Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sweet memories

Last weekend I was lucky enough to be invited over to Chris's Mom's cousins house to take a look at 100 years worth of memories.  Her Mom recently died and she was getting ready for an estate sale.  Her family was one of the first homesteaders here in Oregon which means they received land for free from the government.  They even have a street named after them, WALKER.  The most beautiful treasury was this gentleman's chair hand carved and full of mother of pearl.  It has history too because it used to be in the old Portland Hotel that was demolished in 1950.  They had two on very floor outside the elevator.
Since she was not keeping this I was able to purchase it from her and
 now it happily sits in my living room.  Its over 100 years old and in great shape for its age.
 But it used to live here.
I got to listen to family stories which are always more interesting when they are not your own.
 and find things like this, the first view finder dating back to the late 1890's.

 The photos were amazing and from various countries.

I had never seen such a fancy shitter!

Or a glass globe from the 30's that still lights up.
Beautiful armoire that was her fathers, who was an impeccable dresser.
The red wallpaper below is what covered the walls of her fathers home in the 1900's.
I got to take this home and this sweet nursing chair.
It belonged to her Aunt and this is also about 100 years old.  It rocks and perfect for playing video games in:)  The estate sale is in September so if any of you are local I'll post details before so you can check it out if you want too.
 I had to share this beautiful dress I got from the Kinky Melon stock, or VIX as we know her.
 I love it as I don't own too many white dresses.  A favorite thing to do when Vix and I Skype is too check out what new treasures she has added to the shop.
They included this awesome combo for Chris.
 a killer vest for me
 This funky bag
 a toy for Ash and me

I have been loving anything ethnic! I made this choker from some bits I got from a shop in Thailand.
 I love it!
 Just like I love the sun which has been beating down on us.
 The light colors really help you stay cooler.
Although I'm pretty cool:)

This week has kinda kicked my ass and since this post is all over the place I'll end it with something even more random.  PEETEE!
Peetee is making a nice slow recovery but does not seem like the same dog.  I have started him on a new diet of dehydrated raw food and goats milk.  Have any of you ever tried this with your animals?  I am told this combo will work wonders!

I hope everyone is doing well!  Enjoy the weekend too!


Vix said...

That chair is incredible, I'm so pleased you were able to buy it and keep it in the family. The nursing chair, deco wardrobe, that wallpaper, the globe....I'd love to have seen how elegant the ladies of the family were. If that's how they furnished their home can you imagine how incredibly that must have dressed.
The Punjabi way of farming is pretty much the way its still done now. Passing the farms in India on the train is like stepping back in time 200 years!
Love the dress and vest on you and I'm dying over that choker.
That pretty rose dress is gorgeous, too.
I was chatting to a lady today who was a reiki practitioner, she reckons it works wonders on animals. Wonder if that's worth a shot?
Love you! xxxxxxxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

Yes, you are the COOLEST! What amazing pieces of history Chris' relative had - the hand-carved chair is beautiful, and I would love to have that armoire in my bedroom.

The choker is a delightful work of art - I wish we could have jewellery-making sessions together!

I'm sad that Peetee's ordeal has left him noticeably changed. I hope a new diet, or perhaps some therapeutic touch as Vix suggested might help. My ratty girl has pneumonia again (or still) so she's my main focus at the moment. We love our fur babies.

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Just wow. That chair and Cristi's family's other stuff... Absolutely incredible. Also, the vest from Vix!!!!! And the choker!!!!!!! Loveeeeee!

mondoagogo said...

That chair is AMAZING, although it doesn't look very comfortable -- but it's got an OBD :) How marvellous to know and connect personally to its history. And I love the light-up globe (a friend of mine has a light up moon globe that I totally covet).

I like your pretty locket too.

Helga said...

O, my LORD and LADY!!! So MUCH fabularse!!!! Feck me!
The chair, the globe, the armoire, the choker, your frock....these are just the tip of the iceberg and what I like most of all!
Nice haul!!!
O, darling Peetee. Do give him a big squeeze from me!

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

That first chair is STUPID awesome! I've been on a super ethnic boho kick too lately. I think it's from shopping for my gypsy garb for this year's faire. That vest looks good enough to eat. I'm gonna come over and lick it!

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

Wow that choker is spectacular!

I hope Petee feels better with the new diet. Poor guy.


Beth Waltz said...

Vix is absolutely spot on with the Peetee treatment proposal: "healing hands" have kept me mobile well beyond the anticipated expiration date. Another game-changer is a pet fountain with filters (metal bowl only!) that encourages rehydration. Poor little guy has a boatload of toxins to unload!

That assembled choker is fascinating! Well crafted!

Tammy McGill said...

Wow, that is some awesome old stuff you got! I would love to check out the estate sale, even of it's just to look.

Your choker is pretty dang cool too. I hope Peetee gets back to being himself soon. I bet the whole thing has been tough on him.

Jean at said...

What amazing pieces!! The inlaid chair is extraordinary. I love old pictures. I remember seeing a stereoscope and the double pictures (stereograph?) at my grandfather's house in the early 1960's. It was fascinating.

You have treasures from Vix too! What a joy.

I'm sorry about Peetee. He does look a bit forlorn. I hope he feels better soon. XXXOOO

Trees said...

That chair is exceptional! What a wonderful thing to have in your home. Also loving that white frock and your ethnic choker you made. I'm jealous of all that sunshine - it looks beautiful.

Carina Rosenholm said...

Wow - what great stuff ! Love it all . History is so cool ..
i hope the new food works for your little darling, goats milk is great !
hugs !

Bobbi said...

Wow - that chair! it's awesome! All of the antiques for the sale are gorgeous.
I love the pink dress! it makes you look like a fairy - all you need is wings.
Loving the ethnic stuff! The choker is inspiring and looks great on you.
Hugs to Peetee!

Bobbi said...
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thorne garnet said...

that chair is so beautiful. The armoire too. I would have loved to see what the inside of the hotel looked like.

It's good to see Peetee outside. It sometimes takes a long time to get better.

You look like a wonderful summer garden.

Cathy said...

Love the chair!! I, too, would have been all over it.

pastcaring said...

So much to love here, Krista!
The pieces from Chris' family are incredible. That amazing chair, the commode (fancy shitter!), the globe, wardrobe, and nursing chair - I love them all. And those old photos are wonderful.
That is a fab frock from Vix, great waistcoat too, and I can't believe you made the choker, it's so cool! Clever you. The ruffled pink dress is very pretty, perfect for hot sunny days.
Ahh, little Peetee, hope he perks up. He's been through a lot, and he's becoming an Older Gentleman, so I guess it takes longer to recover from trauma. I hope you find something that helps him get his va-va-voom back.
Love you! xxxxx

Kari S said...

That chair is incredible! I'll totally go to the estate sale, any chance you'd be there?!:) I want that pink dress....aghhhh hurt, hurt, owww. SO CUTE. How amazing does the weekend look, hmmm? Yeahhhh:)

Anne said...

Oh my god, that armoire! Also, that viewfinder pretty much had me sucking in my breath. I just love old photos so much. It is my favorite history lesson. Wow how great that you have a piece of Portland history in your home now! Wow wow wow.

You look super lovely in the pink ruffly dress, it is romantic and summery and sexy, too. Thanks again for sharing all your pretty photos! xo

freckleface said...

That chair is amazing. How wonderful that you got the chance to give it house room. Bet it was fascinating to visit and see all those bits and bobs. I love your Kinky Melon stuff! In particular that killer vest and the fab bag. I'd love the chance to rifle through her stock! Poor little Peetee. Hope he comes back to himself, he's such a little sweetie pie. Xxxxx