busy in my life and I am in need of a few chill days to just relax in the yard.  I have some crafty projects that are in mid swing too and those are calling my name.
 Rocking my KMK leggings and hanging with Cristi's cats.

 I added some purple to Cristi's already epic blue ends.

My friends have two of the sweetest girls you could ever hope to meet. I surprised them with fairy doors for their birthdays.  Then we took pictures.


 I have always wanted to do something like this if I had girls of my own.  I love that my friend let me share in this bit of childhood wonder.

 Sister Love!

I have much more to share but I think I have to end this post with this sweet photo.  Have a lovely weekend!


Kari S said...

How the hell did I miss so many posts?! For one Christi's hair looks freakin *amazing.* It looks like feathers are on the bottom of her hair! I love the fairy doors! And you have a good long weekend, since you mentioned it maybe I'll do some crafty stuff too.......or ride Daisy (my motorcycle) and keep getting burnt (because I'm dumb like that!). Happy 4th!! XOXO!!

Wee Wendy said...

I took some dolls house furniture to the woods last week and tucked it into the hollows at the bottom of some of the trees. When the Nursery children arrived I said nothing... Oh it was magical! So much talk of fairies and magic and little people. Loved it! Your friends children will always remember their fairy doors! x

Natalia Lialina said...

How wonderful, sweet and fairy-tale-ish! This is a great collection of beautiful people, Krista! Your friend's hair looks fantastic, I wonder if Cristi will go all the way some day or not? :)

Enjoy your break! Have a great one!!! xxxxx

pastcaring said...

Oh those little doors are... adorable! And you are lovely, to do something so delightful for the girls' birthdays. Aren't those sisters gorgeous?
As are you and Cristi! Fab frocks and leggings, and such amazing hair!
Looking forward to seeing your craft projects, hope you have a fabulous long weekend, Krista! xxx

Anonymous said...

Such lovely fairy princesses in your garden. And there's those great frames again.
Happy 4th Krista!

Connie said...

Those doors are the cutest. Seriously. The Cutest!!!

Carina Rosenholm said...

So cute ! And so thoughtful of you - happy sistersto have you in their life !
Have a great weekend !
hugs !

Sue said...

I have a fairy door in my garden, my potter friend made some so it is tucked at the base of a big tree, slightly hidden. I love the magic of imagination. Gorgeous little girls.

Beth Waltz said...

Thank you, Krista, for offering us so many scoops of love for our 4th of July feast! It's good to see you surrounded by furry and fur-less friends. The last two pix, Sister Love and Waiting, deserve to be matted and framed for the girls' descendants to cherish!

Forest City Fashionista said...

You and Cristi are two of the most funky, fun and stylish dolls I've ever seen and I so hope I get to hang out with you two one day.

I would have loved to have had a grownup friend like you when I was the same age as those little girls. Fairy doors are the best presents ever.

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

Those fairy doors are so cute! Just like the sweet little girls : )


peaches mcginty said...

The fairy doors!! oh my goodness aren't they so special and look at those adorable little girls faces looking at them, fairies are very magical indeed (yes, I do believe in them, I do!) I love Cristi's purple hair, she is more mermaid by the day, you two gals are just awesome x x x

PinkCheetahVintage said...

They have fairy doors on one of the streets in Asheville and we always enjoy walking by them and discussing what the fairies are like that live there. Dang that purple you added to your girl's hair is pretty epic.

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

Where I live, the City has installed "fairy doors" all over downtown for kids to find, but they don't call them fairy doors. They're just called "little doors". That doesn't sound fun at all does it? Let's go find the Little Doors! Boooo.

Ariane Lasalle said...

Hi Krista!
Oh boy! it has been a while that i commented on your wonderful blog!
I was kind of flat the past weeks, but i'm getting better -
I see that you are doing well and bringing smiles to the world- We need people like you Krista, and thank God you are there!



Vix said...

I bet those sweet little girls are thrilled to have you in their life!! You are every child's dream!
Love Cristi's purple ends and your massive big grin.
Can't wait to chat!
Love you! xxxxxxxxx

Trees said...

Wow! How great are those fairy doors? What an awesome present. I love the purple hair!! Sometimes I wish I hadn't so thoroughly dyed my hair black for so many years so I could actually add some colour!