Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer turns everything up

Everything is better in the summer, except snow that's just ridiculous.  I've had a mix of merriment fill my evenings once my workday is done.  Lately my time is spent making all sorts of pretty things usually sitting peacefully on my deck listening to music hanging out with humming birds, squirrels, bees, butterflies, dragon flies and of course my critters.
 This is my latest creation.  I love these silk tassels so comfy to wear and they have a slight sheen to them in the sun.

I also made this one.

I have found some beautiful embroidered work out of Thailand and this piece I glued to the back of an old pink jacket.
I found this bag at Red Light, I think it was $6.
 This skirt was also a thrift score at $4.
Ash still drives me crazy but at least she's cute:)

Peetee has really taken to his new diet and this weekend he will be spoiled with a trip to the beach for a few days.
Chris and I are going to Cannon Beach to pick out a spot to spread my Dad's ashes when my sister comes up next month.
I still get regular updates about Dylan, my Dad's old dog.
He has turned into a country boy, hangs out with horses and even these deer!  Peetee and I are going to go see him soon.

And just cause I love a good belly laugh, check out these snaps my niece just sent me.  Can you spot me?  My sister?
 See I've always had the "HAIR"  These are from my step sisters wedding circa 1990.
Remember the days of Aqua Net?


Vix said...

Fabulousness overload!!
Lets talk about your big hair first! I could spot you a mile off. I've always loved massive curls, I'd have died with envy at your hair circa 1990!
You've scored big time with all that ethnic gorgeousness. I love it all. Your tassel necklaces are a million times better than anything I've seen in magazines. The glued on patch is bloody brilliant.
Great news about Peetee and of your plans for a beach trip. I bet your Dad would be delighted.
Lovely to see Dylan being rewarded for his faithfulness and Ash being mental.
Love you! xxxxxx

Natalia Lialina said...

You are BEAUUUUTIFUL with your gorgeous big red hair!!!
Cannon Beach is such a magnificent place, one of the best I have ever been to.
I love all your finds and creations - so vibrant, so full of life, so very you!!!
And please let me know what is your email address, I couldn't find it anywhere on Google page (maybe I don't know where to look for it), or email me inthewriterscloset at gmail
I would LOVE to meet with you! I am pretty flexible with my schedule, though it can be unpredictable as we are in the process of relocation. But I would be soooo happy to meet you here!
Lots of love and hugs!

Tammy McGill said...

I love those old photos of you. Is that your natural red? I like it, its still bright and it suits you.

pastcaring said...

HAIR! Huge magnificent hair! Like Vix, I would have been so envious of your hair back then, I paid a fortune getting it permed to look like that, though it didn't ever look as good as yours!
Those pink and orange tassels match your hair, the necklace is perfect! You have certainly got your creative mojo working at the moment, Krista, and it's so good to see. I love the patch on the jacket too, and that skirt is a beauty.
Ash looks like she might try and eat Peetee, no wonder he looks a little worried! Mad cats, I love 'em - Nina and I were just saying this afternoon we would like a grey cat, so Ash can always come for a holiday with Auntie Curtise... One more won't make much difference!
Good to know Peetee is feeling a little perkier, and that Dylan has settled into his new home. A trip to the beach sounds lovely, and I'm sure you will find just the right spot for your dad's ashes.
You sound bright and happy, Krista, I'm so pleased! xxxx

Helga said...

O, Peetee looks so SMUG in his allure! SQUEEZE! And a little extra one for Ash!!!
Baby, that's some magnificent hair!!!! Farking FANTASMO! I am jealous of your volume! I still adore big hair, just wish I had some! Thank goodness for padding!
Now, those tassle necklaces are just gorgeous! Clever tart, you! Your creativity is boundless and so inspiring to me.
You fecking ROCK, hottie! Love you! XXXXXXX

Miss Magpie said...

I'd have been so jealous of your hair, I'm jealous of it now!

Those tassel necklaces are so pretty. I hope you have a lovely time at the beach and find the right spot.

Gracey the Giant said...

Wow. Your hair was amazing. Of course I knew which one was you; I'd know that precious face anywhere! So happy to see Peetee doing so well and I love the tasseled pieces!

thorne garnet said...

Hair for days if not weeks. Yeah, mine looked like the too.

Ash is a cutey and Peetee is looking better every photo.

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

HA! My sister had that same dress for prom!! Your ethnic pieces are so delicious and I want a tassel necklace! Sell me one!

Nat said...

Wow! You were so gorgeous back then too.... amazing hair :-)
Love that new skirt - what a find!
Have a good trip this weekend - sure you will find the perfect spot for your dad....

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

Oh wow! Look at the hair!

I die for that skirt.

Also I think you need to do a DIY for those silk tassels.

Have a good trip I'm sure it will be emotional


Kari S said...

Some people look so dang different from their earlier pictures they have to point to who they are in the picture. But not you! You look pretty much the same but have MAD style now! I seriously love your necklaces, you should sell them. I think they would do great!

Beth Waltz said...

The little blue tassel confection reminds me of borage blossoms -- wearing this necklace would feel like wearing flowers!

This is a very tactile post, Krista. One would like to pat Peetee, mad Ash, and your glorious HAIR of once-upon-a-time. (Of course, I remember glomming up mirrors with AquaNet! And it's still very useful at settling sketches.)

Forest City Fashionista said...

I spotted you right away - OMG, what fabulous fiery hair!!! That is the kind of hair I dreamed of having when I was a kid.

I'm glad that Dylan is living the country life, and that Peetee is adjusting to the new food. I'm sure you will both enjoy the beach trip, even though the occasion is a melancholy one.

Your jewellery is just so pretty, and smile-inducing (I was wearing my necklace from you yesterday) The tassel necklaces are soooo awesome!

freckleface said...

Man alive that's HAIR! I want it! I could spot you a mile off. Great pics! Love All of your recent buys and makes, you are obviously in the zone. Good luck with this weekend, i hope you find the perfect spot. I am so pleased to hear about both pooches, Peetee and Dylan. Your dad would be so thrilled that it turned out well for his faithful friend. Xxxxx

peaches mcginty said...

You have hair I was/am desperate for!! big hair is beautiful hair, always! and I could totally spot you! you gorgeous woman! your tassle necklaces are divine and all of your creations and finds, the skirt is especially delicious! Petee is looking so much better and a kitty at your feet is a lovely thing, it's also good to hear about Dylan settling in so well too x x x

PinkCheetahVintage said...

I love the old photos!!!! I always dreamed of big wavy hair {{sigh}} That little purse is amazing and I'm obsessed with all your tassels, embroidered patchwork, and the floral, almost folk print looking skirt.

Ariane Lasalle said...

Love the old photo and look at your gorgeous hair! Unbelievable fabulous hair, it's insane!
I love your new necklace, my favorite so far!

Take lovely Krista


Lally said...

Oh woah what a fab post! That skirt , that bag!! There's so much loveliness! Love the old photographs, your hair was incredible (and still is!) XX

Trees said...

I am so happy to see you picking up all these lovely cross-stitched and embroidered pieces! Sometimes I see them in the second hand stores gathering dust. I LOVE the 1990s photos. Just a question (you don't have to answer) when did you first start getting tattoos? If its too personal don't feel like you have to answer!

Nerd Burger said...

I am so happy that Peetee is doing better. Enjoy your time down the beach. I love the old pic of you. You look incredible. That hair is wicked cool.

Nerd Burger said...
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Nerd Burger said...
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Nerd Burger said...
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Nerd Burger said...
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topchelseagirl said...

I love those tassel necklaces! You should sell them (perhaps you already do.)

topchelseagirl said...

I love those tassel necklaces! You should sell them (perhaps you already do.)