Monday, August 25, 2014

Our roots say we're sisters our hearts say we're friends!

I'm at a loss for words, not because I'm bummed out or confused but because sometimes its hard to find the right combination to convey the magnitude of my feelings.  My sister arrived last week and we had a few wonderful days together sorting through our Dads stuff and saying goodbye. It was as difficult as it was liberating and by the end of our time together I felt closer to my baby sister.   
 We kept laughing at our noses, we got them from Dad.
 I was so happy for these two to finally meet and just like I thought they got on like a house on fire!
 We headed over to the spot after a bit of coffee of course.  If you ever find yourself here, be sure to say hi to Dad.
 There was silliness along the way because that is how you get through pain.
 and my sister was trying to impress her boys with a shot of Mommy on a tree:)  This was as far as she got :)
 It was pretty early like 9:30 so we had the place to ourselves.
My sister wrote the most beautiful eulogy. She amazes me with her capacity to love and forgive.

 After I read mine all three of us held hands and I leaned over the edge of the cliff and set Dad free.  It was the strangest feeling ever.  I cried fast and hard as I poured his life from a brown paper bag and then he was gone and so were my tears.
I think we all got a bit of him in our hair, again folks humor was everywhere and our Dad would have liked that.
We headed down to the beach below.
 And had a little run Bay Watch style.

 Cristi rocking her KMK mermaids!
 We had the most delicious lunch at this tiny cafe afterwards.  White cheddar grilled cheese and apple sandwich, scrumptious!  I made it last night, delicious and easy!
The following day my sister and I just hung out.  She went to Farmers Market with me.
 and drooled at our produce selection.
 Such variety.
 The best thing our Dad ever gave us was each other
 and a mutual appreciation of good ass grub!
There are over 1000 miles between us, but I have never felt closer to her.
Just look at her, that's my sister Tracy and I love her so very much!

We are still waiting for Dads house to close, once that is done I will put this year of sickness and loss behind me and move on.  Dealing with the death of my Dad has made me a stronger person with an even greater capacity to love.  In the end, it's not our stuff that matters but the relationships we develop and tend too.  I want a colorful and thriving garden full of love, now and forever!


PinkCheetahVintage said...

All three of you are gorgeous. What a perfect send off. I totally agree about the humor. When my grandfather died I was driving from Florida to Georgia with my brother and uncle for the funeral. We stopped to grab some Chick-Fil-A and at one point while we were eating my brother turned to me to say something and he literally had an entire pickle slice stuck on his tooth w/o noticing it. I honestly, can't even think about it to this day w/o laughing.

Vix said...

Awww, that's so lovely and such a touching tribute to your Dad. You certainly let him rest in a beautiful place and to celebrate his life by laughing and eating, what could be a better tribute.
I bet he'd have approved of your kick ass colourful outfits, too.
You've been through so much this year but you've come through it and I'm so proud to have you as my friend.
Love you! xxxxxxxxxxxx

Curtise said...

Times of high emotion can make or break relationships; how wonderful to hear that this difficult time has brought you and your sister closer together. You do have the same nose! And the same colouring, of course, and you are both beautiful, loving, and full of humour. Oh and you both like your food - that's good, I never quite trust anyone who doesn't enjoy their food!
Oh God, you have to laugh about death, don't you? It's a way to cope, and a way to connect with the people who are still here. I'm delighted Tracy and Cristi got on so well (of course they did!) and these photos are a fitting reminder of a really important day. Fun, tears, family, friendship, a beautiful spot, and much love. Perfect.
You've come through a really tough time, Krista, and you're so right, what remains of us is love. xxxx

Kari S said...

You guys are so incredible. I always come here and always leave a little in awe of how compassionate, sweet, bright like a star and the very best kind of human, you are. It sounds like you had a good closure, i'm glad you deserve it.

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

What a wonderful post.

You are such an inspiration.

I love how you chose to say your final goodbye. Such a beautiful spot.


Nerd Burger said...

So wonderful to hear your dad is now free. The time spent with your sister will always be a happy moment to smile about when all things turn grey. What a heartfelt and uplifting blog post.

Kathi said...

So glad you were able to have this time together and that you feel like you can move on soon.

tracy stijacic said...

XXXXXXX I love you so much! And dude you made me cry!!!!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I really appreciate your sharing of this very, very important day for you and your lovely sister. What a beautiful spot, those rock formations are magical and you both look so happy and relieved to have the company of one another. Big hugs to you beautiful. xoxoxox

Carina Rosenholm said...

So much love ! And strenght .
Hugs !

mondoagogo said...

That is such a pretty spot for him, the ferns, the trees, the big rocks in the ocean... And I love how happy you all look, your beaming smiles are so infectious :)

Beth Waltz said...

Thank you for allowing us to walk through this difficult year with you, dear Krista. Thank you for inviting us to accompany you even to the edge of the cliff and so hear the wind, the trees and the sea. Thank you for the run on the beach and the joyous nosh! Thank you for sharing with us your father's legacy of love.

freckleface said...

I think your dad would be so proud at the way you and your sis have handled everything and happy that it has brought you even closer together. You really have been an inspiration. Food is good, food is ALWAYS good. Humour saves us i reckon. You know, it's been 19 years and I still have my dad's ashes. I hope the house completes soon, seems it's dragging out a bit? Xxxxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

I knew your sis and Cristi would hit it off! What a roller coaster of a day - tears, laughs, hugs, and Bay Watch beach runs. Your Dad would be pleased to see you and your sister connect like this. I smiled at the thought of bits of your Dad in your hair - yep, you have to find the humour. Many years ago I had to divide up a friend's ashes to send half to his mother (I was the executor) and while my friends thought it was horribly morbid, I thought it was ridiculous and wondered what half his Mum got!

It's been so moving to readabout the journey you've had with your Dad's illness and subsequent passing. Thank you for sharing the experience with us. XOXO

pao said...

I'm so moved by this post, Krista, I don't think I can say anything. It just brings tears to my eyes and I can't type. Maybe later. oxxo

Helga said...

"never been closer" that bit.
Reminds me I need to get in touch with my's all just so lovely, what a magical time and place. I really need to find somewhere perfect for my parents ashes. And maybe I need to share my Mama's with my sisters. Hmmm. Food (you do the BEST food porn) for thought.

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

what a touching post!! big big huggles to you and your sweet sister!!!

Trees said...

This is such a touching post - I'm so glad you could spend some time with your wonderful sister and your girl Cristi is so amazing, it's so wonderful to have friends in your life like her. She has been with you though a rough time and kept you smiling and its a wonderful thing. You two hanging out makes me smile xoxo