Monday, July 21, 2014

She shoots her colors all around, like a sunset going down...

Stopped at a red light, I glanced to the car next to me and saw a guy eating a bowl of cereal.  The car behind that had a gal applying mascara.  Is it just me or are these all tasks that should be completed at home and NOT in a car you are attempting to drive.  People.  Sometimes I love them most of the time they cause me to shake my head in disbelief.  Maybe I have been working from home for too long :)
Friday was spent with Cristi and we had lunch and shopped and I got to wear this fabulous dress and see Cristi laugh with wild abandon!
One of my favorite thrift stores in Portland is the Village Merchant.  Bargain prices and the most insane collection of interesting stuff!

 Cristi bought a set of these picnic trays for $21.

I found this box set and inside a beautifully illustrated book.

 Two new hats each $5.
 This to hang over my Chinese chair.
I thought my dress went perfectly with my crafted necklace.
 The belt I made with some Hmong fabric.

I also made Cristi a new necklace, she's into that show Once upon a Time.
 She's rocking a dress she made for herself a few years back.

 We ate...

and had so much fun we did it again Saturday night with the boys!
 I wore another beautiful cotton Mexican frock!

 Cristi wore a beautiful KMK dress.

 I met Bruno a 160 lb St. Bernard.

and finished the weekend by making this necklace.  I have been going to the same Farmers Market now for 7 years.  On Saturday, at one of my favorite stands, a gal who works there came up to me and said that every time she see's me she starts singing that Rolling Stones song, She's a Rainbow.
It was one of the sweetest things anyone has ever said to me.  I made this for her and can't wait to give it to her along with a big hug for making me feel so loved and appreciated.  
Thank you stranger, I LOVE YOU!


Vix said...

Mick could've written that song for you - perfect! I shall think of you each time in hear it!
That Mexi dress is a dress with the crazy ass pendant and you certainly scored with those hats. I could spent hours in that place - what a shop!
Love Cristi's me-made frock, its a beauty. Loving her picnic trays, too. I can see you dressing up as 1960s airline stewardesses with them.
That St Bernard is bastard massive, Peetee would come up to his knee (if dogs have them)
Stupid drivers, so many about. I hate the ones who think they are above the law.
Love you! xxxxxxx

mondoagogo said...

Man, I want to see the "beautifully illustrated book", where is it you TEASE.

I like your Hmong belt -- actually just a couple of months ago I made a fabric belt from some beautiful embroidered fabric my great aunt brought back from Hong Kong in the 80s. I was so pleased to finally be able to use the fabric, but the belt doesn't work with anything I own! (and I tried everything in my wardrobe!) I think you've inspired me to try again. There must be *something* :)

Natalia Lialina said...

Dear Krista, you ARE a rainbow! How wonderful to meet people who see it in you!! I remember you once were called a Human Flower too. Both titles are so truly yours!

I thought as I was looking at your first outfit that it is ART. All the details you've picked, from the fantastic necklace to the belt which you made yourself, very artfully add to this embroidered magnificent dress! And I see that you successfully wear your fancy shoes with the second colorful outfit - great job. :)

I enjoyed Cristi's self-made dress and kitty shoes, so adorable!

I agree with you about driving. Driving is already multitasking by nature, I can't imagine adding more things that require attention to something THAT complicated when your life and other people's lives depend on how you do this task.

Great shopping place - loved the atmosphere, I would probably enjoy going there too.

Have a splendid summer, our dearest rainbow! :) xxxxxxxx

Ariane Lasalle said...

Yes you are a rainbow indeed!
I know what you are saying about people doing what they are not suppose to do in their cars - I see it all the time in the subway - People putting on makeup, eating, changing clothes etc...the list goes on and on...
I do love too a great spot with awesome deals, isn't great?
Your mexican dress is perfect for you!
Yes your are le plus bel arc-en-ciel de la bloggesphere!
Translation - you are the most beautiful rainbow on the bloggersphere!



thorne garnet said...

and people wonder why I don't drive (besides the bad eyes) You ARE THE RAINBOW! Or a giant bag of skittles!

Helga said...

O, feck, that red frock is a HUMMER! So divoon, and splendid with the Hmong belt you made, and that amazing choker!!!!
I was crossing the road the other day, and the car I walked in front of had a lady absorbed in her cell phone!I gave her the EVIL EYE!!! It IS amazing what people will distract themselves with when doing one of the MOST dangerous things a person can do! Deathwish-they have it!
Huzzah to some fun with Cristi, both looking incredible! Being the meat in that sandwich would be a delight!

Beth Waltz said...

What a perfectly poised people-watcher you are, Krista, scrutinizing the croissant chomper at your side.

Do keep a sharp eye out for persons driving whilst doing whatever! I've witnessed a woman on a cell call literally bounce off a highway barricade and keep on driving and talking!

A friend who wears a cop car swears he was rear-ended while cruising in the fast lane -- by a driver who motioned to him (with the hand hold a cell phone) to get out of the way. He did not.

Ivy Black said...

You are a rainbow, darling!
I know what you mean. I quite often see people stuffing bowls of ceral in their cars. Lately I've seen it on buses too which is plain nasty. People on their mobiles piss me off now end and when I get a chance, I tell them. I mean, how potentially dangerous is driving? More than ever these days with so many tossers tanking along like they own the road.Why add more things to do when you already have enough to concentrate on just driving? Grrrrrrr.
Anyway, you are lovely, that Mexi frock is fabulous and it's great to see you have such a laugh with Cristi. You are a wondrous ladies.
I was talking to the chap who's rebuilding our Chevy engine, and he says that Portland is the best place in the US! It ceratinly looks it.

pastcaring said...

I always associate that song with you too!
I was talking with my friend Sue last night, and we came to the conclusion that 97% of people are twats. It was a detailed and complex calculation process, involving wine... And twats doing ridiculous things while driving are especially dreadful. But then, there are people like the girl at the market who make you feel better about the world, so that's good!
Love both your pink frocks, especially the embroidered one, the photo of Cristi laughing is just wonderful, the thrift store looks brilliant, and the jewellery you make is beautiful. A happy, colourful and positive post, to counteract the idiots, Krista - excellent! xxx

Nat said...

It really winds me up when people don't concentrate on their driving too! Come up behind someone weaving all over the place... invariably, they are busy fiddling with their car radio, putting on make-up or texting! I'm perhaps becoming a cantankerous old woman who also works from home :-)
You truly are a rainbow of life's rich colours, Krista :-)
What gorgeous new things you have :-) And just love Christi's nail colour!

Bobbi said...

Great dresses on both you and Cristi - and when will KMK be selling those fun dresses along with her leggings?
The thrift shop looks like so much fun to explore.
Every piece of jewelry you make is brilliant. You are an amazing artist.

Carina Rosenholm said...

Oh ... every thing looks so great and you two are really having fun ! Pretty dresses and neclaces . Im in love with the one you made for Krista !

Forest City Fashionista said...

I think I have to agree with Curtise about 97% of the population. I can't believe the number of people who eat, text, phone, apply makeup, etc. while driving. Even as a pedestrian, it scares me.

You and Kristi are a double rainbow of awesomeness. It would be so much fun to go thrifting with you at the Village Merchant. Love all the dresses here, especially your red/pink tiered one, which looks amazing with your beaded necklace.

peaches mcginty said...

Shitty drivers freak me out, wft! seriously, there is just no need for it! Curtise's calculations and consequent conclusion is hilarious! and probably spot on haha! you are a glorious rainbow and now the song is implanted in me! you and Cristi are divinely dressed and your first dress is swoonsome, so pretty x x x

PinkCheetahVintage said...

You two look gorgeous!! I adore the beaded necklace you are wearing. I want to go to that thrift store!!

Tammy McGill said...

When are you gonna take me to that thrift store? ;) You're right about the dress and the choker. Cute

Trees said...

I've said it before and I will say it again - you and Cristi have the BEST lady dates! I love all your Mexican frocks - so pretty and is Cristi's black and white dress a walkaway dress?

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

I love that song and it really does suit you to a tee. What a wonderful joyous comment for someone to make. Just a big hug for the heart.

PS That creepy baby freaked me out! LOL


topchelseagirl said...

You look like you are having so much fun and that thrift store - I'd love a good rummage in there.