Thursday, August 14, 2014

Nature is not a place to visit, it is home.

Tomorrow is the big day, if all goes as planned I close on the sale of my Dad's house.  Sometimes you are just happy if everything goes smooth and so far so good.  Work has picked up again and I find the faster pace much more satisfying, no one likes being slow, especially a commission only salesperson. I had two wonderful conversations yesterday, one with Vix and the other with Shelley.   This outfit came together after I showed the top to Shelley and she suggested layering a skirt underneath.  I thought this pink slip was perfect!
 I also match my garden:)  The top I found on etsy for $20 and the slip was thrifted years ago.
I think most folks think all my hair is pink, but it's not, I'm a redhead naturally.
 Recent necklace I scored for $5.
 Can you spot Ash?

and speaking of hanging out in the garden, I'm obsessed with garden homes like these.

 Yes this rainbow conch home is where I could happily die.

I love thinking about the last home I'll ever live in, I picture it very small and out in the woods.  What if I built a whole new kind of retirement community?  I just might.


Carina Rosenholm said...

We are living in nature .. In the woods in a small cottage and i cant imagine living somewhere else ...Its great to visit other places but no place like home in the little house in the woods..
Love your pink slip and your new choker !

Hippy At Heart said...

Love that match match to your garden post! the necklace is perfection!


Kari S said...

Do it, I'd join your retirement community in a freakin heart beat! That conch house, can you imagine after like a week of rain and the the sun slips out and hits all those windows?? It would have to feel like heaven. Love your outfit but then I always do!:)

thorne garnet said...

yeah, to selling your Dad's house. One more step closer to closure. My sister and I did that a few years ago, it was another weight off and it helped us move on.

Retirement community full of cool people that dress weird? Count me in!

Vix said...

Your hair looks more glorious than ever and I absolutely love that slip with the hippy dippy tunic top. Shelley is a styling genius.
Look at little Peetee, like butter wouldn't melt, we know he's as crazy as bad ass Ash really after last night's antics!!
Keeping everything crossed for a smooth exchange tomorrow!
Love you! xxxxxxxx

Melanie said...

Love your blasts of colour and those socks! I have to say, it looks like your garden is going to eat your neighbourhood. Would that be a bad thing? Never.
Good luck with finalizing the sale.

Miss Magpie said...

Gorgeous top I'm not surprised you bought it.

pastcaring said...

Hope the sale of your dad's house goes through without any hitches. And I'm glad to hear work is picking up, and you are full of bounce and energy and COLOUR! Love that cool tunic with the fab embroidery and crochet/lace, it looks amazing with the bright pink slip, and that choker is awesome.
The blend of your natural red hair colour and the bright pink are just perfect on you. I was just thinking that your hair is looking extra fabulous a the moment!
Awww, Peetee! Always so cute! And yes, I do see mad cat Ash on the background - I LOVE her! And I LOVE you! xxxx

Sue said...

I so could live in a wicked tree house!!

Forest City Fashionista said...

Those little garden homes are sooo cool. I would definitely join your retirement community (we could share all of our awesome clothes!!).

The pink slip works great with the green top, and echoes the glorious pink of your hair. Glad I could help ;)

I'll be thinking of you today and fingers crossed that all goes off without a hitch. XO

Beth Waltz said...

Kindly put me on the list for your retirement community, Krista. I want to live where Mother Nature cohabits with the Goddesses of Style, ably attended by small dogs of large attitudes and cats who are shady as...

It would even more pleasant if Helga were in charge of the Thai kitchen crew.

May all go smoothly at the closing!

Jean at said...

Build it and they will come. Including me. I adore that top and the styling is perfect. That necklace is also beautiful. I'm not just saying all this, BTW. I really love that, if you ever want to give it away...?! :-)

Congrats on moving on with grace and beauty. You are an exemplar. XXOO

peaches mcginty said...

Best socks I have ever seen, ever! your outfit is gorgeous and your retirement home community idea, how flaming wonderful would that be! I do hope the sale went through smoothly x x x

Helga said...

Ooo, loving the green, so brilliantly bright and happy! The new necklace is AMAZING!
I'm all over a splendid retirement community with wonderful folks-G and I have a plan for this, actually!
Hope the sale goes (went?!) smoothly! Closure in more ways than one.
Took me a bit to spot Ash, but now I see her I can't unsee her!

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

That green tunic is so much win and the necklace and socks... perfection! YESH!

freckleface said...

Oh I hope it all went through OK
Krista. As the others have said, closure will be good. I can't see Ash, but that could be because I can't take my eyes off your amazing hair! So beautiful. I love the embroidered top and all those wonderful fairytale homes. Count me in on the retirement commune! Xxxxx

Trees said...

I hope all went well with the sale of your dad's house. I love the embroidery of you top - so pretty and the petticoat underneath is really cute. I love ALL those houses! Just amazing!

pao said...

Hey Krista, there you are all aglow in garden camouflage! Hot pink and summer green couldn't look any better together...and your hair, oh my, how gorgeous! Perfect for closing the deal on your dad's house. What a relief that will be, I'm sure.

I was so excited to hear from you about your tablecloth dress aspirations, that I want to email you some tips about the pattern. Do send me your email if you'd like to correspond.